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Fall Goals

I have done seasonal goals for a few years and they used to work out great. Then I shit all over my winter goals last year and decided to give myself a break for spring and summer. There are so many things I want to do between now and December 2nd (DUE DATE!!!!), so I thought the best way to get these goals accomplished was to create a list. We all like lists, right?

I used to break my goals in to categories: Body, Mind, Home, Food. I love focusing on all aspects of my life. Things are going to look a little different for my fall list because my body is no longer my own for the next few months. I am basically just an incubator to grow a healthy baby. Other than continuing moving around the best that I can and getting in my daily work outs, I don’t really have a goal. I will go back to my old format come winter. Probably.

Fall Things

  1. Make a pie from scratch.
  2. Watch Hocus Pocus.
  3. Set up fall decorations.
  4. Drink apple cider.
  5. Bake pumpkin cookies.

Baby Goals

  1. Paint nursery.
  2. Purchase dresser, glider, ottoman, cube shelf and other items still needed for nursery.
  3. Decorate nursery.
  4. Wash all clothes, towels and bedding after baby shower.
  5. Install car seat.
  6. Pack hospital bag.
  7. Clear a cabinet or space in kitchen for bottles.
  8. Pre-register at hospital.
  9. Complete DIY project for nursery.
  10. Find curtains/window treatment for nursery.

Home Goals

  1. Clear out remaining clutter from spare room and set up defined office area for myself.
  2. Clean out garage and get rid/donate items no longer needed.
  3. Reorganize kitchen pantry.
  4. Reorganize kitchen cabinets.
  5. Use wood cleaner to scrub all cabinets.
  6. Clean out drawers in master bathroom.
  7. Organize guest bathroom cabinets for baby items.
  8. Organize hall linen closet.
  9. Replace light bulbs in garage and front entrance.
  10. Find new location for iron/ironing board.

What do you want to accomplish this fall?

Linking up with Joey because Stuff and Things is back! And maybe Steph for season goals? I think that is this week? This is why I need a planner.


Take the Leap

You guys, sometimes one of you will post something that just resonates with me. Whether it is your post topic, a quote you shared, a picture, just something really sinks in and I sit and think about it and take the words as a sign.

Over the past week I have seen a few posts and then my Momentum dashboard quote one day is literally telling me that it is time. Ok universe, I get it!!!

While this is totally vague, and I hate vague things, today’s post is more of a reminder to all of us. What are we waiting for? Life is short, and we just don’t know how much time we have to do all the things that we want to do. We keep waiting and saying well when this happens or that happens I will be ready. The truth is, you can never be 100% ready. Taking the first step is on you. Now is as good as a time as any.

You will become courageous. You will become an inspiration. You will like yourself. You will learn new things. You will grow. You just have to take that leap of faith.

Have you ever really listened to the amazing words of Switchfoot?

By taking a leap of faith, you find out who you are truly capable of becoming. Faith sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible; it’s about believing when it’s beyond the power of reason to believe. And courage is being scared to death, and then taking the next step anyway. May you always find the faith and courage to do what you are afraid to do. - read:

Take a leap of faith:

One of the benefits of working with really talented writers is that they are always coming up with quotes that inspire us, make us laugh, and have us saying, “So! True!” We’re an impatient bunch here at Think.Make.Share. We didn’t want to wait for these quotes to be printed on cards ...

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.:

inspiring quotes about life Take a leap of faith #quote:

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives.:

''Those Who Don't Jump Will Never Fly'' (Teaser)

Dollar Tree Treasures and Lots of Ideas!:

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I have one thing to say about 2016.


I am not really one to make New Years resolutions. In fact, I kind of hate them. They tend to be so general like lose weight, eat healthier or spend less time on social media. You know what the problem with these resolutions are? They aren’t really obtainable. Sure, you can lose 10 pounds this month or stay off Twitter for a week but the thing is, there is no end goal. How do you know if you are done?

When you do things in moderation, it is hard to draw the line. Sure, I can eat healthier this week but then next week I might have a cheat meal Tuesday because it is a friend’s birthday. Then Thursday night I might come home hangry and have chips and salsa. It is a slippery slope.

This is why I like to set specific goals for myself. Ones that I can cross off a list. Over the last two years, I had set quarterly seasonal goals for myself and while it worked pretty well most quarters, I want to do things differently this year.

I have so many ideas and dreams. Don’t we all? But I just feel like I am constantly floating around, not really doing anything to actually make these dreams a reality for myself.


For the month of January, my main focus is to plan and prep to set 2016 up for my most successful year yet!

I want to get a planner so I can actually set dates for things I want to have accomplished. I also plan to schedule the house chores in there to keep myself from literally doing everything on Saturdays. I hate wasting three hours every weekend cleaning when I could be doing little things daily for 15 minutes. Oh, and maybe do a little blog scheduling too. Crazy, I know.

As you know, I am participating in the Breakup Challenge this month by doing Whole 30. I haven’t decided exactly what foods I will re-introduce after the 30 days but allowing my body to detox and reset is huge for me.

I have my mind set this weekend to take down all of our Christmas decorations and start cleaning out one of our spare bedrooms. They tend to become a toss all over the holidays and I can’t stand messes for very long.

When the get my life together, organize and purge all the things hair grows up your ass, you run with it! What are you going to do this year to work towards your dreams?


Setting Fall Goals

I shit the bed hard on my goals this summer. I kind of new that was going to happen! I usually keep it simple this summer and I was trying to be an over achiever.

Summer Goals


1. Continue current exercise schedule of running 2-3 days per week and strength training 3-4 days – Done and done!

2.Be able to go up in weights by August – I am ready to go up in weights, just haven’t purchased them yet!

3.Get fitted for new running shoes – I plan to do this soon. I got a fitbit instead which I had planned to do for my fall goal, so I am calling this a win because I sort of switched goals.


1. Complete the summer reading challenge – Yay! I swapped a few books on it but I got it done! I have already reviewed all the books in Show Us Your Book link ups, so I didn’t feel the need to link up with the list this week.

2. Read each of the monthly Literary Ladies book club books– I read the first one, Saint anything, but I didn’t care to read the second book by Judy Blume so I guess this is a fail. Life is too short to read a book you don’t care about!

3. Watch a documentary-fail


1. Continue to gather stuff for the gallery wall – I haven’t purchased anything new but I did find an anchor I liked and plan to order soon. We ended up purchasing a shelf for the living room and decorating it instead.

2. Find a storage solution for the hand held game cartridges -fail

3. Get some plants going – fail


1. Try three new recipes – grain free apple muffins, Thai peanut spaghetti squash, Cajun shrimp, Korean chicken, Bourbon Maple Kielbasa, Browned Butter Sage Sweet Potato Gnocchi

2. Eat at three new restaurants –  Humphrey’s, BJ’s Brewhouse, Five Points Public Oyster House

3.Continue on grain free/process free plan – I did great until my beach vacation. I shit the bed for a few weeks and hopped back on a 80/20 version.

Fall Goals 


1. Get new weights

2.Get fitted for running shoes

3.Make eye doctor appointment


1. Watch a documentary

2.Read the rest of the books on my Netgalley shelf

3.Take a class, webinar or attend an event that will stimulate my mind


1.Collect a few new fall decor items and decorate the house for fall

2.Collect items for the gallery wall

3.Get indoor plants


1. Try three new recipes

2. Eat at three new (to me) restaurants

3. Bake a pie from scratch

I am super excited to have a girls night tonight!!! I have been looking forward to it all week. And a long week it has been, right? What are your goals for this fall?

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Getting It Done

Hey there!!! First of all, I want to let you know that I am over getting interviewed by the amazing Jana today!!! That interview is way more interesting than my goal recap for spring and what I want to pretend like I am going to accomplish this summer. Just sayin’.


1. Finish the C25K program – I finished the C25K program and can’t believe that I am still running on a weekly basis. Who knew. I still hate every minute of it though, except that final 5 minutes of cool down time when I know it is over and feel super accomplished. And sweaty. Mostly sweaty.

2. Find a new work out for Thursdays – I found a whole new work out program, double score!

3.Schedule an appointment for the dermatologist – I will be taking care of this when I get back from the beach!


1. Read The Body Book – I read The No Excuse Diet instead since the opportunity to review it arose, I plan to still read The Body Book this summer!

2.Read 5 books – The Beach House, Promises to Keep, Before We Met, The No Excuse Diet, Yes, Please!, Bittersweet

3.Watch a documentary – Going Clear


1. Continue collecting things for the gallery wall – We bought a shelf for our living room instead, let’s call it a wash!

2.Find a way to get my china cabinet to my house (it is currently sitting in my mom’s garage) – Yeah, this didn’t happen

3. Purchase some plants for inside, start a garden outside – Big fail. Keeping the yard looking good takes up all my energy.


1. Try 3 new recipes – Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin, No Bake Power Balls, Sesame Chicken, coconut flour muffins, quinoa greek salad, apple butter, chocolate peanut butter chia seed pudding, quinoa enchilada bake – I was busy cooking this spring!!

2.Visit 3 new restaurants – Taco Mama, Bottega, PT’s, Rowe’s Service Station

3.Work on IIFYM plan – I decided to go grain free, dairy free, processed free instead of trying the IIFYM plan. I have kept my research on it that I have done so far and plan on revisiting…it’s just that this grain free thing is working and if it ain’t broke…it doesn’t need fixing for now! I call that a win, finding something that is actually working!

Summer Goals


1. Continue current exercise schedule of running 2-3 days per week and strength training 3-4 days

2.Be able to go up in weights by August

3.Get fitted for new running shoes.


1. Complete the summer reading challenge

2. Read each of the monthly Literary Ladies book club books

3. Watch a documentary


1. Continue to gather stuff for the gallery wall

2. Find a storage solution for the hand held game cartridges

3. Get some plants going


1. Try three new recipes

2. Eat at three new restaurants

3.Continue on grain free/process free plan

Do you have any goals for the summer? Don’t forget to head on over to my interview with Jana!