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Wrinkles Suck

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*I received this product from iFabbo in exchange for my honest review**

You guys, let’s be honest. Wrinkles suck! Have you heard of Christie Brinkley Close Up Instant Wrinkle Reducer Treatment ? I have been using this product for about a month now and I have to say that I am liking it!!! At 32, I am definitely starting to see fine lines around my eyes, near my brow and forehead and around my mouth. The eyes are most noticeable.  I have been using this treatment in all of those areas and I do notice a difference. Plus, it isn’t drying out my skin. My skin can be really finicky and usually anti-aging products leave me flaky but this one hasn’t.

The application is simple and you actually use this as your last step of your skin care before your make up application. I have noticed that my make up goes on smoother in the treated areas.  It isn’t irritating and I do feel like I look fresher (read younger) when I use it. The puffiness under my eyes is instantly diminished.


This is a great temporary fix solution for those of you looking for one. You can even reapply it throughout the day as a touch up if you need to be photo ready! It goes on clear, so there is no interruption to your make up. I have added it to my daily routine.


Have you heard of or tried the Christie Brinkley Skin Care line? I am interested in checking out some of her other products!

You can check out more information on Christie Brinkley’s Skincare Line here:

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Friday Favorites

Let’s take a look at my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Song – Break Free by Ariana Grande- I really love to run to this song. I know this song is about breaking free from another person, but when I am running…the lyrics are sort of in my head about breaking free and letting go of my old self. I spend a lot of time on that treadmill, I put thought into this haha.

Favorite Podcast – I am done with the first season of Serial, all caught up on Call Your Girlfriend and was looking for a new binge. Enter Totally Married! There are a TON of episodes because they people have been at this awhile, and they have another podcast called Totally Laime that they do as well. This couple is hilarious! I am 3 episodes in and can’t wait to binge on more in the car! I missed it yesterday morning when I worked from home!

Favorite Polish – I mentioned the other day that I painted my toes while in a rush to get out the door. The color is Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together and I LOVE IT! I don’t really want to take a picture of my toes, so I Googled it and here you go…


Favorite Breakfast – Some people asked me how I was upping my protein and what powder I use. About Time Whey Protein Isolate is one of my favorite protein powders. It is made with Stevia so you are not getting all that artificial sweetener crap in it. You can’t really find it at GNC…after many hours spent in there examining their bottles…most of theirs is filled with artificial crap. Sigh. I order mine on Amazon and it is always in the $30-$40 price range and free shipping. This is my third bottle and it makes excellent smoothies!  At 100 calories, 25 grams of protein, zero sugar and less than 1 carb…you will be hard pressed to find a better one! It is non-GMO.

Favorite Recipe (to try): I love nachos. I really do!!! I am trying to cut down on my carbs and processed foods and I stumbled across Zucchini Nachos! You can find the recipe here. I have got to try these soon! Don’t they look delicious!?

Zucchini Nachos |

Favorite Funnies 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Lip Products – Things I Have Been Loving Lately

I have always been weird about lip products. If a color is too noticeable, I feel like a five year old trying on mommy’s make up. Or a straight up clown. Does anyone else feel like that? I love bold lip colors on other people, yet I never find myself taking the plunge. I used to have an old boss that would always tell me to put lipstick on. Ok, I get it….it does make you look instantly put together!

But how do you keep it on? I always used to find it a pointless effort, as it would disappear almost instantly! I have been dabbling with finding my perfect products over the last few months, and I would like to share some of those gems for you today!


Let’s start with the foundation! You most certainly have to have soft, non chapped licks to get a color to look good!

Vaseline Lip Therapy – I have shouted my love to the roof tops several times for the Rosy Lips by Vaseline and my love is still burning strong. I picked up the Creme Brulee one before Christmas too. These sit all over our house and I use them daily. 

Chapstick Hydration Lock Day and Night – I am loving this find! I picked this up about two weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. I love putting the day on under my lip color, and the night…well duh! Slather it on right before bed!

Let’s add some color!



Julep – When I was getting the Julep box, one of my favorite things I received was the lip gloss!!! I use this one several times a week and it is one of my favorites as far as color and feeling go. It doesn’t last near as long as the Rimmel stuff though, but still a winner for me. I am not sure what color this is, the tube says A41 (maybe it is Graceful or Glowing?). In the picture above, it is the very light pink color, the fifth one down.


Rimmel Provocalips – I am in love! The pigment and staying power of this is amazing. I can put it on first thing in the morning and it lasts me at least through lunch, which is a huge deal for me! I picked up I’ll Call You and I can promise I will be getting more!!! This is the first (top) color. These are right under $7 at Target and Walgreens and they are worth every. single. penny. If you can find them!!! They are sold out pretty much everywhere in stores right now.


Rimmel Stay Glossy – For right under $4 at Walmart, these have been my favorite bargain find! I picked up Captivate Me and Popcorn. Popcorn, third down from top, is more of a nude shade and I love to wear it over my Revelon Creme Brulee. Captivate Me, second down from top,  is my most favorite darker shade! It is just amazing on my pale skin.


Don’t mind my ridiculous picture…

Revelon Colorburst Lip Butter – I picked up the Colorburst Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. It is the forth down from the top. I really like the feel of this one and it is a great nude color. I pair it with the Rimmel Popcorn Stay Glossy and it works great. The staying power isn’t as great as Provocalips, but it is also two completely different products.

Do you have any lip products that you are just loving lately? Let me know, maybe I will try it!

I am linking up with Joey, who still has her book on sale for $1.99 this week!!! I basically am friends with a famous author. So cool. I scooped this up and will have a review on it soon!


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Christmas Wish List

Every year I love looking at all the wish list and gift idea lists that everyone posts. Though, I spend most of my time just adding the items to my own wish list!

*The pictures take you to the links*

1. Sweater with crotchet trim – I have been on the search for one for quite awhile now. I found one at the Loft Outlet but they didn’t have my size. I love this delicate pink one!

Piace Boutique - Now Or Never Lace Trim Sweater (Dusty Pink), $43.99 ( Spade Glitter Watch – Because….glitter!



3. Make Up – I have never owned the Nars Oragasm blush. I have had the same one from Lancome for several years now and it is finally running out. I also really liked the Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector that I tried when I bought my foundation. I have high hopes.


4.Perfume – I am about out of all my perfumes all at the same time. How does that even happen? There are a few I have had my eye on lately…not sure which one I like best. Dolce & Gabana The One or Light Blue, Marc Jacob Daisy, Tory Burch, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Michael Kors…they all smell so wonderful!


5. Cedar Street Maise purse by Kate Spade (in Rosy Dawn if we are getting specific) I like that this purse allows you to carry it on your wrist or on your shoulder. I have a lot of neutral color purses – Your blacks, browns, metallic, I think I want a color next!

6. Taylor Swift 1989 CD – I don’t remember the last time I actually asked for a CD for Christmas. Maybe college? Or even bought one for that matter. But the songs I have heard so far are super catchy and she pulled it from Spotify so what is a girl to do?

Taylor Swift - 1989 (Deluxe Edition) - Target Exclusive7. Just Dance for Xbox One – I really love the Just Dance games because they are like a fun work out. We don’t have any games like this for the new systems that we have in the living room and this one just came out!

Just Dance 2015 (Xbox One)

8. Crate and Barrel Glass Snowflake Mugs – I really like glass mugs. I think coffee tastes better out of them or something? I don’t know. But glass mugs WITH snowflakes? Um, yes please!!!!

9. Coach Scout Hobo in nude – I love how slouchy this purse looks! This nude color would go with anything. It can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross body bag. Would you believe I have zero cross body bags?


10. Blanket Scarf – I have seen several that I like, then Amanda posted her new one and I saw that it was only $10? Who needs a fancy one when the $10 one looks just as great?!

What are some things on your wish list this year?

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Favorite Products – Old and New

I have switched up some of my routines and I thought I would share them with you today. I always love reading product posts because there is usually something that I haven’t heard of or wanted to try and the post gives me the final push to do so.

photo (8)

Let’s start off with storage! I purchased the bottom two acrylic drawer sets at The Container Store when I lived in Atlanta, they are about six years old and I believe I payed about $15 for each. Well worth it? I think so! I bought the top acrylic organizer at TJ Maxx last month for $7.99. A steal if you ask me!!! This holds all of my make up perfectly! My skin care items are shoved in a basked under the sink. I might need to work on that next.

As you know from yesterday, I was at Sephora this weekend and got a new foundation and moisturizer. I am in love with both of them for sure!

My favorite concealer that I have tried so far is Maybelline Age Rewind. And that is saying a lot, because I feel I have tried just about every other concealer out there! There is a Tarte one that I like as well, the CC Under Eye Corrector. It is pricier than the Maybelline one at $24, but is pretty awesome as well.


I just adore the milk chocolate bronzer from Too Faced. I use the light/medium and it is perfect for contouring my face and giving this pale girl a little color! It is the perfect shade and doesn’t have that fake orange look that some bronzers give. I have had this for several months now and it still looks brand new, so a little goes a long way and the product is worth the price!

My favorite mascara has always been Benefits They’re Real. Hands down. However, because it is a bit harder to remove and I have received a few free samples of other kinds, my favorite every day mascara is now Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes. I have noticed a vast improvement in the actual health of my lashes. They look much longer and healthier now that I have started using this again. It was a tried and true back in the day, and call me nostalgic but I am glad it is back in my arsenal.


My favorite eye palette is the original Naked palette. There are so many amazing colors, they all blend together to create so many different looks. I have had mine for a really long time, and there is still so much product left too, so at the $54 price point I will say it is well worth it.

My favorite eye liner are the Loreal Infallible Eye Liner. This stuff lasts all day and doesn’t budge. I have repurchased this stuff several times in both brown and black and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon.


I received Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Super Booster about a month or so ago. I love it! You can use it under any other serums you have or just your moisturizer. I use it under my eyes, on my forehead and I also dab some on my cheeks. I had a sun spot on my cheek that was pretty dark and I will say it is about half gone now! Also, I noticed the few fine lines on my forehead are less noticeable as well. This will be a repurchase when I am out!

I liked the Vitamin C booster so much, it caused me to order some more Paula’s Choice stuff! I tried the Resist line which is for acne and wrinkles. Because life isn’t fair as it is, I have to worry about both! I love the face wash and the BHA that I ordered. The moisturizer that I picked from this line isn’t moisturizing enough for me though, and that will be going back. I have been using these two products with the new moisturizer I got on Sunday and I am happy with them. I really like the Paula Choice website because she has reviews on pretty much any product you want to try both her brand and all the other brands out there.

Resist Foaming Cleanser


Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment 2% BHA I am still completely in love with the Vaseline Rosy Lips. I use it every morning and every evening and my lips have never been softer. It smells great, and it gives you a little color too!

My go to spot treatment is the Kate Somerville Anti-Bac lotion. I usually have hormonal break outs around my chin, and every now and then I have a patch on my cheek that likes to flare up at the worst times. I use this every morning and evening around my chin, and I use it as needed on the cheek area. The bottle lasts me about six months, so it is certainly worth the price! I ran out of it for a few weeks a month or so back, and my whole face blew up. So I know this stuff works!

My favorite fall/winter body lotion is the Vitamin E lotion from The Body Shop. They are 50% off today, I am stocking up! It kept my skin from completely cracking last winter and nothing in the past has ever been able to do that. The scent is rather neutral, it has a little bit of a rose scent to it…but nothing offensive and it blended nicely with the perfumes I wear. I honestly find the scent very soothing at night time before bed too!

Click for enlarged view


Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favorites?