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–I was out shopping with my mom, godmother and sister one evening and a sales associate at a store asked me when I was due. I told her December 2nd and she said “Oh wow, I hope you are carrying two!” I wanted to punch her in the face. How rude can you be? I am no more pregnant looking than other people. Rude ass bitch. My sister and mom both commented after to me that they wouldn’t have been near as nice to her as I was in my response. It really bothered me though and I clearly have not forgotten.

–I haven’t washed my car since we bought it back in July. I have good intentions to do it, and have even driven to the car wash place a few times…only for them to be so packed I say forget about it. Oops.

–When I am out and knock something over due to my new found clumsiness, I don’t pick it up. I physically can’t anymore. It makes me feel like a horrible person but I look at it as payback for all the times I have picked items up and put them back for other people who were too lazy for the last 33 years of my life. At least I have an excuse right now.

–I already have a list ready of things I want to purchase during the Sephora VIB sale in a few weeks. Don’t tell me you haven’t been counting down!!!

–I have been going through the drive thru at Starbucks instead of going in lately because I am sick of the judgy eyes I get for getting coffee. My doctor said that it is perfectly ok for pregnant women to consume 2 cups of coffee per day. I cut out my daily coffee the moment I found out I was pregnant and only grab a Starbucks tall or Dunkin Donuts small coffee once or twice a week on days I am exhausted and really need it to get through my day. So I don’t appreciate people being judgy assholes. It gets really old.

–Speaking of judgy….Chris had beer in our shopping cart at Publix and had walked away while I was checking out and the cashier said, “Gosh, I hope this isn’t for you.” I just looked at her and rolled my eyes. I had already gotten shit for getting roast beef from the deli. The guy slicing the meat told me that deli meat isn’t good for pregnant women…especially the roast beef. And I was like I KNOW!!! It’s for my husband. Good Lord! Just leave me alone people. I can’t be the only pregnant woman out grocery shopping for a family?

–If your feet no longer fit in your work out shoes due to swelling, that should be taken as your sign to take the rest of your pregnancy day off…right?!?!

–The weather is really messing with me this year. It was 90 degrees over the weekend, in the 80’s all this week. I mean, football season is nearly coming to an end. Halloween has come and gone and the holidays are upon us. I just don’t feel it yet. I want to feel it. I want to feel fall so bad. It makes me sad because this is my absolute favorite time of the year. I am drinking all the PSLs, eating fall treats, using my fall lip colors and as of yesterday listening to Christmas music. But like, while wearing flip flops and a sleeveless dress. Anyone else feeling this way?? COME ON COLD WEATHER!

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It is time for those monthly confessions!!!

–I hate talking politics. If I am being  honest, I can’t stand either Trump or Clinton. But what I am going to say is this…When there is a debate or something going on, can we all agree to just focus on the issues and facts?? Can we please stop talking about what Clinton is wearing, or how her clothes fit, or if she smiled or not, or if she seems like she is in a bad mood or whatever else the fuck society is being shallow about. This isn’t a fashion show it is the run for presidency. I can’t stand how a woman cant be upset about something without someone making a comment about how she must be on her period. Or when you stand up for yourself, the first response is oh did you talk to someone about this. No asshole, I am capable of having my own opinion and speaking out about it.

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–I am at that point in my pregnancy where it is obvious that I am pregnant AF  and I have all these random people coming up to me and asking me when the baby is due, what it is, what her name is, asking if they can touch my belly, whatever. I get uncomfortable sometimes because I am like…I don’t know you. Pregnancy is a weird thing at times. It is like you lose your rights to personal space and privacy.

–I am struggling between I don’t want to gain any more weight than necessary to keep the baby healthy and eat all the things because I am pregnant and I can. I will let you guess which side I let win more often than not.

–Sometimes I look at the notes I wrote for myself on my phone and I have no clue what they actually mean. Clearly I thought it was important to make a note about it, but why didn’t I go in to more detail??

–When my SEO widget tells me that the readability of my post needs improvement I get defensive. You don’t know me. I can read my post just fine, thanks.

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Here’s a confession for you…Having Monday off completely threw off my days and I forgot today was Wednesday! Sorry about that!

— I didn’t watch the VMA’s. I didn’t even know they were one until after. I did YouTube B Spears performance, because duh. All I have to say is I want to know where she got that glitter hoodie because I clearly need one. And will she please come be my personal trainer after baby because damn, that bitch looks good! I don’t care if she lip-synced every single word. The girl is a performer and her new song is amazing.

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–Whenever I look at my phone when I get in to the car and it tells me I am 45 minutes away from work or 11 minutes away from one of my usual lunch areas, I want to be like why are you so obsessed with me? It’s freaky!!!

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–I made the mistake of joining some “mommy groups” on Facebook. I stay in them because if I have a legit question or concern, someone may be able to help. What I cant stand is all the mommy shaming and ridiculous comments I see in the group. The other day someone posted about how they cant stand the drink you have to take for the Diabetes testing and how it was the worst day of her pregnancy and she was asking if she can refuse it or take an alternative test. Ummmmm drinking a few sips of a sweet drink was the worst day of your pregnancy? Bitch, please! That drink was nothing. NOTHING. To be honest, I was so thirsty from having to fast for nine hours before that I was just  happy to have something liquid in my mouth. How is she going to handle labor??

–Why are service people so ridiculous when they enter a professional office space? We have had a lot of work done on our internet and other things in the IT closet and every single person that has come in from an outside company is just so rude and inconsiderate of cube space. They put people on speaker phone, they talk incredibly loud, they whistle and tap things while they wait. One guy had a personal conversation with his baby mama for about 20 minutes. I AM TRYING TO WORK ASSHOLES.

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It is time for those monthly confessions!!!

–Everyone around me is on some special diet or new workout program and being all beast and I am over here like oh don’t mind me waddling on my treadmill and lifting 5 lb weights. I know that I am supposed to be taking it easy and gaining weight right now being pregnant and all but let me get real with you for a second. It scares the shit out of me, I have always struggled with weight. I am trying to remain healthy most of the time and indulging here and there when I really have a strong feeling about something and not worrying about it too much but I know come January it is going to be a bitch when I am cleared to work out.

–Speaking of indulgences. I found a new addiction and I don’t care who knows it! Have you tried the Cheesecake Fiber One Bars? Cartwheel had a coupon for them at Target so I grabbed a box and OMG! They taste legit like cheesecake. If you exclude the whole processed factor, they are a little less guilt?

–It is really hard to not go baby crazy and buy all the things. I am trying to be practical and really think about each item and if we really need it or not. Or if there is an item that is more a 2-in-1 kind of deal versus separate things. For a tiny human, baby gear sure takes up a lot of space!!!

–I cant swim. Have I ever mentioned that before? My mom sent  me to swimming lessons when I was in second grade and I had a traumatizing experience and made a scene the next day so that my mom would pull me out. No one ever bothered to try again with me later and now as an adult, deep water where I can’t touch terrifies me.

–Each week while I am getting ready for work, I think ab0ut all the things I can accomplish on the weekend. Do you know how many of those things actually get done that next weekend? Usually none. Clearly we need a third day off every week. A day to get all the shit done.

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Confessions – The Big One

So I have something to confess.

I have been keeping a little secret for awhile now.

I’m pregnant!

*Blog land gasps”

Yup, it is true!!! Since the day the first test read positive (who am I kidding- the first three tests) I have been trying to think of a fun or clever way to announce our big news. But when it came down to it, I couldn’t think of a better way than a confessions post. So here are the answers to the questions you may be asking:

How Far Along: I will be 20 weeks on Friday. For those who can’t math, Baby Mathews will be debuting around December 2, 2016.

Holy shit I am going to have a baby before the year ends!!! 

Were we trying: Yes, we were trying. By trying I mean we got it on the first try. I wasn’t expecting that and couldn’t be happier.

Gender: Sure life has few surprises and blah blah blah. But you know what? I don’t like surprises! And I don’t want a bunch of gender neutral shit. We actually had our anatomy scan yesterday and we know whether or not we will be bringing home a son or daughter!!! Butttttt I want you to guess before I give it up. It’s just more fun that way.

Symptoms: I am feeling alright. There were a few weeks there in the first trimester where I came  home and felt like death every night, but I never physically got sick. Though there were days I wanted to. Oh, how I wanted to. I have really bad hip pain most days but such is life.

Sleep: I never knew what true exhaustion felt like until I started growing a human. The struggle is real. I slept fine until about week 10. That is when my hip pain started and let me tell you, it isn’t much fun. I got a Snoogle Pillow and while it does ease my hip pain, I still have a  hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I wake up at least 5 or more times a night just to change positions. I can only imagine it getting worse as the bump grows. Oh, and the bathroom visits increase!

Workouts: Yup, still waking up at 4:30am Monday-Friday to get my workouts in. I have quit running and am walking on the treadmill. I do some pregnancy barre work outs, still do strength training with weights, but have moved down to 3 and 5 pound weights for the most part. I have also been doing random pregnancy workouts from Youtube, and staying away from jumping around like Jillian Michael type stuff. Trust me, I don’t miss her. Or running.

Cravings/Aversions: Starting around week 7 or 8, I started to not want meat. The only meat I could stand was in the form of a hamburger or tacos. Also, salads were not my friend there for awhile either. I have been craving a ton of fruit and carbs. So many carbs! Then there was that day I had to have mac n cheese, and the day I had to have ramen noodles, and the time Chris and his friend were heading to Walmart and I told them they had to get me hot tamales. Oh, and the visit to Taco Bell for a beef chalupa supreme. But that one was a huge let down. Never again. It just wasn’t good. Sorry, Taco Bell. My most recent obsession? Chocolate Cheerios with milk. I have had like six bowls in the last four days.

Missing: I am not going to lie, I miss sushi and my soft cheeses like blue and feta. I can live without alcohol, it doesn’t really bother me at all. Except for when Laura sent me a picture of a Strawberry Shortcake beer from Cigar City and I really wished I could have had just a sip to see if I liked it. And that occasional glass of wine after a long day.

To be honest, I am surprised no one has said anything about my lack of beer pictures in my weekend shenanigan posts. You guys aren’t very observant! Not to mention all of the natural products and shit that I have been obsessed with. Not sharing a whole lot of clothing options on my favorites post because well I can’t really buy fun clothes anymore! And have you noticed you have not seen a single picture of me in months?? Come on guys!

It has been so hard not to share in my favorite moments of the week that I had a positive pregnancy test, or getting to hear my sister squeal when I told her the news, or that we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Hearing that heartbeat? Probably the coolest moment of my life so far. No joke!

And of course yesterday was my most favorite doctor appointment yet. Chris and I sat staring at the monitor as they were taking all the baby’s measurements waiting to get to the goods. We were so excited to just know already!!!

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn in to a mommy blog. There is nothing wrong with mommy blogs but that hasn’t been my style here. And let’s be honest…

I have toyed around with starting a separate blog to document my pregnancy journey because I know that those who don’t have kids and care nothing about them probably don’t want to read my bump dates and other baby related things. So I took the leap this past weekend and started Mommy Babbles! If you want to follow along with my pregnancy journey, you can follow me there as well. I will keep blogging a regular schedule on Life by Nadine Lynn and the Mommy Babbles blog will be sporadic as I feel like it for now.

On Mommy Babbles I wrote a post on telling our family, first thoughts of being pregnant, gender wives tales and a bump post where you can see a few pictures of my bump on various weeks. Let’s just say if you saw me, it would be no secret that I am pregnant! My torso is super short and this baby is allllll kinds of out right now!

What do you think? Boy or Girl?!?!

Boy or Girl