Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
It is that time again…..weekend shenanigans!!!!
Friday evening my sister came over and I helped her with some stuff. She brought along 2 of my nephews, and I always love getting some time in with them! Cooper wanted to spend the night with aunt Nadine, how cute is that?!
Saturday morning I met my mom at the Shops of Grand River for some girl time. It is an outlet mall about 20 minutes from my house. Gotta love convenience! We stopped at Aunt Anne’s for a pretzel. Aunt Anne’s are THE best pretzels ever. Just sayin’.
I have got to add these Alabama snowmen to my Christmas decor! Does it get any better than two of my favorite things, snowmen and Alabama football. I think not!

And I may or may not have accidentally spent some money at Loft and Coach. The cell phone cases were on clearance for $9, you are losing money by not getting them! Plus, a girl has to add some new pieces to her wardrobe. How do you feel about the dress on the bottom left corner? It was on clearance for $20 and I feel every girl needs a little shocking animal print dress. Yes?
We finished shopping promptly at 2:00 pm so that I could make it to my sister in laws in time for the football party. Alabama played Texas A&M this weekend for those of you who are completely clueless to the awesomeness that is the SEC. This totally happened.
Worth the fifteen yard penalty? HELL YES! I cant freaking stand Manzel and I am so damn tired of hearing his name. There were two quarter backs in the game this weekend and I am pretty sure that we WON….so they can stick it! 
Sunday we woke up early and went to Waffle House for breakfast then headed to do some grocery shopping. While we were out we ran into Halloween Snoopy and we just had to have him.
Then we came home and started watching Scandal since we are all caught up on Vampire Diaries. Freaking awesome show as well. Also, we had to have some fresh warm cookies. Yum.

Now somehow it is Monday morning and it is time to get back to it! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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