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I Know Your Name

I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They have stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

Zoe has an addictive personality. When she finds a movie she likes, she’s ride or die with it. First it was Secret Life of Pets. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched “Pets.” When I hear Welcome to New York from Swifty, my eyes twitch a little. Well, right around the time I disappeared from this space, she became obsessed with Moana. And honestly you guys, this movie is the exact thing I needed.

Those words above are the lyrics to the song I Know Your Name. Moana sings them towards the end of the movie when we discover who Te Fiti is. You guys, it is me. I was that angry lava monster who lost who she was. When I watched that scene for the first time I bawled. Reality came crashing down on me so hard.

So let me back up and tell you what happened. On September 24th, my boss emailed me at 2:15 pm asking if we could talk at 2:30. I had a sinking feeling when I saw that email. One of the guys I worked with had just given a two week notice. I walked in there and sat down thinking we were going to go over my performance review. He started with, “I have some bad news.” And proceeded to tell me how I was great and this had nothing to do with my performance, but that the company is cutting budgets where it can and my position was being eliminated. That he had been sitting on that knowledge for two weeks fighting to keep me, but he lost out in the partner vote in the end. Everyone else in my position had been let go or moved on, and now it was my turn.

I sat there in complete disbelief for a moment. I have worked to some capacity since I was 16 years old. I have always been nothing but an excellent employee that people are sorry to see go when I move on to something else.  I work hard and I give it my all. How was this happening to me???? After our little chat, I walked back out to my desk and completed what I was doing….because that is who I am. I couldn’t leave something unfinished. I packed up my desk, and walked out of there. Pulled into the alley away from that building, and cried and cried.

That first week was dark. I was dark. I cannot tell you how many times I broke down. How worthless I felt. I actually called myself a worthless piece of shit to my husband and my best friend. Of course, both of them were quick to tell me that I cannot talk about myself like that. But it was how I felt. It was crippling.

Then I sat down and watched  Moana one night after Zoe got out of school. I saw that scene I shared above and it all clicked into place. I let that job eat at my soul for so long, it crushed me from the inside. I lost my inner spark, the whole core of me. I cared too much about stupid shit. If Zoe got sick, I would worry who would be upset that I wasn’t there in the office, even though I was working my ass off from home and getting everything done just the same. I was always worrying about hurting other peoples feelings and molding myself to someone’s  needs or personality. I hated what I did for so long, I let that unhappiness drive my life.

I normally don’t get very religious or spiritual around these parts, but I was ignoring God and all the signs he was throwing at me. I had several signs that I needed to change my ways. I think this was his way of slapping me in the face and saying “wake up Nadine!!!! This isn’t my plan for you, you have gotten so far off path!” He had to do something drastic for me to listen. Once I realized that my faith was completely gone and I gave it back, I had immediate peace about the whole situation. My dark, depressive state was immediately lifted. Chris made a comment about how he saw things in me that he hasn’t seen in years coming back. I was unemployed, but I was happy. I was so damn happy.

Don’t get me wrong, it is stressful applying for jobs every day. Doing phone interviews, going in person, trying to sell yourself and act excited about anything that comes your way. You guys, I don’t even know how many phone and in person interviews I have had the last seven weeks. Finding a new job is a full time job. I was rejected over and over again. I was going after jobs for way less than I was making. I was going for jobs I was way over qualified for. I had a few interviews for jobs that were a step up. The rejections hurt, but I just had peace about it all. Something was going to happen, and it was out of my control. I just had to keep trying and doing what I was doing.

Last week, a lead I had been working with that I hadn’t heard from in awhile emailed me asking me to fill out an application online and complete a background form. It was with a company that I worked with indirectly at my last job and they are in the same building. If I took it, I would literally be sharing a cube wall with my old co-workers. The job is an incredible opportunity and a step up from where I was. More money, and I would be working along side someone I became friends with sharing a cube wall with her for four years. But it is also in an industry that I don’t care much about, or know much about. I almost feel like it might be a little over my head and I would be super overwhelmed at first. And then there is this…

Image result for quote about environment that makes you sick

I had several interviews last week. It was actually a pretty crazy week. Add in the fact that Zoe got sick and was home from school for two days as well. My sweet MIL watched her on Wednesday for me so I could go to an interview. Then Thursday I had another interview, and when I was in that one (for two hours) I had my phone shut off. When I turned it back on I had a text that I had some good news and to return the phone call. I was offered the job I had interviewed for on Wednesday!!!!

This is a job doing something very similar to what I used to do a long time ago. It was a job I truly enjoyed and looking back over my career, leaving that company was a mistake. There were things I didn’t like about the job, but it was all personal to do with a few people that worked there and nothing about the job itself. This takes all of what I did there and elevates it a little. It is with an amazing company that is affiliated with an international and very well known company in my industry around the world. It is less money that the other offer I know I have coming in, but I am trying to take all that I learned in the seven weeks that I was off and really try to make a decision based on where I think I will be happiest.

I accepted that job Friday morning, and they were like…so can you start Monday at 10:00am?! Ummmm sure?! OMG!

I slept for maybe 2 hours on Thursday night trying to mull over the decision of which to choose. I again worried about upsetting someone. This other company knows me and I am friends with someone there. They think they have me even though I haven’t received an official offer yet. But this other company knew immediately that they wanted me. They didn’t waste anytime offering me the job. It is something I actually enjoy doing!!!! OMG WHAT DO I DO??????? I needed a sign. I had talked to my sister Thursday after I got the offer and she said, “Your sign will come. Maybe it wont be obvious. Or maybe it will come in a dream. But it will come.” And immediately when she said dream I screamed, OMG IT ALREADY CAME! I had a dream Wednesday night that I had a job offer for the exact amount this company offered me. I said…..but it wasn’t specific that it was for that company. And my sister said, “Umm Nadine, that was your damn sign. Quit ignoring this!” I had also talked to Chris, Laura and Lindsay about my situation. The general consensus was to go with the job for less money where I think I would be happier.

It is funny, really. Here I was, praying for anything for seven weeks. And then all of a sudden this week, I get things thrown at me all at once. And a decision to make. And I am going to be real with you guys, being decisive is not my strong suit. I can barely chose where to go to lunch, yet alone a life changing decision like this!!!!! God had one more lesson for me.

In the end, deep down in my heart, I think I knew that this opportunity to go with the type of job that I know I would enjoy more was the right choice. But it is hard to pass up a lot more money and the knowledge that I already have a friend there, and know the culture of that group and what to expect. But I want to be happy. I spend 40+ hours a week at work. I leave my child in the hands of other people for my work. I need to make it worth it!!!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reached out to me wondering where I went. I was honest and real with all of you who asked. I took my blog down because I didn’t want employers googling me and using it against me in any way. I am not really professional in this space, it is my fun time. I say what is on my mind and I cuss sometimes.

I want to thank my family for being so supportive and positive. Chris has been SOOOOO incredible this whole time. Constantly trying to lift me up, saying what I need to hear, and not putting pressure on me to settle for just any old thing that came my way.

And Laura. You dealt with me in my darkest days. You dealt with all my self doubt and complaints. I could not be more thankful for our friendship!!! And Lindsay too! Your were texting me on the regular checking in with me and being encouraging.

If you are still reading this, sorry for the novel! I wanted to share where I went and about my experience. There are so many of you that I know are sitting in a job that is sucking your soul right out of you. And I want you to know that there is something better out there for you. Hang in there because you are awesome. And YOU are number one. You have to take care of yourself, stop worrying about hurting feelings in the work place, because in the end, even your loyalty cant really save you. You have to make decisions based on what is best for you, everyone else is doing it, and you deserve the best.

about me, currently


I am linking up with Kristen to catch up on what I have been up to currently.

ReadingBelieve Me by JP Delaney

Believe Me

I have been slow going with this one. Not that it isn’t interesting, but just that I haven’t had much time to pick up a book this month. I am about half through and hope to have it finished for the book link up next week! I am listening to Winter Street on audiobook in the car and enjoying it. I care not about seasons and read beachy books in the winter and Christmas books in the summer. It is just who I am.

Winter Street (Winter, #1)

Listening: Besides audiobooks, Chris was telling me about this awesome podcast he listened to about this guy who runs a security company. He basically gets hired by companies to check the security measures. He talks about how he was hired to rob a few banks. It is crazy to hear him talk about how he just walks in and gains immediate access to their computers and could compromise the whole place so easily. It is only a 30 minute episode and worth the listen if you have the time. It is called Darknet Diaries, this is episode 6 I am talking about.

Image result for darknet diaries bank job

Watching: The Originals is back on and we have been catching up on all the drama there. When we don’t have anything else to watch, we watch Blue Bloods since we still have several seasons we haven’t seen on Netflix. And, as always, Friends before bed.

Image result for the originals

Traveling: Just planning our annual summer beach trip to Gulf Shores! I am excited to spend some time away from the office and to see how Zoe does at the beach this summer. Last year she wasn’t mobile, just sitting up. It will be interesting to see the change this summer.

Grilling: Chris is grilling out hamburgers and chicken this week for dinners. I love to have corn on the cobb on the grill, that it my favorite! He made some awesome hot dogs last week. One of my favorite things about summer is all the grilled food.

Pinning: This quinoa fried rice needs to happen for lunch to change things up from my usual.

Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice with Egg and Scallions

Lusting: I am in desperate need of some cover ups for the beach! I saw this one at Target that looks really cute. And I also really like this one from Amazon for a great price!!! There are so many cute color options from the Amazon link!  Anyone have any favorites?

GDKEY Women Chiffon Tassel Swimsuit Bikini Stylish Beach Cover up(Black,B)



Yes! I got my dishes done....


about me, weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans and TBB Asks- Entertainment

This weekend came and went so fast, we barely got anything done that we set out to do! Friday capped off teacher appreciation week at Zoe’s school. The Heavenly Donut truck was in our town, right next to the daycare….so of course I had to take donuts to her teachers and the directors! And of course I had to get one for myself too. I am pretty sure they threw mine in for free. Shhhh. Their donut of the month is a lavender lemon one and OMG!!!! You guys, this might be the best donut I have ever had. It was so perfect and not too sweet. Plus, how gorgeous is this??? And this was taken hurriedly on the console in my car. No fancy lighting to dress it up. If you are local, go snatch one of these this month while you can. WORTH IT!
Saturday morning I was up early and had a lot of the cleaning done before Zoe got up again. Floors, dusting, guest bath and kitchen all scrubbed down. Zoe and I had a lot of fun playing when she woke up. She is too darn cute! During Zoe’s nap I tackled all the ironing and the master bath. Plus, I did 7 loads of laundry throughout the day. Mission accomplished. When Zoe woke up, we headed to Chris’s parents house to hang out with them for a few hours.
Sunday morning we headed out to the grocery store, and then met Chris’s parents for lunch at our favorite Mexican place. Zoe can tear up some Mexican food and was excited about morning about her taco!
That face you make when you eat tacos…
That afternoon, Zoe and I had some fun outside with bubbles and we took a few short walks. She loves being outside, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! Low 80’s with little humidity and the pretty afternoon sun. Just the way we like it!
Chris took the grill once we got Zoe down for bed and made some tavern burgers. I cooked up some buffalo cauliflower and we got caught up on Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. After that, it was time for bed!
I am also lnking up with Andrea and the TBB ladies to talk about entertainment this month!
1. Comedy or Drama? 
Depends on what time of mood I am in, as I enjoy both.
2. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
3. Movies in Theater or At Home?
Home. I haven’t been to a theater since I lived in Atlanta, so it has been at least 8 years.
4. Musical or Play?
Hmm that is a tough one. There are some Broadway shows that I do want to see, but generally I am not big in to musicals or plays all that much.
5. Which Meal of the day is your favorite to eat out?
Generally lunch. I eat out for lunch once or twice a week with friends, and then sometimes on the weekends Chris and I will go out for lunch or dinner. We never really eat out for breakfast.
6. Favorite Book ever read? 
This is not a fair question. How am I to pick just one??? I cant even pick just one genre. One book that has stuck with me through the years is Tuesdays With Morrie, as cliche as that sounds.My favorite books this year have been The Hating Game, Eligible, The Beau and The Belle and Arrogant Devil.
7. Game Night: Yes or No?
Yes! Haven’t had one in so long, but I love playing games! Both board and video games.
8. Favorite Outside Game to play?
Mini golf
9. Favorite TV Series ever?
Oh that is a tough one. The first one that comes to mind is Hart of Dixie or Friends.
10. Sitcoms growing up or Sitcoms of today?
Growing up. They just don’t make shows like they used to!
11. Miniature Golf or Bowling?
I am equally terrible at both. I suppose I like bowling a little more because it is in a controlled temperature environment. Last time I went mini golfing was at the beach and it was hot AF and the wind was driving me crazy.
12. Favorite Movie Theater Candy?
As I mentioned before, I don’t go to the theater anymore. When I went, I only ever got popcorn and a soda. But, picking out movies at Blockbuster was one of my favorite things to do on a Friday. And I always came home with gummy bears from there.
13. How do you like your popcorn?
I like butter and salt on it. Sometimes if I am trying to be good, I will just squeeze a lime over it and it sort of gives the same texture as buttered popcorn. Always air popped. That microwave shit will give you cancer.
14. 3D movies with the glasses; Yes or No? 
No. I hate 3D glasses. I usually get a headache.
15. Favorite Genre of Books to Read? 
Romantic comedy, cozy mysteries or suspense.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Double dipping and linking up with Biana. 
about me, currently


Linking up with my girl Kristen to share what I have been up to lately.

Eating Around Birmingham: After my visit to Brat Brot last week, I knew I wanted to head there for lunch ASAP. Laura, Morgan and I hit up Brat Brot yesterday to try out their eats. I ordered the BirminghamBurger, Garten Fries with Smoked Mayo, and  washed it all down with a Blood Orange Radler. Everything was delicious! Oh, Laura and I walked over there from my office. So clearly none of that food counts. 😉

Drinking: I stopped by Dunkin on my way in to work one morning because I needed caffeine stat! I was just going to order my usual caramel iced coffee, but they were out of caramel!!!!! (I mean you have ONE JOB Dunkin! COME ON NOW!) This was their second time they were out of it. WTF? Then the cashier was all, we have a coconut caramel if you would like to try it. Ummmmm why don’t you have that on your board?!?! Yes, please!!!! You guys, SO GOOD!

Reading: I just finished reading Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber. It was different from every other Macomber book I have read, I will share my thoughts next Tuesday for the book link up, of course! I should be receiving my ARC of Arrogant Devil from RS Grey today!!! I cant wait to dive in and get started on it. Romantic Comedies are so of my absolute favorite to read, and I really loved RS Grey’s last book The Beau and The Belle!

Arrogant Devil

Listening: Every Crooked Nanny by Mary Kay Andrews AKA Kathy Hogan Trocheck – This one is perfect on audiobook because the accents are so on point. This series takes place in Atlanta and the first book in the series was written in 1992, during the era of car phones and beepers, before social media and cell phones. It makes for some fun reading! Plus I recognize every single place they go since I lived in Atlanta for so long, it is nostalgic for me.

Every Crooked Nanny

Watching: The Originals came back last week! Turns out this is going to be the last season, not really surprised there. I was excited to see Caroline in the first episode! Her and Damon were my favorites from Vampire Diaries. Of course, I cant get enough of Klaus and Elijah.

Image result for the originals

Working:I have been sitting complacent for a long time. Something has stirred in me recently to push myself and I have taken the first few steps to do that the past few weeks. Hopefully all my efforts and fire will bring some results.

Eating: I am trying hard to keep myself on the straight and narrow during the week. I was failing at breakfast the last few months. I think I wasn’t getting enough protein, so I was starving by 9-10am and snacking on things I didn’t need to be. I started back to drinking protein shakes this week. I am playing with some recipes, some are awesome…some….not so much. Send me all your favorite smoothie combos please!

Other than breakfast, we have taco bowls, chicken tenders, turkey burgers, meatloaf muffins and pork chops on the menu for this week. Lunch (other than my outing yesterday) has been carrots and hummus, apple, turkey sausage and some pasta salad. I am trying to get back on my lunch game as well after phoning it in lately. I just dont feel like meal prepping most weekends, you know? But that is the only way I find success during the week.

Lusting: I need a few pieces added to my spring/summer wardrobe. I have noticed that most of my black dresses have seen better days, they are faded and some of the fabric is pilling. I just cant seem to find any that I LOVE to replace them. I wont buy anything unless I absolutely love it these days. I have my eye on these sandals from Target. I think they would be so cute with my navy dresses that I have.

These blush beauties are calling my name. DV is one of my favorite brands!

I also like these ones in black. I feel they look really cute in person and I like the tiny little heel they have. Can you tell I have a thing for slides? I am going to need them to put their shoes back on sale! I hate that I missed 20% off last week.

Planning: Not too much going on this month. It is Chris’s birthday month, so hopefully I can plan a date for the two of us. Of course we have Memorial Day which I am looking forward to having off!!! And there is always Cinco De Mayo! I need to find a fun recipe to make this weekend to celebrate. And Mother’s Day is already next weekend. Crazy how fast it is all going to go, right??

Sassing: Seriously though, this pose!!!!!


It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. #ericthomas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Buildyourlegacy #smallbusiness #dreambigger #diamondlegacygp #diamondlegacygroup #legacy


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about me

3 Things

Jana comes up with the best three things lists every month, and I decided to play again!

Movies I quote often

  1. Step Brothers – Did we just become best friends? Why are you so sweaty? I was watching Cops.
  2.  Mean Girls – Boo, you whore!
  3. Clueless – I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M’s and like 3 pieces of licorice.

Image result for step brothers rumpus time is over

Apps I use every day

  1. Instagram
  2. Zoe’s daycare camera app – I love checking in and seeing what she is doing!
  3. Overdrive (audiobooks from my library!)

Words I hate

  1. Girlboss
  2. Moist
  3. Roach – Ugh I shudder!

Most recent Amazon purchases

  1. Diapers
  2. Clairol Shimmer Lights Blonde Shampoo (keep my new highlights from looking brassy)
  3. Fit Simplify exercise bands

Weird foods I eat (or, stuff that most people find disgusting)

  1. Noodles and Beans
  2. Noodles and Cottage Cheese
  3. Blue cheese stuffed olives

Things I’m excited for in April

  1. Zoe’s Spring Picture Day
  2. Hopefully listing our house!
  3. Nice weather before it gets too hot