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Christmas Wish List

I love making a Christmas Wish List every year. It is just fun and I usually end up coming up with a few gift ideas for others while I make my own list. You know, one for me…one for you. What is on your list?

//I am obsessed with my Kendra Scott Elisa necklace and wear it more than any other piece of jewelry I own, besides my wedding rings and Zoe’s  birth stone ring. I have wanted the Rayne Stone Tassel Pendent forever. It would go with so much!

//How gorgeous are these Kendra Scott earrings???

//I hit pan a long time ago on my UD Naked shadow color in my palette and I really need a replacement because it is my absolute favorite color.

//I have had my current cell phone case since I purchased my phone, I think it is time for a new one! How cute is this??

//I really need a purse that I can put over my shoulder to make things easier when I have Zoe. I really love this Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Tote!!! I also love the structure of the Michael Kors Selma bags. With those you can carry on your wrist or wear the longer strap on your shoulder. Or this gold Tory Burch tote! I don’t have any Tory pieces, but I think her stuff is great.

//I have wanted a pair of the Spanx Faux Leather leggings for years. I am not sure why I never pulled the trigger on these? I heard that they make you look and feel amazing, and I think I need that right now.

//I really love the cut of the Leith Easy Circle cardigan. I need a few more nicer sweaters for work and I think this would be perfect! I also have my eye on this cozy looking Free People cardigan.


//I have heard amazing things about Sara Happ products, and this gift set has all three items I want to try!

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Weekend Shenanigans and Back On Track

We are over half way through the month already, what?!?! I cant believe how fast my leave has gone, I will be going back to work soon. But I don’t like to even think about that right now, so on to more fun things like the weekend! This weekend we had dinner at my sister-in-laws Saturday night and then did a little late night grocery shopping. Sunday was a day of lounging on the couch and catching up with all of our TV shows. Yesterday, my I took my sister out shopping for some new work clothes. We had so much fun! Zoe loved getting to see both her aunts and her two youngest cousins this weekend.


So much excitement at Nordstrom Rack, someone decided to take a nap. 

Her Sunday game is strong too, see…


As far as my Whole 30 journey? Well, things have been going well since I got back on track from the few infractions during the snow. I have been bringing back some of my favorite recipes from my last Whole 30 and trying a few new ones too. Emotionally this time is different for me since I am doing it for different reasons. It is a little harder to keep motivated to stay on track because I don’t have the work outs to go with it. I think I had an easier time last year because I was working out consistently as well and feeling results. You know, endorphins and shit.

Image result for endorphins gif

It is easier to make the healthy choice now than the first week though, since I have flushed processed foods and sugars from my system I am not craving them as much. I am starting to turn to my long term goal and deciding where I will go on February 1st. I am thinking about doing a 90/10 diet or maybe….counting calories. And ohhhhhhh how I hate hate hate counting calories and tracking everything I eat.  We will see, I am still on the fence. Just trying to figure out the best way to stay on course.

Here is what my food has been looking like lately. No one said that being healthy meant being boring! Some of my favorite things tailored to be Whole 30 compliant! Thai Chicken Soup, Sloppy Joes over a potato and Kung Pao Chicken with stir fry veggies.

Whole 30 food pics

I was supposed to go to the doctor for my six week postpartum check up yesterday. They called me an hour before my appointment to let me know that they had accidentally scheduled me with the wrong doctor and that my doctor wasn’t in. I am rescheduled for late this week, so I am hoping for some good news to be healing well and hopefully be released to start working out again!  It is going to take a long time to build back up to where I was, so the sooner I can start…the better.

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Christmas Wish List

I don’t want to talk about the amount of time it took me to get a shitty looking collage with cut off pictures going for this wish list. Or how many times I had to try to upload it because it wouldn’t go through. Technology is not my friend most days. What do you all use for your product collages? I know polyvore is out there, but they don’t always have the items I want.

Anyways, I always share a Christmas Wish List each year on the blog. You never know when Santa is going to have time to read it!

Small Christmas Wish List

–There are so many gorgeous purses our there right now! I love this one (in pastel pink) and this one (in dusty rose).

–A new cell phone case like this or this.

–Cute nude flats.

–I have been wanting to try the Fresh Sugar Lip stuff forever!!!

–This Too Faced palette is gorgeous!!

–A blanket scarf.

–Stacked apothecary jar for my bracelets and small jewelry.

–My skin has been awful this past year and I really want to get the Luna to see if it would make a difference!

–I love anchors, how adorable is Alex and Ani bangle?!

What’s on your wish list this Christmas? I can’t believe we are only 15 days away!!

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Birthday Wish List

August sure did get here quick, did it not? Since it is my birthday month, I always think it is fun to create a birthday wish list! Maybe I am too old to create one, but this is my blog and I do what I want! It is nice to dream, right?

I have had my current Kate Spade case since I got my phone back in December. I think it is time for an update!


A gold bar necklace. It would go with everything. I love the ones that have a little heart engraved in them.

Gold Bar necklace with stamped heart -  gold heart necklace- stamped heart bar necklace - choose carded with message or in silver gift box

A pastel pink/rose colored bag. I like this one from Kate Spade, you can carry it or wear as cross body.


Nail polish rack. How pretty would they all look out on display. You know…where I can actually see them and easily find one?! 


These Michael Kors glasses I have been lusting over that I have seen at Nordstrom Rack. Aren’t they perfect?

A fold up bag to keep in my purse for days that it might be warranted!


This Tarte double ended shadow brush would be so perfect for creases!

rule bender double-ended eyeshadow brush

Don’t let the Muggles get you down print for my office area

Don't let the MUGGLES get you down - Harry Potter sayings - Quote PRINT


Anchor for our gallery wall in the living room


What do you have on your lust list radar?

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A Little Glitter

One of my most favorite posts that I have read lately came from Stephanie. Everyone needs to read this post!!! She talks about being happy for other people and their successes. If we all lived life like that, the world would be a better place. Thanks for always being inspiring, Steph!

Also, today is the link up for the Literary Ladies Book Club. I read Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen and you can read my thoughts here.

I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday. Probably my least favorite day of the week.

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Christmas Wish List

Every year I love looking at all the wish list and gift idea lists that everyone posts. Though, I spend most of my time just adding the items to my own wish list!

*The pictures take you to the links*

1. Sweater with crotchet trim – I have been on the search for one for quite awhile now. I found one at the Loft Outlet but they didn’t have my size. I love this delicate pink one!

Piace Boutique - Now Or Never Lace Trim Sweater (Dusty Pink), $43.99 ( Spade Glitter Watch – Because….glitter!



3. Make Up – I have never owned the Nars Oragasm blush. I have had the same one from Lancome for several years now and it is finally running out. I also really liked the Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector that I tried when I bought my foundation. I have high hopes.


4.Perfume – I am about out of all my perfumes all at the same time. How does that even happen? There are a few I have had my eye on lately…not sure which one I like best. Dolce & Gabana The One or Light Blue, Marc Jacob Daisy, Tory Burch, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Michael Kors…they all smell so wonderful!


5. Cedar Street Maise purse by Kate Spade (in Rosy Dawn if we are getting specific) I like that this purse allows you to carry it on your wrist or on your shoulder. I have a lot of neutral color purses – Your blacks, browns, metallic, I think I want a color next!

6. Taylor Swift 1989 CD – I don’t remember the last time I actually asked for a CD for Christmas. Maybe college? Or even bought one for that matter. But the songs I have heard so far are super catchy and she pulled it from Spotify so what is a girl to do?

Taylor Swift - 1989 (Deluxe Edition) - Target Exclusive7. Just Dance for Xbox One – I really love the Just Dance games because they are like a fun work out. We don’t have any games like this for the new systems that we have in the living room and this one just came out!

Just Dance 2015 (Xbox One)

8. Crate and Barrel Glass Snowflake Mugs – I really like glass mugs. I think coffee tastes better out of them or something? I don’t know. But glass mugs WITH snowflakes? Um, yes please!!!!

9. Coach Scout Hobo in nude – I love how slouchy this purse looks! This nude color would go with anything. It can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross body bag. Would you believe I have zero cross body bags?


10. Blanket Scarf – I have seen several that I like, then Amanda posted her new one and I saw that it was only $10? Who needs a fancy one when the $10 one looks just as great?!

What are some things on your wish list this year?