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friday favorites

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: Mike Posner’s Drug Dealer Girl. I just love how chill and fun this song is.

Favorite Coffee Creamer: After my beloved Christmas creamers went away, I started buying Coffee Mate’s Natural Bliss all natural Sweet Cream. No artificial crap, you can pronounce each of the few ingredients in it and I have yet to tire of it like I do the flavored ones. For the win!

Favorite Recipe: This Apple Pear Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette looks really good and I want to try it! via

Apple Pear Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette  - Such a yummy salad! So full of flavor, texture, crunch - this will quickly become a favorite! from

Favorite Moment: My 10 year old nephew texted me last night from his iPod while he was at the beach. We probably had a 30 minute conversation back and forth and it was the sweetest thing. It is crazy how fast they grow up!!!

Favorite Lust: This Factory Sheer Striped dress and Linen Tee from J Crew would be super cute for this spring. I need to make it over to the outlets!


I hope that everyone has a fabulous Easter weekend!!! We plan on spending Sunday with Chris’s family and I hope to torture my dogs at some point this weekend by making them wear the bunny ears. They love the attention! I shall leave you with some funnies.

Favorite Funnies:

Too funny!!!!


Cannot stop laughing!!!Like a fat kid down a hill... That's how I roll. | Encouragement Ecard

Adulthood is like the vet, and we’re all the dogs that were excited for the car ride until we realized where we were going. | Snarkecards

No kidding

There is a land called Douche Bagastan. And you are their king. | Snarkecards

And in the spirit of Easter

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: This week’s song is Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’. Talk about a throw back! My sister’s birthday is today and this was one of her favorite songs when we were young. Like really young.

Favorite Snack: I discovered the Chobani flips and my life was forever changed. Or something like that. But seriously, these things are delicious!!! I love the Key Lime Pie and the Nutty Banana

Favorite Delivery: There was a Kate Spade Surprise Sale last week and I stumbled upon a metallic rose gold tote. Chris got me an amazing rose gold watch for our anniversary a few years ago, and I have loved anything rose gold since! I saw that the tote was on super deal and I happened to just send Chris the link like holy crap check out this deal. He responded back with ordered the rose gold. So sweet of him!!

Kate Spade Rose Gold Tote


Favorite New Beauty Find: Last week I needed to stop at CVS for something…maybe dish soap? I can’t remember. Anyways, I stumbled upon the Milani lip products that Kristen and Mia have talked about and they were buy one get one half off! I picked up the gloss in Pink Lady and the lipstick in Pink Frost. Love them both!!! I am wearing the gloss more just because I am more of a gloss girl but trying to lean more on lipstick than before, which was never.



Favorite Birthday Girl: My little sister turns 27 today!!! Let that sink in…my little sister is turning 27. Yikes! She likes to rub my age in my face sometimes, but I like to remind her she keeps inching closer to 30 herself! Happy Birthday, Tracy! You are the most amazing person I know. You are so strong, well grounded, an amazing mom, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to call my sister. I love you!

Tracy Lee



Favorite Funnies:

I have seen a few friends cars get booted in Atlanta when I lived there. This is pretty epic!

12 of the Most Hilarious Car Memes.

23 Reminders That Life Will Never Be As Bad As It Was In Middle School

Friday dance party!!!


friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Time for Friday Favorites!!!

Favorite Song: Once again, I shazammed a song from The Originals. It seems like every week I find a new song between that show or Vampire Diaries! This song is on point for something more chill. You Should Know Where I’m Coming From by Banks.

Favorite Packages:I won two giveaways in the same week!!! I am not quite sure how I got so lucky, but I was ecstatic to receive these in the mail this last week!


I won Pearlties from lovely The Sequin Notebook ladies! These are absolutely beautiful hair ties that I was so excited to receive. I love that they have a little pearl on each piece, and I couldn’t believe how many colors they sent me! Not only are the ties cute, but the packaging is amazing. The company also donates a percentage of its sales to charity…which is pretty cool in my book.

I also won the Flex Watch from Kristin at Hopelessly Ever After! I picked the pink venice watch and it reminds me of a watermelon and I freaking love the pop of color! This company also serves a great message. I love seeing so many companies giving back!!!

Favorite Recipe: A fellow Magic City Blogger, Julie at Life in the Little Yellow House, shared a recipe this week for an Iced Earl Grey Latte and it looks amazing!!! I really want to swap out my coffee run on a Friday for this because it looks delicious! You can see the picture and recipe here.

Favorite Reading: I have been enjoying flipping through the beauty issue of Galmour this month! The little things!


Favorite Funnies:

Ecards  Bluntcards  Blunt cards  Funny  Truth  Husband  Wife  Rottenecards  Someecards  E cards

What I really want to say to most plans…

Blunt Card | Tiny Island

'When you see it...' Click on the image for '15 of the Funniest Car Memes' #lol #spon

When someone asks who took the last cookie…

Trying to get off the couch after a TV binge…

How you really look strutting your stuff…

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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Friday Favorites

Favorite Song – In honor of DJ Kontrol coming to Birmingham to play at Skky this weekend, I am sharing one of my favorite songs he did with Lil Jon…What a Night featuring DJ Kontrol 🙂 Please take a listen! It will get you pumped for Friday!!!

If you like that….check him out on Sound Cloud!

Favorite Lunch – Yesterday Laura and I met for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick. It was so great to get out of the office on a Thursday! We haven’t gotten together just the two of us in quite awhile and it was much needed! I am so thankful that blogging as brought amazing friends in to my life.

Favorite Quote:

Quote of the Day: "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"

Favorite Pin: I am still getting office inspiration. Look at this beautiful desk! I had been leaning towards white and then I saw this and now I don’t know what I like better!

Pretty Office - Inspiration | We love | The Pretty Blog


Favorite Gracie Pictures: My sweet sweet Gracie turned 10 on the 10th this week. 10. I cannot believe it!!! I really don’t like to think about how old she is.

I need to get her something special this weekend. My little doodles has been with me through a lot. She truly is the definition of loyal companion. I would like to say more, but I am just getting all emotional with alligator tears so….Happy Birthday, Gracie!!! Mommy loves you!



Puggle Puppy


Gracie and Mac





Puggle and Maltipoo


Yup, all emotional like the crazy dog lady that I am….so that is all I have today! I have a Puggle to go snuggle. Let’s get some laughs now, shall we?

Favorite Funnies


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Friday Favorites

Let’s take a look at my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Song – Break Free by Ariana Grande- I really love to run to this song. I know this song is about breaking free from another person, but when I am running…the lyrics are sort of in my head about breaking free and letting go of my old self. I spend a lot of time on that treadmill, I put thought into this haha.

Favorite Podcast – I am done with the first season of Serial, all caught up on Call Your Girlfriend and was looking for a new binge. Enter Totally Married! There are a TON of episodes because they people have been at this awhile, and they have another podcast called Totally Laime that they do as well. This couple is hilarious! I am 3 episodes in and can’t wait to binge on more in the car! I missed it yesterday morning when I worked from home!

Favorite Polish – I mentioned the other day that I painted my toes while in a rush to get out the door. The color is Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together and I LOVE IT! I don’t really want to take a picture of my toes, so I Googled it and here you go…


Favorite Breakfast – Some people asked me how I was upping my protein and what powder I use. About Time Whey Protein Isolate is one of my favorite protein powders. It is made with Stevia so you are not getting all that artificial sweetener crap in it. You can’t really find it at GNC…after many hours spent in there examining their bottles…most of theirs is filled with artificial crap. Sigh. I order mine on Amazon and it is always in the $30-$40 price range and free shipping. This is my third bottle and it makes excellent smoothies!  At 100 calories, 25 grams of protein, zero sugar and less than 1 carb…you will be hard pressed to find a better one! It is non-GMO.

Favorite Recipe (to try): I love nachos. I really do!!! I am trying to cut down on my carbs and processed foods and I stumbled across Zucchini Nachos! You can find the recipe here. I have got to try these soon! Don’t they look delicious!?

Zucchini Nachos |

Favorite Funnies 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!