Mother’s Day Wish List

I always love seeing wish lists for ideas for myself and others. Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

Tory Burch Cloud Miller Sandals – I have had so much foot/back/hip problems this last year. I notice a huge difference in my pain level based on if I wore my slippers around the house all day or went barefoot….and when I wear flat shoes running errands. I simply CANNOT wear flat flip flops or sandals any longer. I regret it every single time, and pay for it for days. These are supposed to have arch support while still looking stylish. Sign me up!

Bryn Chanel Necklace – This site sources and/or redesign lux brand items into beautiful, affordable pieces. This Chanel necklace is such a classic, timeless piece that would be beautiful alone, or layered with other pieces I own. I also love this LV lock necklace!

Diptyque Candles – Who doesn’t love a bougie candle as a gift? I think any of them sound amazing. I love the way the jars look and would like it for my office decor.

Colleen Rothschild Shampoo – I have been using the conditioner for about a year and am obsessed. I need to try the shampoo!

Blanket – I love having cozy blankets! I have heard rave reviews about this one. It is a great size and look for the price! I would like to take on of my living room ones to keep in the bedroom, and replace it with this one!

I had shared these Slides on my wish list. When I first started this post, there were no reviews, and I went back to look at them this morning and they are getting terrible reviews about falling apart after just a few wears. Just FYI for any who are looking at them. I saw a pretty big influencer share them just this week, so I am sure they are going to be popular.



Rolling right into that last week of April, can you believe it! This month has gone by insanely fast. I really am amazed each day when I look at the time and realize that hours have gone by since the last time I looked. It is hard to fit everything in each day.

This weekend we didn’t really have any plans. Unfortunately, Chris ended up having to work a lot of it. So I guess it was best that we weren’t committed to anything. Friday morning, Zoe and I went and picked up some plants for our mailbox bed and front porch. Our mailbox bed was a mess, it was basically just dirt and weeds. I grabbed some rocks, a whiskey barrel and some really pretty flowers and here we are!

Here is a little tip. Even if you measured out the flower bed and the 40 pound bag of rocks says that it is enough for a 3 foot bed 2 inches deep layering…still buy double what you need! I started with 2 bags and went back and bought 2 more later that same day. We have black shutters on our house, black mulch in the front beds and a black mailbox…so I figured the black stones would look best. Also, can we talk about how obsessed I am with the lavender on our front porch?!

Speaking of plants, last week I had picked up this little guy. It has only been a week, but he is still alive. I hope that I can keep them all this way! I would like to get one or two more indoor plants as well. One for the living room, and one for my office. Zoe has a succulent she picked out for her bedroom a few weeks ago that she was excited about caring for.

Friday evening we ordered pizza from Ironstone. Zoe was a fan.

Saturday morning we made breakfast and I got to work cleaning up around the kitchen, and cleaning out our coffee machines. Why is that an all day event?? I ran out of vinegar after the first one, and we had to make a Target run. I picked up a dress while I was there. While it was really cute, it ran really big. After I got it home and tried it on, I knew it would have to go back. Why are fitting rooms still closed? I am going to be returning this dress that they are going to put back on the floor after I tried it on and it sat in my house for a day. I really don’t understand how that is any different than trying it on in the store. I have returned 6 things to Target in the past month. I really am about to give up on them and their weird ass sizing.

I had grabbed some M&M ice cream cones from Aldi last week, so Zoe and I had a little afternoon treat after all our work!

Saturday evening we spent some time outside after a thunderstorm rolled through. It felt so nice! We were predicted to have bad weather most of the day, but it was a lot calmer than expected. We even had several hours of sunshine! We came in and cooked up some taco meat for nachos and called it dinner.

Sunday morning, Zoe and I cleaned up her playroom after breakfast. Again. And when I say Zoe and I, I really mean just I. Zoe doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting a chore chart this week. I got so frustrated with her when we were trying to clean everything up. I think she needs some more responsibility and consequences to keep that room under control. She does really well at helping me with laundry, feeding Mac, unloading the dishwasher, watering plants, etc. But her room? Lord help us! When she was younger, she was really OCD about her stuff. She has grown out of that this past year, and I want it back haha. If you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you, throw them my way. I will share any progress we make once I come up with something.

That afternoon, we headed over to my SIL’s for a few minutes and then grabbed some strawberry milkshakes from Jack’s. Other than the one time I made a “healthy” version of a milkshake at home…Zoe has never had one before. I told her it was like drinkable ice cream and let me tell you…she was here for it! She finished off an entire one herself and declared it “Super Yummy!!!” I guess we will be going back for more in the future.

Sunday nights have become steak night at our house. Chris has a steak every Sunday and I usually put burgers on the grill for Zoe and I, or sometimes I will have steak or sushi. I made homemade fries last night to go with the steaks and burgers instead of our usual spinach salad. I think it is fun to have a certain night dedicated to something. It also makes meal planning a lot easier for me.

Just like that, it is back to the grind today! The library took one of my suggestions on a new book, and got Second First Impressions. I was the first on the waiting list, so I have that to look forward to this week! Tomorrow I am going to try to post my Mother’s Day Wish List. I always like to share it each year to give ideas, and love seeing what others are posting too. What did you do this weekend? I hope you have a great week!

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Friday Favorites

Hey there! This week was….a week. I took my car to get an oil change Monday, and they balanced the air in my tires while I was there. Fast forward to Wednesday when I pulled out of the garage for a grocery run, and realized my front tire was completely flat. UGHHHH. I had to call AAA to come put my spare on and take somewhere to fix it. Turns out, it couldn’t be fixed and I had to order a new one. Shout out to the guys at Vulcan Tire for just taking my tire and rim, and setting it up so that when I came back….they just had to switch it out. I only waited for about 15 minutes and it was amazing.

The professional dance photos came back last night!!! This is a picture of the picture, but how cute are these? Speaking of dance, Zoe started back to dance in person last week. She has had the BIGGEST smile on her face when I come to pick her up! She gets to see a few of her besties, and it was so sweet to see them react to each other for the first time.

Her new dance outfit came in this week, and she was super excited to put it on! Jojo has brought back the side ponytail, and Zoe was so rocking it last night.

7" x 7.5" Rustic Weathered Planter White - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 1 of 9

Favorite Purchases: I ordered this gorgeous planter from Target, driving 40 minutes for a pickup on it…because that is how serious I was about it. I wanted it for my utensils in the kitchen, and not the planter function. I thought it was a beautiful vessel, and way less cheesy than all the ones out there that say “Utensils” on it, you know? The quality and price is great, and it was exactly what I was looking for! I have really honed in on my decorating style over the last month, and have become much more inspired. I will share some areas I have been working on soon!

The Universal Thread tshirts I shared last week (or maybe it was the week before?) Either way….they are on sale for 15% off this week so I ordered 2 more. Grab them! I also grabbed this dress for under $15.

I have my eye on this top from Anthro….but I need a major sale/coupon because that price tag is quite steep for something that could have questionable quality.

I am still having the hardest time finding clothes. I wanted to try some Abercrombie jeans. but they are sold out in my size of any decent pair that isn’t completely “distressed” or white. I NEED some new stuff! I have the same few outfits I keep wearing. A lot of you have had conversations with me this last week expressing the same thing. Some of these brands need new buyers if we are all feeling that way!

Story pin image

Favorite Recipe: Warmer temps have me craving pasta salads. How amazing does this Mediterranean one look?

Favorite Workout: I added this quick Tabata to one of my other workouts this week…and man!!! Don’t let the 12 minutes fool you, you will end up sweaty and breathless after this one.

Favorite Funnies:

blair from gossip girl doing wtf face The only facial expression I've had for the last two years

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The weekend sure did fly right on by, didn’t it?? The weather here was absolutely beautiful all weekend, even though we didn’t spend a ton of time outside. It looks like it is supposed to be nice most of this week so we can make up for that.

Friday night after work, we met up with Chris’s family to celebrate my SIL’s birthday at Konomi. It was so good to get out on a Friday night!! We had a great time and amazing food. We even hung out in the parking lot for a bit after dinner chatting, reminded me of high school…hanging out in parking lots.

Saturday morning, Zoe and I started to clean out her playroom. Again. I think I am going to start keeping a chore chart for her. She used to be so good at cleaning up and having a place for everything. The playroom becomes out of control so fast now!! I think it will be good for her to have the responsibility. She helps me unload the dishwasher (obviously not the heavy glass stuff) and helps with the laundry now too, so it will be a great way to track all that.

After all the cleaning, we got ready to head out for lunch. Chris was wanting a really good burger, so we went to The Ridge. Everything was soooooooo amazing.

Our waitress got a kick out of how excited Zoe was about her fries and chicken fingers. We shared pretzel bites with jalapeno queso and sweet potato chips with blue cheese dip. I ordered the bacon jam gouda burger and OMGGGGG. It was so amazing. I cant wait to go back again soon. They have fried pimento cheese balls that need to happen.

We headed back home after lunch, Chris had some stuff to work on. Zoe and I decided to go walk around At Home. They didn’t have what I went there for, but I did find some super fun stuff for the kitchen! I am obsessed with the print on these wooden spoons! I got the rug for the hallway where our pantry is leading to the laundry room, I love the look of it.

After, we went to Home Depot to get some flowers for the bed around our mailbox, but I got overwhelmed and had no clue what we needed. No one that worked there was knowledgeable to help me….so I gave up and just got a house plant and a lantern for our front porch…and decided that I would go to a small nursery sometime this week and see if I can get better service. I am terrible with plants and I don’t even know what kind of soil I need, what can grow and thrive in total sun exposure, how to plant it, etc.

Chris and I hung out in the basement after Zoe went to bed, chilling out to music with some adult bevis as we usually do. We found a Steven Tyler/Slash performance that was pretty awesome.

Sunday morning, Zoe was up way too early. We cleaned and rearranged her bedroom, and when Chris woke up, we decided to order Cracker Barrel to go for breakfast. We hadn’t done that in a long time, and it was so nice not having to cook and do dishes! Why does breakfast make such a mess??

Last week, a PS5 bundle came back in stock. We have been trying to get one for months!!! I was lucky and got the new xbox from Target the first time you could preorder…but we have tried for the PS5 so many times I lost count. Chris group texted me, my SIL and BIL that it was going live and we all got on…and my BIL was able to score it! So we went over their house to pick it yesterday and hung out for a little bit.

The rest of the day was spent getting a few things done around the house. We decided to have a movie night and watched Alice in Wonderland and Tangled. I may or may not have napped nearly all of Alice in Wonderland. I cant tell you the last time I had a nap, it was fabulous. Just like that, the weekend was over.

I need to meal plan for the week and feeling very uninspired. Anyone make anything incredible lately that I need to try? I am so over picking out stuff for every meal all the time.

Speaking of over things, has anyone bought any good clothing lately??? I see all these sales and I actually need some stuff…but I can’t find a single thing I like right now!! I am not into these prairie dresses, see through clothing and crop tops. I am not cool enough to pull off majorly distressed jeans. I don’t wear shorts outside of athletic shorts around the house. I am at a complete loss. I couldn’t even pick out a dress at Loft, which is my usual go to. Anyone else not into the “fashion trends” right now? It is hard to find some basic, good staple pieces! Why is that??

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Books – April 2021

Linking up with Steph and Jana. I have read some really good books this month!!! I felt like I flew through a few because I couldn’t put it down, but also couldn’t wait to get to the next as well. So many books to read, so little time!

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

The Sanatorium

What a ride!!! The whole book is set at Le Sommet, a luxury hotel that was formerly a sanatorium. The creepiness factor was definitely there. This book took a few twists and turns that kept me guessing at what was really going on. I had a pretty good idea who it was going to be in the end, and I was right. I really enjoyed getting to know Elin and what happened in her past while watching her work out what is going on in the present. I could hardly put the book down and flew right through it! You have complicated relationships, family drama and secrets and a limited pool of suspects. My only complaint is that I felt the ending was a bit weak. I wasn’t entirely convinced of the motives for the killer. It still didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.

Bottom Line: Read it!!!

To Have and to Hold by RS Grey

To Have and to Hate

It is no secret around here that RS Grey is one of my absolute favorite reads. Her whit and sass gets me every time. Each of her novels is like settling in with an old friend for me. I know what to expect and that it is going to be a solid read. I absolutely loved the plot for this one. An arranged marriage/slow burn??? Yes, please!!!! I really liked Walt and Elizabeth. Their situation was unique and I loved to watch as it all came together and unfolded. I also really liked Walt’s brother and wish he could get his own book! The only thing I will say, is that other than the epilogue at the end…we don’t really get to hear Walt’s side of things. I wish I could have known him just a little more and what he was thinking in some of the early parts of the book. Either way, this was such a fun read and I blew through it in less than two days. I just couldn’t put it down!

Bottom Line: Read it!!!

**I received a copy of To Have and to Hold from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are of my own.**

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1)

I think I discovered Christina Lauren books maybe two or three years ago? I can’t remember now. They had definitely had several out before I started reading them, include the Beautiful series. I am now going back to their early books when I don’t have anything new of theirs to read. I can definitely see why the early fans complain about some of the close door romances they have put out recently, because ummm this book is definitely not closed door. Wowza! This is hot and steamy. I think there are mixed reviews of this one, because Bennett would be cancelled in today’s society for the way he acts and some of the things he says. This book was written in 2013 and I wonder if anything like this will be written again? It is fiction romance, so it didn’t bother me. He definitely has a few cringy moments and things that he does. But I also could not stop reading this book. Their relationship was complicated, intense, and messy. I was hooked and blew through this book so fast.

Bottom Line: I can see some people having a problem with this book. But if you are looking for a hot steamy romance, it will definitely deliver on that. I definitely plan to continue on with the series.

Before I Saw You by Emily Houghton

Before I Saw You

This one had an interesting premise. A guy and girl meet (but never actually see each other) in a rehab ward at a hospital after life changing traumas. This book was very much more about personal growth than any romantic relationship, so if you don’t like romance but like women’s lit…this might be for you. It did drag just a little at times, and I felt like the ending was rushed. But I really did enjoy the story, one of the nurses, some of the patients, and of course Alice and Alfie’s story.

Bottom Line: It was an enjoyable read. A good book for grief and personal growth if you are looking for a book like that.

**I received a copy of Before I Saw You from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are of my own.**

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1)

This was a cute read. It was nice reading more of the male perspective than we get in most books like this. I enjoyed reading about a married couple working out their issues to change up from the meeting for the first time/friends to lovers/enemies to lovers tropes. Plus I loved the whole male book club idea.

Bottom Line: If you like romance or romcoms, this was a fun read.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice

Can you believe I have never read Pride and Prejudice? It has always been on my list and I never made the time. I decided to mark a “classic” off my to read list this year, and chose the ultimate romance novel. I had tried to read this book a few times in the past and got bored with it after the first chapter or two, finding it sort of silly. But I stuck to it this time, and started to really enjoy it and look forward to picking it up. There is not much to say other than I get the reason this is a classic and beloved by so many. And so many romance novels that have followed over the years have been based on or inspired this very book.

Bottom Line: Loved it. Find time to read it if you never have.

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

The Lost Apothecary

I don’t always loves books that go back in history, and this one goes all the way back to the late 1700’s! However, I was instantly drawn into this book and loved going between present day with Caroline and the past with Eliza and Nella. I found the history of the apothecary so fascinating, as well as Caroline’s research into it. My only complaint of the book is that Caroline finds herself in a bit of a situation, and I felt like it was resolved too quickly/rushed. Other than that, this book has me wanting to take a mudlarking trip, and completely fascinated with the history of all the untold stories of real people.

Bottom Line: Read it!

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