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This morning was a real shit show. Today is picture day at school, and I had an outfit for Zoe in mind this entire time so I wasn’t worried about it. I put the dress on her this morning and it was way too short!!!! Like seeing her entire bloomers too short. WTF? She just wore the dress a few weeks ago. Cue the panic! She was a real trooper as I tried on about 10 different things in her closet. I don’t buy her a lot of “nice” clothes because they get destroyed at daycare. There are only a handful of outfits that I keep for weekends/occasions. Anyways they don’t get their pictures taken until midday so I am not sure why I tried so hard. She will probably be a mess by then anyways. Toddlers, right?

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Reading: I just finished with They Both Die in the End. It was such an interesting, tragic, inspiring read. I was just approved for TJR’s newest book Daisy Jones & The Six from Netgalley and I cant wait to dive in to it! You can pre-order it for $13.99 on Amazon. 

They Both Die at the End

Listening: Zoe’s Secret Life of Pets obsession is still going strong. The last few days she has allowed me to mix in a few other songs (of her choosing of course!!!!) to our mix. So when Taylor Swift isn’t welcoming us to New York….we are learning our ABCs and singing Wheels on the Bus. Instead of “pets pettttttts mommy” I hear “Bus! Bus! BUS!!!!!”

Cooking: This week I made whole 30 compliant chocolate chili to have for two nights, and we will also have turkey burgers and braised pork chops. For lunch, I whipped up some Thai Peanut Cauliflower Rice.

Lusting: How cozy and perfect does this cardigan from Loft look? Totally ordering it next time they have a sale.

Working: On my fitness! But really, I have been trying to track all my food (at least during the week) in to the WW app and get my work out in every morning. Some mornings are more of a struggle than others. If I can’t seem to get it together for a good, long work out. I at least do one or two 10 or 15 minute PopSugar Workouts or work on my arms and abs. Anything is better than nothing. I am still sitting at a 10 pound loss right now, but I keep gaining and losing the same two pounds the last two weeks. My fault, of course. I YOLO’d hard this weekend and finished a bottle of wine by myself.

Excited: For fall!!! I am so ready for some cooler temps! Zoe and I grabbed a few Halloween crafts at Michael’s last weekend, and I want to hit up Hobby Lobby for some general fall ones. They are doing a lot of apple crafts and studies at school this month so maybe I can find something to tie that in. I am happy that football is back! And that the mornings are so unbearably hot anymore. Maybe we can get in a few trips to the park.


Especially true in job search!

And in true shit show fashion, I had the TBB post ready to add to my weekend shenanigans and totally forgot about it. So for fun, here are my answers!

  1. Slippers: YES or NO? No, not really. I don’t like for my feet to be hot.
  2. What is your favorite Blanket? I have a Kate Spade blanket that I got from TJ Maxx last year that I tend to use more than others.
  3. Thin or Thick Pillow? More thin than thick. I tend to sleep on my side and a thick pillow makes my neck feel stiff.
  4. Favorite Warm Beverage? Hot chocolate or the caramel brulee latte from SB
  5. Robe: YES or NO? Not really. Again, I am hot natured and live in a mild climate. I have one robe that is a thin cotton material and only comes down to above my knees. I wear it when it is really really cold. But that is about three weeks a year here.
  6. Favorite Comfort Snack Food(s)? All the dips and football finger foods!
  7. Movies or TV Series Binge? TV Binges!!! There is nothing more satisfying!
  8. Actual PJ’s or Leggings? I don’t own any actual PJs. I wear shorts and tshirts in the summer, and leggings in the winter and sometimes cozy sweaters.
  9. Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair? Couch
  10. Hoodie, T-shirt or Sweater? All of the above depending on the season!


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Reading – I should be receiving a copy of RS Grey’s new book in my inbox today!!! *squeals* It will be out August 9th, and you can pre-order a copy now! That means I will be dropping my current read like a bad boyfriend. I am  having a hard time getting in to Surprise Me anyways. RS Grey is one of my favorite authors, her books always make me LOL.

Not So Nice Guy

Listening – After hearing about a million different versions of Zombie during Tomorrowland the last few weeks….my obsession with it is back! I mean, the 90’s was the best time for music. You can’t argue that fact. It’s science.


Watching – We have been basically binging on Blue Bloods every chance that we can. I think we both agree that it is our favorite cop show now. The one liners are epic and we really like the old man (Henry).

Image result for blue bloods gifs

Cooking – On the menu this week is buffalo chicken sausage with parmesan squash risotto, korean beef and fried rice, sriracha honey meatballs with sweet potato zoodles, chicken tenders with maple brussels and braised pork chops with sweet potatoes.

Purchasing – It was time to buy foundation, as I was scraping bottom on my Estee Lauder Double Wear for a few weeks now and wearing BB cream some days instead. (Rimmel is the best drugstore BB cream for me. It does actually cover a little and lasts most of the day for me.) I had gone to Sephora to walk around and see what was out there. I love my Double Wear, and it is one I keep coming back to. But sometimes a girl just wants something new. I had considered the new Beauty Blender foundation, but I didn’t see it in store. Honestly, I feel like the packaging on it looked gimmicky anyways. Like you wouldn’t be able to use every last drop of the product, and I am not about that life. A sales person noticed I was wondering around aimlessly and hooked me up with a makeup artist who suggested Dior Skin Forever Perfect Foundation with SPF 35. I think I am in love! First of all, SPF 35? Yes, please! The color match is perfection on my skin (I am 020 for reference) and it is a full coverage foundation that feels a little lighter than the Double Wear. Which in this heat and humidity, I can certainly appreciate. When I went to wash my face last night, it looked like I had just did my makeup. So the staying power is strong. There was no creasing or clinging to any of my dry spots. Dare I say this might be my new holy grail? I will check back in and let you know.

Working – On my fitness. I have worked out every weekday the last three weeks. I even dusted off the treadmill in the garage and have been sweating it out a few times this week in the heat, on a super high incline. It feels great to be hitting my move goal every day on my watch and you know…those endorphins.

Image result for endorphins gif

Planning – I am hoping to tackle our guest room and garage this weekend. Everything needs to go! I plan to be like this….

Image result for grinch everything must go

Excited – It is the second best month of the year!! MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! (December took over as my favorite, since that is the  month Zoe was born AND you know..Christmas and all.) You guys…I am going to be 35 this year! I quit being sad about this number though. Honestly, my 30’s have been WAY better than my 20’s and I am excited to see what this year will bring.

Quoting –

So true


33 Funny Sarcastic and Witty Quotes #funnyquotes #lol #wittyquotes #snappyquotes #sarcasm

Or not so gently. Actually, go get capsized out in open water lol.

Haaa... bedtime

Morning Funny Memes 34 Pics

This actually may be true, though it's usually how many times in the first 5 minutes of lunch.



Reading: Surprise Me – I am only about 10% in to this right now, but so far so good. I am not sure anything will stand up to My Not So Perfect Life for me from Kinsella.

Surprise Me

Listening: I am almost done with All the Summer Girls on audio book.

All the Summer Girls

Watching: When we were at the beach, we had to actually watch commercials. Ugh, I know right?!?! Well, it wasn’t all bad because I saw an advertisement for Take Two and I squealed in delight when I saw Rachel Bilson. You know our love for Hart of Dixie. We watched the first three episodes and it is really cute.

Image result for take two

Eating: I am trying so hard to get back on the healthy train. Once I fall, I fall hard. Amy is doing a mini Whole 30 reset starting on the 15th and I plan to join her. Let me know if you are going to follow too. I would love as many accountability partners as possible. I started taking workout selfies again this morning, and hope to add them to my monthly review post next month. We shall see how many I did. This weeks menu looks like this….

Monday: Salad

Tuesday: Turkey Burgers with Lima Beans for me and Zucchini for Chris

Wednesday: Egg Roll in a Bowl

Thursday: Korean Beef and stir fry veggies

Friday: Braised Pork Chops and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Buying: I am probably pouring over the NSALE right now, but I did stop in Loft yesterday and found two things I couldn’t leave without. Right now, a lot of their pants are on sale for $35. I tried a pair on a whim and OMG!!!! They are so flatting and so comfortable! They are lightweight too, so you wont die in the heat of summer. I cant seem to find them on their site though. I also found this this adorable striped tank at Loft. This is an additional 40% off right now. I adored the flutter straps, it flows away from the body so comfortable for summer, and would be super cute under cardigans or jackets in the fall/winter. And um, have you met me? I tend to be drawn to black and white stripes. What can I say?

I also scooped up the Kiehls Avocado eye cream. Nothing I have used lately has worked, and my under eye area was in desperate need of some good hydration! I have had samples of this in the past, and remembered that I liked how hydrating it was. I bought the smaller container and will report back in a few weeks.


about me, currently


I am linking up with Kristen to catch up on what I have been up to currently.

ReadingBelieve Me by JP Delaney

Believe Me

I have been slow going with this one. Not that it isn’t interesting, but just that I haven’t had much time to pick up a book this month. I am about half through and hope to have it finished for the book link up next week! I am listening to Winter Street on audiobook in the car and enjoying it. I care not about seasons and read beachy books in the winter and Christmas books in the summer. It is just who I am.

Winter Street (Winter, #1)

Listening: Besides audiobooks, Chris was telling me about this awesome podcast he listened to about this guy who runs a security company. He basically gets hired by companies to check the security measures. He talks about how he was hired to rob a few banks. It is crazy to hear him talk about how he just walks in and gains immediate access to their computers and could compromise the whole place so easily. It is only a 30 minute episode and worth the listen if you have the time. It is called Darknet Diaries, this is episode 6 I am talking about.

Image result for darknet diaries bank job

Watching: The Originals is back on and we have been catching up on all the drama there. When we don’t have anything else to watch, we watch Blue Bloods since we still have several seasons we haven’t seen on Netflix. And, as always, Friends before bed.

Image result for the originals

Traveling: Just planning our annual summer beach trip to Gulf Shores! I am excited to spend some time away from the office and to see how Zoe does at the beach this summer. Last year she wasn’t mobile, just sitting up. It will be interesting to see the change this summer.

Grilling: Chris is grilling out hamburgers and chicken this week for dinners. I love to have corn on the cobb on the grill, that it my favorite! He made some awesome hot dogs last week. One of my favorite things about summer is all the grilled food.

Pinning: This quinoa fried rice needs to happen for lunch to change things up from my usual.

Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice with Egg and Scallions

Lusting: I am in desperate need of some cover ups for the beach! I saw this one at Target that looks really cute. And I also really like this one from Amazon for a great price!!! There are so many cute color options from the Amazon link!  Anyone have any favorites?

GDKEY Women Chiffon Tassel Swimsuit Bikini Stylish Beach Cover up(Black,B)



Yes! I got my dishes done....


about me, currently


Linking up with my girl Kristen to share what I have been up to lately.

Eating Around Birmingham: After my visit to Brat Brot last week, I knew I wanted to head there for lunch ASAP. Laura, Morgan and I hit up Brat Brot yesterday to try out their eats. I ordered the BirminghamBurger, Garten Fries with Smoked Mayo, and  washed it all down with a Blood Orange Radler. Everything was delicious! Oh, Laura and I walked over there from my office. So clearly none of that food counts. 😉

Drinking: I stopped by Dunkin on my way in to work one morning because I needed caffeine stat! I was just going to order my usual caramel iced coffee, but they were out of caramel!!!!! (I mean you have ONE JOB Dunkin! COME ON NOW!) This was their second time they were out of it. WTF? Then the cashier was all, we have a coconut caramel if you would like to try it. Ummmmm why don’t you have that on your board?!?! Yes, please!!!! You guys, SO GOOD!

Reading: I just finished reading Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber. It was different from every other Macomber book I have read, I will share my thoughts next Tuesday for the book link up, of course! I should be receiving my ARC of Arrogant Devil from RS Grey today!!! I cant wait to dive in and get started on it. Romantic Comedies are so of my absolute favorite to read, and I really loved RS Grey’s last book The Beau and The Belle!

Arrogant Devil

Listening: Every Crooked Nanny by Mary Kay Andrews AKA Kathy Hogan Trocheck – This one is perfect on audiobook because the accents are so on point. This series takes place in Atlanta and the first book in the series was written in 1992, during the era of car phones and beepers, before social media and cell phones. It makes for some fun reading! Plus I recognize every single place they go since I lived in Atlanta for so long, it is nostalgic for me.

Every Crooked Nanny

Watching: The Originals came back last week! Turns out this is going to be the last season, not really surprised there. I was excited to see Caroline in the first episode! Her and Damon were my favorites from Vampire Diaries. Of course, I cant get enough of Klaus and Elijah.

Image result for the originals

Working:I have been sitting complacent for a long time. Something has stirred in me recently to push myself and I have taken the first few steps to do that the past few weeks. Hopefully all my efforts and fire will bring some results.

Eating: I am trying hard to keep myself on the straight and narrow during the week. I was failing at breakfast the last few months. I think I wasn’t getting enough protein, so I was starving by 9-10am and snacking on things I didn’t need to be. I started back to drinking protein shakes this week. I am playing with some recipes, some are awesome…some….not so much. Send me all your favorite smoothie combos please!

Other than breakfast, we have taco bowls, chicken tenders, turkey burgers, meatloaf muffins and pork chops on the menu for this week. Lunch (other than my outing yesterday) has been carrots and hummus, apple, turkey sausage and some pasta salad. I am trying to get back on my lunch game as well after phoning it in lately. I just dont feel like meal prepping most weekends, you know? But that is the only way I find success during the week.

Lusting: I need a few pieces added to my spring/summer wardrobe. I have noticed that most of my black dresses have seen better days, they are faded and some of the fabric is pilling. I just cant seem to find any that I LOVE to replace them. I wont buy anything unless I absolutely love it these days. I have my eye on these sandals from Target. I think they would be so cute with my navy dresses that I have.

These blush beauties are calling my name. DV is one of my favorite brands!

I also like these ones in black. I feel they look really cute in person and I like the tiny little heel they have. Can you tell I have a thing for slides? I am going to need them to put their shoes back on sale! I hate that I missed 20% off last week.

Planning: Not too much going on this month. It is Chris’s birthday month, so hopefully I can plan a date for the two of us. Of course we have Memorial Day which I am looking forward to having off!!! And there is always Cinco De Mayo! I need to find a fun recipe to make this weekend to celebrate. And Mother’s Day is already next weekend. Crazy how fast it is all going to go, right??

Sassing: Seriously though, this pose!!!!!


It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. #ericthomas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Buildyourlegacy #smallbusiness #dreambigger #diamondlegacygp #diamondlegacygroup #legacy


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