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When September Ends

It is no secret that fall is my favorite time of year. I think I have only mentioned it about a thousand times. The temperatures cool down, all my favorite jewel tones can be found in stores, the TV shows start back, we have football every weekend, the leaves turn colors, the fall scents are everywhere. Do I even need to keep selling it??? Today I am linking up with Andrea for TBB Asks for some fall themed questions! (Yes, I know I am a day late. I always have this post finished but like to share it on Tuesdays since I talk about my weekends on Monday.)

Favorite Fall Sweet Treat? 

I have to say that apple pie is my absolute favorite fall treat. There are so many delicious things that come with the season, but there is nothing better than my mom’s homemade apple pie. It is my goal this fall for her to come over and teach me how to make it so that I can start a tradition for Zoe to have some every year.

When my sister and I were young, we had our very own apple trees in our backyard at our house in Pennsylvania. I remember going out there and picking lots of apples to bring in for my mom to make us pie. She always had leftover crust and would put it in a small pan and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over it and get it crispy and perfect and let us snack on that while we waited for the pies to cool.

Red, Yellow or Green Apples?

Granny Smith green apples are my absolute favorite, but I also enjoy Pink Lady, Gala and Honeycrisp.

Favorite Fall Sport to Play?

Me play sports? LOLOLOL

Best Drink for Fall?

Are we talking coffee? Alcohol? Let me share my favorites that I look forward to.

Salted Carmel Frapuccino, apple cider and pumpkin beers

Favorite Fall Activity?

Watching football. I want to start some traditions with Zoe like going to a pumpkin patch or fall festival.

Must have Fall Purchase?

Cozy cardigans and boots!

Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought?

I don’t usually go pumpkin crazy, but now that we have Zoe, I would love to make it a tradition to go pick our own each year!

Real or Fake Pumpkin?


Favorite Halloween Costume?

I don’t really dress up for Halloween anymore. In recent years, I did get a little festive when Chris DJ’d at an annual Halloween party, but it isn’t my favorite holiday. I guess it depends on how much Zoe gets into it when she is older.

College Football or NFL?

College Football is a must for us!! I think you all know that we are Alabama fans in our house. Roll Tide!!! I also pull for Georgia. I occasionally watch NFL and my heart belongs to the Steelers and the Falcons. Even if I don’t many of their games, I do keep up with how they are doing.

Fall or Halloween Decor?

I don’t go crazy decorating the house for fall, I save most of the energy for Christmas. I do plan to get a little more festive for each season when Zoe is older. I prefer fall decor over Halloween stuff.

Raking Leaves or no Leaves to Rake?

Nope. We don’t have a lot of trees in our yard so we just leave them. I love looking at them. And honestly, we still have to cut the grass after they start to fall, so the lawn mower takes care of most of them. We do have lots of woods behind our fence, but luckily the leaves stay back there.

Favorite Soup?


Favorite Fall Candle scent?

Marshmallow Fireside and Flannel. We have Marshmallow Fireside candles in our house year round and I have Flannel in my car right now. I also love Leaves.

Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice?

I enjoy a few PSLs every year, but I don’t get crazy about all the other pumpkin spice treats that come out. I also love to get one pumpkin scone.

Short Booties or Tall boots?

I love both, depending on the outfit. Though, I don’t wear boots above my knee because my calves are too muscular and they never fit right.

Favorite Halloween Candy?

Pumpkin shaped Reese Cups and candy corn

PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte): YES or NO?

Yes (but I love the salted caramel more)

Hayride or Corn Maze?


Favorite Fall TV Show?

I can’t just mention one. I live for fall TV! Our regular shows include Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order SVU, Big Bang Theory, South Park, Chicago Fire/PD/Med/Law, Modern Family, This is Us, Scandal, Jane the Virgin, Lucifer and The Good Place. I think that is all of them that come back?? I think we might try The Good Doctor too. And I kind of wouldn’t mind watching Will and Grace since it is coming back.

What are your must watch fall shows?

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Hello, Fall

It’s here!!! It’s here!!! It’s finally here!!! FALL!!! Well, in spirit at least, but apparently not weather. I am looking at you mother nature, get with your seasons!

Image result for side eye gif

Either way fall is here and I am in love and I don’t care who knows it! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year because the weather finally starts to cool down, the leaves change a beautiful color, the smell of that first crisp autumn morning stays with you all season, the best flavored coffees and beers come back, fall jewel tones compliment my pale-ass skin, and it officially kicks off the start of the move towards the holiday season. Hello Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Not to mention, all the good TV shows come back!!!

Today I wanted to share with you some fall inspiration!

Fall Fashion – I love anything jewel toned in the fall. Also, leopard print, booties, football team colors and cardigans make their come back in my weekly outfits. How cute is this top? Perfect color for game day and it’s on sale for half off! I do love a good sale!


Other fall fashion inspiration…

Find More at =>

lace up sweater feature by cellajaneblog

Find More at =>

Find More at =>

Sadly, I will mostly be in maternity leggings and whatever top will fit over this ever growing belly of mine this fall. But a girl can still dream, can’t she?

Image result for maternity clothes meme

Fall Home Inspiration – This fall, I don’t plan to do too much around the house in my current condition. I am going to save my energy and get our Christmas stuff up early this year (beginning of November) since I am due around the time most people put their trees up. Clearly I wont be too mobile then!!! I still cant help but drool over all the fall decor that I see at Homegoods and TJ Maxx! This is going to be my goal for next year…

Craftberry Bush | Eclectically Fall Home Tour 2015 |

How Girls on a Budget Are Styling Their Homes For Fall: When looking for affordable Fall decor, you need look no farther than accent pieces.:

Fall Home Tour Part 1| Home Remedies

Fall Porch Decor Ideas- Amazing Fall decorations and front door and porch decoration ideas.:

Fall Food – The best part of fall? Game day snacking and the fact that you are in the mood for soup basically all the time!!!

This link takes you to 50 fall soups to try…

You won't get enough of this tortellini soup with Italian sausage and spinach.:

These Apple Cider Floats are made from special fall ingredients & are a…:


What are some of your favorite things about fall?

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Fall Goals

I have done seasonal goals for a few years and they used to work out great. Then I shit all over my winter goals last year and decided to give myself a break for spring and summer. There are so many things I want to do between now and December 2nd (DUE DATE!!!!), so I thought the best way to get these goals accomplished was to create a list. We all like lists, right?

I used to break my goals in to categories: Body, Mind, Home, Food. I love focusing on all aspects of my life. Things are going to look a little different for my fall list because my body is no longer my own for the next few months. I am basically just an incubator to grow a healthy baby. Other than continuing moving around the best that I can and getting in my daily work outs, I don’t really have a goal. I will go back to my old format come winter. Probably.

Fall Things

  1. Make a pie from scratch.
  2. Watch Hocus Pocus.
  3. Set up fall decorations.
  4. Drink apple cider.
  5. Bake pumpkin cookies.

Baby Goals

  1. Paint nursery.
  2. Purchase dresser, glider, ottoman, cube shelf and other items still needed for nursery.
  3. Decorate nursery.
  4. Wash all clothes, towels and bedding after baby shower.
  5. Install car seat.
  6. Pack hospital bag.
  7. Clear a cabinet or space in kitchen for bottles.
  8. Pre-register at hospital.
  9. Complete DIY project for nursery.
  10. Find curtains/window treatment for nursery.

Home Goals

  1. Clear out remaining clutter from spare room and set up defined office area for myself.
  2. Clean out garage and get rid/donate items no longer needed.
  3. Reorganize kitchen pantry.
  4. Reorganize kitchen cabinets.
  5. Use wood cleaner to scrub all cabinets.
  6. Clean out drawers in master bathroom.
  7. Organize guest bathroom cabinets for baby items.
  8. Organize hall linen closet.
  9. Replace light bulbs in garage and front entrance.
  10. Find new location for iron/ironing board.

What do you want to accomplish this fall?

Linking up with Joey because Stuff and Things is back! And maybe Steph for season goals? I think that is this week? This is why I need a planner.

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Fall in Full Swing

I have seen several people do the fall favorites post, but when Andrea posted it yesterday and said that she wanted to see her blog friends answer the questions I figured why not?!

Favorite thing about Autumn? The question should be what is there not to love about Autumn? The answer would be nothing. Except maybe ragweed. I could do without the ragweed. I love the weather, the leaves, the scented candles, smores, football, salted caramel mocha fraps, sweaters, boots, Hocus Pocus, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the sales, the crispness in the mornings, just everything!!!!!!!

Also, I have discovered that the summer heat and humidity has really been holding me back in my running, this morning I freaking rocked my run and am looking forward to PR’ing the shit out of them now that I am not dying of heat.

Favorite Autumn drink? Salted caramel mocha fraps, apple cider,  Boulevard’s Funky Pumpkin beer, Traveler’s Jack-o-Traveler shandy.

Favorite Autumn candle? Leaves or pumpkin anything. Marshmallow Fireside is my all time favorite and I burn it year round, fall included!

Favorite Autumn snack? Pumpkin scones and apples

Favorite Sweet Treat? Reese pumpkins

Favorite Soup? Chili!!!!

Favorite Autumn lipstick? Ravish Raspberry from Milani and Captivate Me from Rimmel (Captivate me is a year round thing for me though, really)

Go to Autumn moisturizer? This is about the time of the year that I start ordering Body Shop’s Vitamin E lotion!

Favorite music this time of year? Starting November 1, it will be Christmas music 24/7 for me. Until then? I tend to favor rock and chill music like Hang from Matchbox 20.

Favorite Autumn movie? Hocus Pocus! Duh!!!!

Favorite Autumn attire? Sweaters and boots! Though to be honest, it is still too warm for those for me. I have been wearing light sleeved long shirts with my ballet flats.

Fall Clothes in the South

Favorite place to be? At home curled up watching a movie with fall candles going. On the patio drinking a fall beer and enjoying the weather. Walking in the leaves, I love how they smell!!! I also love driving up the mountain to Oneonta when the leaves change and eating at Benedikt’s.

Favorite Halloween costume? Chris is the DJ at this huge annual Halloween Bash. Some years I go all out, other years I throw on a Polite as Fuck top and call it a day.

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

My favorite costume was probably the year I was a witch.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween Bash 2012

What are your fall favorites?

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Confession – I LOVE FALL

It’s September 23rd!!! IT’S FALL!!! It is also my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!  How cool would it be to be born on the first day of the best season of all?

It is no secret around these parts that I love fall and everything about it. I am excited for cool, crisp mornings with the fog lingering over the mountain. The crackling of the fireplace. The smell of the leaves as they change colors and fall from the trees. Football season is upon us. What is not to love?

All of the pictures below are clickable to take you to the link where I found them if you are looking for the recipe, store or what not.

Fall Fashion – I love fall colors! Jewel tones seam to suit my pale skin best and fall is all about some jewel toned things. I love metallic polishes, leggings, cute booties, and cozy sweaters.

Fall Scents – Anything pumpkin, marshmallow, spice, sandalwood or Leaves from B&BW is what my home smells like pretty much all of the time.

Fall Recipes – Pumpkins, and soups and chilis oh my!!!

Clean-Eating Maple Pumpkin Scones -- these taste like pumpkin pie for breakfast! SO easy & nearly 4g of protein!:

My favorite chili recipe


Fall Beverages – I love apple cider and hot chocolate.

Warm apple cider for adults Apple cider and smirnoff carmel vodka.. delicious!:

How To Make The World's Best Hot Chocolate. As if they didn't mention it enough in the article, you're gonna wanna add extra milk.:

Fall Decor – Pumpkins, burlap, leaves, pine cones, anything burnt orange or dark red. Basically all of the fall things. And don’t forget cozy blankets and throws!

Decorate your fireplace mantel with fall home decor in warm colors like orange and brown. #pumpkins #falldecor #homedesign:

This listing is for a Fall Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece. This centerpiece serves a wonderful purpose for your fall home decor! It adds just the:

tutorial for monogramming your pumpkin

I am not crafty but I would buy this pumpkin decorated like a football in a heartbeat!:

I love the way mercury glass looks lit up at night. So cozy!!!!

Fall Activities – Taking a drive when the leaves are just right, watching football, toasting marshmallows, visiting a pumpkin patch and baking fall treats are my favorite things!

I also love fall because we got married in November. Just look at nature’s beautiful backdrop for our wedding. We didn’t need anything, the trees provided it all!

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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