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Vacation Confessions

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and I am late to my own link up! How is that for a confession? If you missed last month’s announcement, the Confessions Linkup is now a monthly thing that will occur the first Wednesday of the month.

–I don’t make a big deal about packing. I just pick out some outfits and other things I need and do it. I can be packed for an entire week in 30 minutes or less with no stress. This blows some people’s minds.

–No matter how much sunscreen I wear, I still manage to get sunburn somewhere. Darn that Irish skin!

–Now that I am old, even on vacation I am up by 630 am and in bed by 1030 pm at the latest. But usually in bed before 10 pm.

–I never tire of hearing the ocean crashing into the shore or lose the amazement of it’s beauty.

–I only last sitting out in the sun for 15-20 minutes before my ass hops in the pool. I hate being hot.

–Having sand in my hair or on my body might be my least favorite feeling ever.

–No beach trip is complete without sandwiches and Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. (You know…the purple bag.)

–I have been to Destin, Panama City and a few places on the Atlanta Coast….but Gulf Shores Alabama is my favorite place to visit. It is more chill and relaxed. There are some seriously amazing restaurants, the beaches aren’t over crowded and it is just beautiful.

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I could stop being a control freak if other people could stop screwing stuff up.:

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It really feels like you have your life together when your house and your car are clean at the same time.:

Next week I will be back to regular blogging.

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Never Have I Ever…

Bloggers tend to slow their roll in the summer, and we plan to do the same around here. The Confessions Linkup will now be a monthly thing. Instead of coming here every Wednesday, you will come here the first Wednesday of the month to spill all your secrets! That means Wednesday, July 6th will be the next link up.

Now that we have the administrative stuff out of the way…

I have had this post in drafts for a long time. Like we are talking at least a year. I had seen a few other people do them, one as recent as last week I think. My brain seems to fail me as to who it was. Anyways.  Never had I ever finished it….until now!

Never have I ever…

–Sky dived

–Been to another country other than Canada. Does that even count as another county?

–Skipped school without an excuse from my parents.

–Stripped or streaked in public.

–Smoked or even take a puff of a cigarette. That shit is nasty.

–Dyed my hair a weird color.

–Eaten an oyster. Saw a friend get near death ill from eating a bad one so I doubt I will ever try one. Or at least not a raw one!

–Cheated on a test.

–Been further west than Texas or Kansas City, Kansas.

–Had Pho. I am going to change that soon. Possibly on Friday with the opening of a new restaurant!! It looks delicious!

–Broken a bone other than a toe. And let me tell you, I have broken a toe or a few more than I care to admit!

–Driven faster than 100 mph. Though I have ridden in a car that has gone faster.

–Flirted my way out of a speeding ticket.

–Been arrested.

–Played spin the bottle.

–Shot a gun.


–Put someone’s hand in warm water to try and make them pee.

–Camped outside over night.

–Worked in the food industry.

–Tried sneaking out of the house when I was younger. My parents didn’t really have to worry about me, I was the “good kid.”

–Been to Disneyworld or Disneyland. This has got to change people!!! I have been on Disney’s campus in Orlando to stay at a resort for work…but I have never gotten to enjoy the park.

–Had braces.

–Had a fake ID.

What have you never done?

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This is true, when I was younger my biggest fear was losing my mom in a store and being alone forever. Even today, if I am out shopping with her and we part to look at different things, if I can’t find her after about 2 minutes when I start looking for her I called her cell phone panicked. Hahaha….

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–I couldn’t get my life together enough to do a weekend shenanigans post this week. Not that you really missed much, but I guess I was in denial that the weekend was over and that was my way of protesting.

–I really do not like when someone makes exact plans for a time and place then lets you find out when the plans are supposed to be  happening and they aren’t coming.How hard is it to send a text saying hey, cant make it. You know…before the time the plans are to start!

–I am really impatient and keep checking to see if my Swagbucks gift card from Sephora has come through yet. Up to 10 business days? Ughhhhh. I want it now!!!!

–I can’t help but order things from fundraisers my nieces and nephews are doing for school and sports. Mainly because I remember when I was younger and didn’t really sell anything and how embarrassed I was when everyone else was getting free prizes or kudos for raising money for the team or whatever. So far this year I have bought candy, measuring cups, a portion control plate, cookie dough,  and my most recent purchase? Candles. I can actually use the candles. I most assuredly did not need the candy or cookie dough! The one thing I wont buy? Magazines. They want a ridiculous amount of money for those subscriptions!

–I am pretty damn proud that I have had my tomato and pepper plants in my possession for four weeks now and they are still alive. Winning!

–Sometimes I look at my dogs looking at me and I think to myself, I wish I was half the person they think I am. Anytime I feel down, all I have to do is walk in to their line of vision and they make me feel like the most important person on the planet. Unless there is a peanut butter kong around. Then I get ignored.

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–I had ramen noodles for dinner Monday night. I’m sorry, but sometimes…I just want some damn ramen noodles. The super cheap kind that are the fake beef flavor for 27 cents. No regrets!–I was at the doctors office last week and I noticed this douchey guy ignoring his wife who was panicking about some test that she just had done. He was sitting there on his phone scrolling facebook or something and straight up ignoring her. I thought to myself…what an ass. I then happened to look down at the floor and realized he was wearing socks with sandals. Yup. that explains everything I needed to know. I wanted to smack him and be like…you are lucky anyone would willingly sit in the waiting room next to your dumb ass.


–I am reading a sucky book right now but I am only 20 pages away from the end. I kept holding out that it was going to get better and then I got sucked in to the story line no matter how annoyed I was with the character and writing and just had to know what happened. I feel like I have wasted a week of my life!!! Life is too short for bad books people.

–I have been at my job for three years and have had the same log in information the entire time. I go to sign in yesterday morning, and I can’t remember what is lower and upper case in my password. WTF?!?! Old age people. Old age.

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Books > Productivity: | 17 Truths Only Book Lovers Will Understand:

I know it's not talking about this, but I mirror people's expressions when they talk without even realizing it. Makes me very self-conscious.:

The hardest question to ever answer:

I feel like I'm the only girl who hasn't mastered the hot messy bun look:

Ask yourself!:

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–I have a few things to do around the house and I keep putting them off because…..well because I don’t feel like it! LOL! I need to get my motivation back!!!

–Cereal and milk is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

–So is ice cream and a waffle cone bowl. Dairy and carbs, it’s legit.

–I research the shit out of nearly everything I buy anymore. Looking for a new face wash? I will spend days combing through blog posts, pinterest, reading reviews on websites, etc. And that is for a face wash. Imagine how bad I am on big items!

–Yesterday I pulled out a New York and Company dress circa 2005 and wore it because, why not? Remember when they used to be called Lerner? I honestly haven’t shopped in there in over a year because I just don’t find anything that fits right or that I like anymore but I used to love that store!

–Have you noticed that every house on Fixer Upper ends up with the same, super open floor plan? It has me questioning my priorities in the floor plan I want for our next house!

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I'm not fussy. I just want people to do shit the right way.:

I'm so glad that I was a teenager in the 90s. Internet wasn't that popular back then, so there is not trace of anything I did.:

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