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Acai Bowls

I absolutely love a good acai bowl. It is like having dessert as a meal! We have several places in Birmingham that specialize in acai and other power fruit bowls and they are wonderful! But you know what else they are? Filled with sugar. Fruit is already sweet, and when you are trying to watch what you eat…you don’t need a bunch of hidden sugar in an otherwise healthy meal.

I hesitate to call this a recipe, because it really is a dump in the blender and go kind of thing. And you can make this based on what you have on hand or what you are feeling like for that day. I never actually measure anything out either, just a little of this and a little of that. It always turns out perfect, and I basically eat this every weekday morning.

When I was keto, I made this just using the acai packet and a handful of frozen strawberries. I added collagen protein powder to it, sometimes topped with unsweetened coconut flakes and stayed in my carb range for the day. Now that I have added more carbs back into my diet, I like to throw in some banana, berries and top with coconut flakes and peanut butter. It is so delicious!

I always use unsweetened acai from Sambazon. I find these in the frozen fruit section at Target or Publix. It is really the only brand I see anywhere.

Sambazon Aa Pure Unsweetened Superfruit Frozen Smoothie Packs ...

What You Need

1 packet unsweetened acai

5-6 frozen strawberries (a big handful, depending on the size you could need more)

1/2 cup original unsweetened almond milk

1-2 tbsp chia seeds

1-2 tbsp flax seed

Optional toppings….

1/2 banana, sliced

blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

unsweetened coconut flakes

almond butter or peanut butter (if you are trying to get an instagram worthy shot, you can heat this up to make a pretty spread. I just dump mine in because I don’t like extra dishes)

What You Do

Put the acai, frozen strawberries, chia seeds, flax seed and almond milk in the blender. Blend for the consistency you are looking for. Pour in a bowl, top with sliced bananas, blueberries, unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter. Enjoy!


Weekend Shenanigans – THe Long One

Even though I am not having to go to the office right now, it is still nice to have an extra day to not worry about work. And worry, I didn’t. Mainly because the time I did set aside to catch up on some stuff this weekend, our system was down for maintenance and I was like…well there is my sign to take a break too!

This weekend was an exciting one, because we ordered take out food for the first time during quarantine! We loved it so much we did it twice in one day! We had burgers from a nearby BBQ joint for lunch, and our favorite Mexican for dinner. Zoe was beside herself and said that it was delicious a million times. Delicious is her new favorite word. Everything is delicious. I also made a keto friendly flatbread pizza this weekend.

And I may or may not have polished off this delicious bottle of moonshine. Chris and I took turns playing songs and enjoying an adult beverage Friday evening after Zoe went to bed. Definitely one of our favorite things to do to unwind. It was wonderful.

We also went for two car rides around town. Zoe was so excited, she passed out on the second one. We really lowered the bar for standard of fun, haven’t we? We all get dressed and I do my makeup for the car rides. Exciting stuff! Speaking of exciting, look how long Zoe’s hair is getting!!!

She has been living her princess costumes all day every day. Whatever keeps them happy! Her pool has a hole or leak or something, and I tried to order a replacement but had a hard time tracking one down like we wanted, so I ordered her this water slide instead. It comes with water balloons that I plan to whip out next weekend. She had SO much fun on this and spent two hours with it.

We also spent a lot of time out on our deck. I cannot express how thankful I am for all of this outdoor space. Especially the deck with the covered area and fan, because it is already hot and humid AF here.

I got some organizing and purging done. Cleaned out the closet in my office, and trying to decide what I want to do with all the space in there. We have a lot of craft supplies and such and I feel like I could get a shelving unit in there and really get it all organized and utilize the space better! I also shifted things around in our upstairs linen closet, and got some stuff up in the attic. I still really want to paint our dining room. The paint job in there was done really well, but I hate the color. When we moved in, I decided I was going to wait and see if it grew on me, but it has done the opposite. I hate it even more now. Decisions decisions.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I really enjoyed the downtime. I have our grocery order placed this morning, a list of things for work and around the house I want to do this week…and ready to tackle it all!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! Each and every week that passes seems to leave me astounded that time is going by both so quickly and slowly at the same time. We have pretty much spent as much of 2020 at home in quarantine as we did out in the world before this happened. I had to cancel Zoe’s summer dance session this week, so that was hard. I know she is just ready to see her friends. We celebrated one of her friends birthday’s this week sending presents and having a Facetime. That perked her up until it was time to get off the phone. Then she was sad and said that she just misses everyone. Me too, girl.

Favorite Video/Song: I feel so seen right now. Mom or not, watch it. This is hilarious, and incredibly accurate.

Favorite Purchase: I think I have shared before, but just in case….the Aveeno Foot Mask is amazing!!!!This is my third or forth one, and every time I do it I wonder why I don’t do this at least weekly. My feet have never felt softer or more amazing than after I use this. You only have to do it for 10 minutes, I usually leave it on for 20 because why not. I just sit at my desk and work. I think for the price, you can’t beat it.

Favorite Recipe: We have been trying out some new recipes this week. Chris really liked this keto friendly chicken parmesan. Chicken parm isn’t my favorite meal ever, but I have to admit….it was pretty good! I definitely had a clean plate, and usually I only take a couple bites when I have made other recipes in the past. It was quite easy to put together, but it did dirty a lot of dishes. I did broil it at the end for 3 minutes to get that crispy cheese look and taste.

Favorite Workout: I wanted to cry about 5 minutes into this one. Nothing has ever burned my thighs as much as this workout right here. The moves are so simple, yet OMG!!!! I hated every second of this one, and yet, I plan to put it in regular rotation.

Favorite Funnies:

I found my sleep number! #sleepnumber #wine #sleepless #amwriting #romance #book

Three On Thursday

Linking up with Dani and Michael for Three on Thursday, because I love a good link up!

Three Creature Comforts

  1. Coffee. Allllllll the coffee.
  2. Hand cream. My hands are always dry and cracking any time of the year. But coming out of winter, and then add in the additional hand washing, because I was already hand wash freak before….and my hands are quite the mess! I feel like all my usual miracle fixes aren’t even enough anymore. I apply multiple times a day.
  3. Shipt and Instacart – I love going grocery shopping. I like to pick out my own stuff and get inspired by the foods I see. However, since in quarantine, we have been using grocery delivery services each week, and it has really helped! I cant imagine trying to take Zoe in to a store and worrying about her touching anything, so this has been a life line. We have had great shoppers and good experiences with both services.

Three Comfort Foods

  1. Peanut butter balls – I have been using Steph’s recipe for years now. Zoe and Chris are both obsessed and we make them at least once a week.
  2. Homemade cheez-its – Cut ultra-thin sliced cheese into fours and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake at 250 degrees for 35 minutes. A healthier version of your favorite!!!!
  3. Nuts – I take a bag of raw pecans, walnuts, etc and toss them in a tablespoon of butter and a tsp of salt and bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 8-9 minutes. PERFECTION

Three New Recipes to Attempt – I am sharing two I have made during quarantine that I think you need to make, and one I want to try.

  1. Peanut Butter Pie – This is the keto friendly version, but you can use real sugar in place and a graham cracker crust if you don’t want to make your own nut crust. But I highly suggest trying this crust, it is easy and delicious!
  2. Everything But the Bagel Chicken – Delicious!
  3. Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken – We are going to make this later this week!

Three Things Entertaining Me Right Now

  1. Books! I have been reading a lot lately. And actual books/e-books over my usual audio since I haven’t been in the car. I just finished Tools of Engagement, so good!!! Currently reading The Dilemma from BA Paris.
  2. Social Media. Probably spend way too much time scrolling through Instagram and watching YouTube videos.
  3. Outside. Sounds silly, but having a nice piece of land and a back deck with comfortable furniture is something I am truly grateful for. We spend so much time on our back deck just hanging out, or I walk circles in our driveway while Zoe rides her bike. We have been playing soccer a lot lately in our side yard, and going for walks around our neighborhood. I love it so much!

Three Shows or Movies Recently Watched

  1. Greys Anatomy – Finally caught up to this show last week. Love.
  2. Law and Order SVU – Caught up on this just the other night.
  3. Frozen 2, Sofia the First and Fancy Nancy. All day. Every day. Lord help me.

Top Three Songs Played

1) Golden Girls Coffee Mug- Golden Girls Inspired Coffee Mug ...
  1. Savage – I am terrified Zoe is going to go to school and call someone ratchet. The kid loves this song.
  2. Faith by Galantis and Dolly Parton -If you haven’t seen this video, you really must watch, EPIC!!!!
  3. Take What You Want from Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne – What???? Did you know this was a thing??? So awesome.

Three Recent Purchases

  1. Sunglasses – You know me and the black hole of Amazon sunglasses. I love these Celine dupes and I bought them in a color I wouldn’t normally go for. I LOVE these!!!!
  2. Phone Stabilizer – Chris bought this phone stabilizer things to do video with. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. The video quality you can get while moving is awesome!
  3. Kitsch Pillow Case – I have been wanting a silk/satin pillowcase for my hair and face. This is a great price point, cute styles and I really like it. I have noticed I dont have “pillow” face in the morning.

Three Things Keeping Me Sane

  1. Coffee and Diet Dr Pepper Creme Soda
  2. Working out. It has been such a crucial party of my mornings to hit at least 30 minutes of movement.
  3. Cleaning, purging, organizing. I have gotten a good amount of stuff down around our house being at home, and we still have more to do!

Three Things I Miss the Most

  1. Going out to eat
  2. Lunching with my friends.
  3. Strolling through HomeGoods and TJ Maxx

Three Things I Am Looking Forward To

  1. Seeing anyone
  2. Walking around a store alone
  3. That first bowl of chips and salsa at our favorite Mexican


Life In Numbers – Quarantine Edition


5 – the time I wake up in the AM to get my workout on and start work before Zoe wakes up

7 – the number of days a week UPS, USPS, FedEx and Prime deliver packages to our house

32 – the amount of snacks Zoe asks for in a day (probably not accurate, but it sure feels like it)

3 – the number of cups of coffee I drink in a day. Minimum.

3249875 – amount of times I wash my hands a day

15 – number of times a day I wonder how life will ever go back to normal after this

2 – number of times I hide in the bathroom or closet to take a breather each day

35 – how many books I have read so far this year

12,466 – steps I averaged each day for the month of April

4– times I have done my makeup since March 13

18 – how many times a day Zoe changes her clothes

64 – days I went without Diet Coke before I caved and ordered three cases on a Sunday for Shipt to deliver

10 – number of years I have lived in Birmingham and how old Mac is going to be in August

22.5 – amount of inches I have lost around my body from 1/11/2020 to 5/19/2020