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Organize and Simplify

So the theme for November was organize. And did I ever!!

My goals to focus on were:

1. Dogs room/storage/guest room – I made really good head way on this room! I got rid of a huge trash bag full of things and got a lot of it straightened up. I did a deep cleaning of the dog crates and threw out their old smelly blankets and got fresh ones. Gracie got a new dog bed too. There is still more to do, but I accomplished what I set out to do, get it started!

2. Two shelves in the kitchen pantry – I organized the entire kitchen pantry. It looks awesome!

3. Random cabinet next to stove – I organized the random cabinet which is no longer random, the spice cabinet, the pots and pans and well…basically every cabinet was conquered.

I was on such a kick, that I didn’t stop with my list! I also organized one of the guest bedroom closets, a few boxes in the garage, the holiday decor, re-purposed some decor and a few drawers in our bedroom. I couldn’t be stopped!


Organize NovemberThe adventure for December is simplify. I find this fitting seeing as how December is the month of excess with Christmas, wanting things, buying things, food, events, decor. All of it!

To simplify this month, I plan on living in the moment more often. These days we are so quick to have our cell phones in hand at all times. Constantly checking social media, emails, etc. When I am in company with others, I plan to keep the phone put away and just enjoy the moment.

I also plan to discard things that are no longer of use. Unfollow blogs that I mark as read every day without even opening the link. Delete pins that I see on my boards that I never plan to use. Donate the remaining clothes that I have sitting around that I will never wear again. Clean out folders on my computer. Delete apps that I have never opened on my phone. You get the idea!

What are your goals for this month?

Also, don’t forget about the Instagram challenge that Jana and I are doing this month! Use #inthedrawer and join in on the fun! There have been lots of laughs so far.

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Weekend Shenanigans – The One That Was Productive

You guys, I wasted no time getting stuff done this weekend. I woke up feeling super accomplished and ready to take on the week ahead. A great feeling, actually!

Friday – When I got home Friday evening, I got a load of laundry done and rearranged/re-purposed some stuff in our bedroom, living room and master bathroom.

Shelf in bedroom – The flower on a tree bark was what held our wedding rings, the middle is my bridal bouquet…


Chris’s nightstand


My nightstand – Fun fact – that picture is the first one we ever took together. That is why it is on both sides, it was the picture we each had on our nightstands when I lived in Atlanta and we only saw each other on weekends.


I rewarded my efforts but watching Elf!



Saturday – I woke up and got right to cleaning the house. I cleaned everything, then started organizing the kitchen pantry. Then I organized our spice cabinet. I couldn’t be stopped..I started organizing and re-arranging other cabinets too!

All of the mixing and serving bowls.



I am beating the lid game with a basket. IMG_4126.JPG


The kitchen pantry top shelf, and bottom shelf as well as the floor were completely redone. IMG_4118.JPG


All of the spices, oils, vinegar, sauces in one place! IMG_4120.JPG

After all that organizing, I got outside and cut the back yard. That should be it for the year as far as cutting the grass goes! We have this weird berry bush thing that is growing right outside our fence that we need to take care of, but other than that…yard work for the year is done! Added bonus, the tree in our back yard has pretty much lost all of it’s leaves. I cut the grass on a lower setting…and it chopped up all the leaves too so we don’t even have to rake in the back yard!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Chris’s parents house to watch some football! Love that the Dawgs killed Kentucky! The Auburn vs Texas A & M game was quite interesting to watch. It is hard to believe that A & M couldn’t get a score on the board with us, yet they beat Auburn. My favorite status I saw after the game, “Auburn just got Auburned.” No statement could be truer.

Our game against LSU had me yelling at the TV several times. Missing a 27 yard field goal is not cool. The last five minutes of the game were absolutely amazing and I couldn’t believe that we tied it up and won the game in overtime! We were all standing up those last few minutes and during over time. It was amazing! It might now have been a pretty win, but it was a win damnit! And we beat our 6 point spread at 20 to 13 🙂


Sunday I woke up, made myself a gingerbread latte and read a good chunk of my book. It was quite relaxing.

IMG_4137.JPGWe caught up on all of our shows, I meal planned and went grocery shopping. That evening I made flat bread pizzas. I put fresh pineapple on half of mine. Delicious!


Random old phones I found while going through some stuff in our guest bedroom closet. IMG_4132.JPG

Today is our two year anniversary! I can’t believe it has been two years already. Happy Anniversary, Chris!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Let’s do this, Monday!