Amazon Purchases

It was a light month for Amazon in our house. Probably because I spent all the monies at Nordstrom and back to school shopping. I am also proud of myself, because I have a chunk of Christmas shopping knocked out already too! Linking up with Tanya for my Amazon purchases.

Salad Spinner – I don’t know why I didn’t have one of these before? I normally buy bagged organic spinach for most of my salads, and then from time to time I will grab a premade bagged kit. I wanted to make one night a week salad night, and switch up the greens base. I am terrible at washing lettuce and stuff which is why I use the bagged kits, but I 100% believe that salad tastes better when you get real romaine lettuce or whatever and cut it up and rinse it yourself. This salad spinner makes that a breeze. The size is perfect if you are making dinner portioned salads for your family, and still works for a salad just for you. Right now there is a $5 off coupon in Amazon for it as well, making this under $20!

Pistachio Latte Syrup – Just a full on barista over here recreating all my favorite Starbuck’s drinks at home. I really like syrup because it is sugar free and perfection for that afternoon slump/sweet craving I get. I just whip up a latte and power through the rest of my day.

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Strawberry Coconut Shampoo – This is my favorite shampoo/body wash for Zoe. It smells amazing, has all natural ingredients, and doesn’t break out her sensitive skin. I love that it has a pump on it as well, makes it so convenient!!! This is a repurchase, and will continue to be for quite awhile I am sure.

SlimySand – Combining two of kids favorite things: sand and slime!

Mike’s Hot Honey – Seriously, this stuff is so amazing over some homemade chicken nuggets. A repurchase, forever and ever.


Weekend Shenanigans

Hello, August! I am not quite sure where the last month went to be honest. One minute we were starting gymnastics and celebrating the 4th, and now I realize that this is Zoe’s last week at home before returning to school. It is bittersweet for me.

I have so much enjoyed all the extra time I have had with her over the last year and a half at home. But I also feel like I will be able to manage my time better when she starts back. Work when she is at school, and then she can have my undivided attention when I pick her up. We haven’t been apart for more than a few hours this entire time, so it is going to be quite the adjustment for her. I am sure I will cry like a baby in the parking lot (or more likely the hallway) after dropping her off that first day.

She has one more gymnastics and dance class for the summer sessions this week. I want to take her to get new sneakers. We want to go to the library and get a new stack of books. We have open house Friday to meet her teacher, and my Godmother is coming down from Pennsylvania at the end of the week, so we will get to see her. Full steam ahead!

On Friday afternoon, my sister left work early and came over for a sleepover! Zoe has been talking about a sleepover with my sister forever, and she was SO excited about it. Tracy brought over a cookie decorating kit from American Cookie Company, fun things for us to each make a necklace and bracelet with, patches for tshirts, and a whole 80’s themed photo booth. Chris ordered pizzas from Ironstone and we watched Frozen 2 and had a dance party before bed. It was SO much fun!!! I enjoyed myself just as much as Zoe.

Saturday we played a few rounds of Cootie and colored. A massive thunderstorm rolled in just as I was going to let Zoe play in the sprinkler, so she played in our garden tub for an hour instead. We curled up after and watched some movies together, and I made manicotti that I picked up from Aldi for dinner.

Sunday morning we colored, took a walk, played just dance and grabbed a few things from Publix. In the afternoon I blew the pool up and we played for a little less than a hour before another thunderstorm rolled through. It has been rare this summer to have a day without some form of rain here!

We played a game of giant tic tac toe while we waited for the rain to go away.

Zoe got back in the pool, and I finished The Dating Dare in a chair next to her. It felt so much nicer outside after the storm rolled through, it was brutal earlier in the day.

And just like that the weekend was over. I am excited to soak in every last moment this week before the school year starts. Hopefully I can come up with a few fun things for Zoe to make it extra special. She is both excited and nervous to go back. I know she is ready to see her friends, but she keeps talking about how she is going to miss me so much during the day. Sweet girl.

Linking up with Tanya. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes

This post contains affiliate links, the links will be listed below each of the graphics.

Before I get started, I want to mention that Lindsay and I are working on the sale dupes post together, and she will be sharing different dupes along with her wish list on her blog, so be sure to stop by and check them out! We both spent a lot of time finding the best deals.

There is a lot of hate about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the last few years. I totally get it. It is so frustrating how the tiers work and that they allow big influencers to buy everything up the first few days before normal card holders and the public get to shop. And you know those influencers are just going to return half the stuff after they shoot their looks for their content. You never see them in those pieces again.

The thing is, the N Sale is a good sale if there are things that you want/need for the upcoming fall season. Despite it being frustrating, I still get excited for the sale and love getting to preview everything a week before shopping opens. It reminds me of when I was younger, going back to school shopping with my mom. I have shopped this sale for years before it became “the sale.”

This is how I go into it to remain mostly happy and unbothered by the shit storm. I always preview it before I see any posts go out about it. I want to see what I am naturally gravitating towards. Items that I see and immediately add to my wish list are the ones that I actually wear later on. A lot of times, I will see the same sweaters and jackets getting pushed everywhere and it makes me think I want them, when I really don’t. I look through my closet and see what I have a lot of, and see where the holes are and use that as my guide.

Looks For Less

Nsale Frame Jeans / Nordstrom Rack Frame Jeans

Frame jeans are a really good quality, but they are $$$. Even on sale at Nordstrom they will run you $145.97. I found the exact same cut in a slightly different wash with less distressing for less than half the sales price! Rack also has them in a trouser cut, which look really cute as well as a straight leg. Such a great price to try out the different types without making a huge commitment.

If Kut from the Kloth is more the price range you are looking for, they have several styles at Rack for around the $35 mark. They have the boyfriend cut, the toothpick, the skinny, and a bootcut.

Nsale Barefoot Dreams / Nordstrom Rack Barefoot Dreams

The Barefoot Dreams cardigans always sell out. They are so soft and definitely worth the splurge if you spend a lot of time at home or like to be cozy. So basically all of us, right? They are already out of many of them before the cardholders can even shop. Nordstrom Rack has some in stock, and for less than the Nsale price! SCORE!

Nsale Barefoot Dreams Blanket / Nordstrom Rack Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Nordstrom Rack almost always has some Barefoot Dreams blankets in stock. I know they don’t usually have the same prints and stuff as Nordstrom, but they are still a nice quality and a fraction of the cost.

Nsale Free People / Saks Free People

Free People items tend to go really fast too! I know these two sweaters aren’t exactly the same, but you can find Free People on clearance at other retailers right now for even less that gives you a similar look without sacrificing the quality.

Nsale Graphic Band Tee / Abercrombie & Fitch Graphic Band Tee

There are a lot of graphic band tshirts in the Nsale. Abercrombie has some amazing feeling ones for less than $20 right now! I have the Aerosmith one, and it is one of the softest t-shirts I have ever had. I really love Queen and wish I would have grabbed this one too. I sized up one in Abercrombie to give me the oversized fit. I would say it is probably true to size if you want a regular fitted tee, more like how the Target ones fit. Abercrombie will give you the higher quality of the Nsale ones over Target.

Nsale Champion Sweatshirt / Walmart Champion Sweatshirt

Walmart carries a lot of Champion brand items for less than anywhere else. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something.

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

I purged some of my old sweaters that have lost their shape or are looking as old as they actually are. There are a few in the sale that will fill my holes with those. I really want to get a good quality black blazer. They are perfect for work, weekend and date nights…so versatile! The raw edge cami has been on my wish list and I am so happy to see it as part of the sale. I want the black and the white. The 1 State cami is a good one too. These are staples that need replacing. I love the shape of the Madewell dress, a great color for fall and love that it is short sleeve since it is still hot here until like November.

Spanx has their panties on sale, and I have heard nothing but good things about this style and want to try them. There are two necklaces in the sale that I am really loving and would like to get my hands on. And beauty items are always something that I truly feel is a great value if there is anything you need or want to try.

Blazer / Bobble Sleeve Sweater / Mock Neck Sweater

Raw Edge Cami / Henley / Dress

Cami / Sports Bra / Panties

Crescent Necklace / Body Wash/Lotion / Chain Necklace

Just a few tips to leave you with. Add items to your wish list and check back often to see if they have restocked. Yesterday morning, I had 5 items on my list that were out of stock and they have all come back but one.

I don’t share the Z by Zella brand from Nordstrom Rack as a Zella leggings dupe, because they are no where near the same quality and fit. (Which isn’t amazing to start with.) I hate everything I have purchased in the Z by Zella brand, but I love my Zella leggings I have gotten from Nordstrom sales in the past.

Also, I do not know if this will be true for this year, but in 2020 Spanx price matched the Nordstrom sale prices at some point during the sale. So if they go out of stock, you may want to check there. I don’t see it happening yet, but they may start tomorrow or when the sale opens to the public.

If you miss out on something during the sale, it may come on sale again later in the season. Or like a lot of stuff from last year, you will see it at Nordstrom Rack. This is our first taste of fall, there will be plenty of opportunities to find cute fall pieces as we get closer to the season and the retail stores change over their inventory.

Happy shopping friends!!!


Books – July 2021

Last month was a really slow reading month for me. I just couldn’t get in to anything. Did things pick up this month? Yes!!! I had a lot of really good books, and one you can skip. Linking up with Steph and Jana.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

The Last Thing He Told Me

This was our book club pick for June, and I was hooked instantly. It is a great mystery of figuring out what has happened with Owen. But I also loved the backstory of Owen and Hannah, as well as watching Hannah’s relationship with Bailey. This one was hard to put down, and totally lives up to all the hype it has gotten over the last month or so since it’s release. This book pulled me out of my book funk real fast and I am so happy!

Bottom Line: Read it! So good!

Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews

Hello, Summer

I can usually count on Mary Kay Andrews to deliver a decent read. I did this one on audio, and it was done well. It was quite a long read, over 500 pages which equals over 16 hours of listening. The narrator was great though, and kept my attention. I really enjoyed all the aspects of this book. You get a mystery, family drama, a little romance, and characters with lots of personality. I loved everything about it.

Bottom Line: Would make a great beach read! Definitely check it out.

Imposter Syndrome by Kathy Wang

Impostor Syndrome

I don’t really know how to review this book. The premise was awesome, so I was really excited to dive in. The first chapter or two I was so excited. Unfortunately, it took me forever to get through the rest. The books transitions from one character POV to another. You get lots of backstory, over 100 pages of it. And you know eventually there is going to be a showdown, but it falls so flat. And then the end???? UGH! Talk to me if you read it, I wont spoil it for anyone. I couldn’t even tell you what genre this falls under after reading it? Perhaps just a waste of time and something I should have quit weeks ago.

Bottom Line: Honestly, I cant really say that I recommend this book. There were some super interesting parts in it, but overall I was bored and the ending pissed me off.

Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

Instructions for Dancing

Oh my, this book! YA isn’t a genre I visit often, but I make exceptions for certain authors. Nicola Yoon is one of those authors. I am trying to decide what I want to say about this book without giving much away, because I really think you should read it. It was cute, and sweet….but it also broke my heart and I found myself crying. I loved Evie and her group of friends, and X!! This book was hard to put down, it grabbed my attention from the very beginning. There is a bit of magic realism, but it totally worked in this case….which is hard to pull off. I am so glad I chose it for my BOTM.

Bottom Line: This book was so sweet, I definitely suggest checking it out.

This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

This Time Next Year

I thought this book was really cute. It reminded me of One Day In December in some ways. Each of our main characters has a lot of stuff they need to work through to grow, and it seemed very realistic. I loved all the side characters that worked at No Hard Feelings, and Minnie’s best friend. I also appreciated all the video game references from Ian.

Bottom Line: Cute, read it!

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon

The Ex Talk

I do love a good enemies to lovers trope. And I often enjoy a fake relationship trope. What happens when you put them together? Perfection. That is what this book is for me. Perfection. I could hardly put this one down. I loved that this was a rom-com, but it dealt with other issues like loss, moving on, careers, dealing with a crap boss, and both of the main characters had growth. The podcast was a fun thing to read about, and there were some short chapters of the actual podcast and tweets about the podcast from listeners that made it fun.

Bottom Line: Read it!!!

Heartbreak for Hire by Sonia Hartl

Heartbreak for Hire

Another great romcom that I flew through in about a day! This one had me instantly hooked with the whole concept of Heartbreak for Hire and watching our main character Brinkley struggle with her past and where she wants her future to go. I loved her and Mark, it was a lot of fun seeing everything play out. I also felt like the relationship with Brinkley and her mom was realistic and it was an interesting theme to read about throughout the entire book. I laughed a few times, and there were definitely some good steamy scenes. Overall I just really enjoyed it.

Bottom Line: Love this one, add it to your list if you love romcom. This one comes out July 27th!

** I received a copy of Heartbreak for Hire from NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are of my own.**

Currently Reading

The Therapist by B.A. Paris

The Therapist

Friday Favorites

Short work weeks are always the best work weeks. Three day weekends definitely need to be a thing every week. Where can we sign up for that? This week has flown right on by. Today my mom is supposed to come over and we are going to hit up some of the local stores in my area and maybe do some lunch. Zoe is super excited to spend some time with Grandma.

Speaking of Zoe, she had a big day yesterday, it was her first day of gymnastics! I am so proud of her. She walked right into that class, introduced herself to the coaches and took a seat next to two girls she never met. When we signed up for the class, Zoe said she was afraid of the bars and wasn’t sure she was going to be able to do them. Girlfriend was hanging from them by her legs and said it was her favorite part. I think she will be fine!

We had gone to the library to take back her first set of books and get new ones. This time she picked out 12! I just quickly walked down two of the adult fiction aisles and happened to see Big Summer sitting there, so I scooped it up and hope to fit it in before it is due back. I have a zillion ebooks right now and some BOTM books sitting here. Yet here I am, grabbing even more.

Favorite Purchase: I found a Bogg Bag at a local store yesterday. I figured there was no way they would have them, since everyone is sold out and we just had one of the biggest beach/pool/lake weekends of the year. But there they were!!!! We hope to squeeze in a beach trip later this summer and I want to be prepared. I got the large pineapple one. They do ship, so if you are needing one…check them out! I know the small bags are online, and I think if you call them or message them, they will ship the large bags too.

This dress is on clearance for under $20 and has super cute details. I am always a big fan of puff sleeves.

Favorite Aldi Finds: I had some boring trips the last few weeks, but we did grab some new stuff this week! The purple shoes for Zoe were $3.99, the large ice cube trays were $2.99 each, and the giant tic tac toe was $5 or $6? I can’t remember. I was really excited to share dunkaroos with Zoe! They were just like I remember.

I also found this cheese! I am not sure what I am doing with it yet, but it sounded fun! Any suggestions, throw them my way! They also had a garlic and a bacon flavored version.

I also had a small Thrive haul. I needed more hemp seeds and Zoe and I crave those Plantain Chips. I like this particular brand because they don’t have any garbage oils in them. Canola, vegetable, soy bean….all that stuff is actually really bad for your health. You are better with olive, avocado or coconut oil. Of course when you eat out, you can’t control what oils they cook with. But at home, I try to stick to most products that don’t contain that crap. Zoe was a really big fan of the Mavericks pizza crackers, and the Simple Mills brand is a staple in our house. I like their farmhouse ceddar crackers better than the cheez its and such when you need a crunchy snack.

Favorite Workout: Heather always kills me in a good way, and this one was excellent. The perfect combo of strength and cardio supersets.

Favorite Funnies:

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