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Sh!t Chris Says

Sh!t Chris Says

Sh!t Chris Says

It’s time for another edition of SHIT CHRIS SAYS!!!!!

Sh!t Chris Says

To understand the first one, you need to know what child’s pose is in yoga:

–I was down on the floor in the living room doing child’s pose to stretch my back before bed. Chris comes walking through and says:”Are you worshiping the air purifier?”

–After finishing a series on Netflix, Chris looks over at me sadly and says “Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away.”

–Chris’s latest picture on Instagram. Be sure to read the caption….

–Chris asks me to heat up two frozen White Castle burgers. As I am grabbing them out of the freezer he says, “If there’s anything else in there that can give me cancer, go ahead and warm that up too!”

–We are driving in the car and Pitbull’s song “Fun” comes on. After a minute or so Chris says, “I don’t understand this song. It’s like Beetlejuice meets The Little Mermaid.”

I lost it! LOST IT!!! Because he is right!!! Take a listen for yourself and tell me you don’t feel the same way?!?!?! You have to make it to at least the first chorus break to get the true Little Mermaid feel.


{Edit}I should warn you that if you listen to that song more than once, you may start to actually like it. And then before you know it you are dancing around your kitchen singing along to it and adding it to your running playlist. Damn you Chris Brown!!!! Every song you touch is catchy as hell and I hate you so hard.

Sh!t Chris Says

SH!T Chris Says

My husband cracks me up! There is no one I would rather do life with. It has been awhile since I have shared any of the funny shit that comes out of his mouth, so here we go!!

Sh!t Chris Says


Chris after waking up on a Sunday morning: “It would be nice if Waffle House was on their way here.

Me: ” Umm…They don’t deliver.”

Chris: “I know, and you remind me of this hell I live in.”


I was on my way home one Friday evening and I usually pick up something from one of two BBQ places on the way. I texted Chris to see what he wanted…..this is what I get…..

Please someone tell me, what goes best with New Girl? They didn’t have any Schmidt sandwiches. I brought him home a BBQ turkey plate instead.


Let me paint the scene on this one first….Chris grabs his Dreamcast (an old gaming console system) and lays down on the couch hugging it.

Chris: “Me n bae snuggling on the couch.”


Chris is looking at the weather radar on his phone. He turns it towards me so I can see and says, “It is going to weather out there.”


After getting dressed, Chris comes up to me.

Chris: “Do I look like a douche?”

Me: “No?”

Chris: “Are you sure? I want people to know me first before they are like, man…this guy is a douche!”

And that is some of the shit that Chris has said lately. You can see more of what he said here. With links to more posts in that post!


Sh!t Chris Says

Sh!t Chris Says

I have had this post in the drafts for awhile now, adding all these gems as they occur. Since I was in a funk, I decided to read over this. One of the traits Chris mesmerized me with from day one is his personality and sense of humor. Chris knows how to make me laugh! I am one lucky lady.

It is about that time folks. Time for another edition of Sh!t Chris Says!!!

Sh!t Chris Says

–We are watching Tosh.O and there is a prom girl web redemption. Basically, she fell walking down the stairs in her prom dress so Tosh has one of those chair lift things for the stairs installed for the web redemption.

Chris says, “That shit drives me up the wall.”

–A Legal Zoom commercial comes on and the dog says always got your back. Chris says, “It’s a parabeagle!!!!” (Get it, instead of paralegal?!)

–I made peanut butter cookies one evening from things we  had around the house because Chris wanted “something sweet.” Chris takes a bite of a warm one out of the oven and says, “This is the best thing you’ve done since we got married.”

–We are watching Pretty Little Liars and Aria’s new boyfriend acts jealous. Chris says, “Someone make him a jelly sandwich.”

–Chris takes a Buzzfeed quiz (he seriously has an addiction to these quizzes and takes them all the time) and it asks to pick a sexy guy to deliver his pizza. Chris says, “These questions are always awkward. Oh!!! Matthew McConaughey, Duh!!!”

–We are watching Grey’s Anatomy and some girl is on. Chris comments, “One of her eyebrows is higher than the other. Brouch!”

–We just scored an awesome find at the thrift store and it was a really good deal too. As we are pulling out of the parking lot, Chris says “We are the ATS Bandits!!!” (ATS is the initials of the thrift store.)

Linking up with my girl Joey today for Stuff and Things.

You can catch more of the shit Chris says here, here, here, here, here, and here! Remember when Amanda used to have Shit Men Says as a link up? Yeah, I miss that!! And her.

PS – The featured image at the top? Yeah, it melts my heart. My two boys <3

Sh!t Chris Says

Sh!t Chris Says

It is time for another installment of Shit Chris Says!!!!

Sh!t Chris Says

One of my friends tagged me in a post on Facebook that was really sweet and she left a comment that she tagged me because she said that is how she saw mine and Chris’s relationship.

In the article it said something about the guy making the girl breakfast. As I was reading it, she left a comment saying she tagged us because we have our hobbies and give each other space.  My response, followed by Chris’s….



This one makes me a little sad to share, because I still miss Livvy…but she provided us with a lifetime of stories in the little time she lived with us

–Livvy is running around the living room super fast, jumping from the couch to the chair.

Me: She just flies around the house like Harry Potter!


Ummm I am pretty sure that cat only knows one speed, and she is set to crazy! It was just hilarious how serious he was when he said “go normal speed!”

–Chris brings a handful of Cheez Its to the couch.

Me: Your nightly Cheez Its?

Chris: Yeah, I am going to eat them otter style

Then paws some in his mouth like an otter

–After watching the Law and Order SVU and Chicago PD crossover episodes Chris says…

“That was one of the best crossovers ever. One time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were on the Power Rangers and that was the best crossover ever.”

Good to know…

And there you have it folks! Another edition of Sh!t Chris Says! He always keeps me laughing, and I love that!!