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Well helloooooooo there blogging world! It is back to reality today! I am sorry that I have been AWOL the past week! I have been in Gatlinburg with Chris and his family for our annual after Christmas trip. It was tons of fun, but boy am I glad to be back home. I missed my furbabies more than what is probably considered healthy, and there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! Am I right?! Gracie about broke my heart when we dropped her and Mac off at the boarding place last Wednesday night. You see, Mac loves people and new things. He was excited when they took his leash from me and started to walk away with him. He was all hey where are we going, this is going to be fun. Gracie. Nope. She was like a little child, she jumped up on my leg and wrapped her two front legs around me, digging in with her dagger claws. When the girl was able to get a grip on her to start to literally drag her away, Gracie cried. The. Whole. Time. Chris looked at me when we got in the car and said, “I am going to be honest. I have never seen a dog do that. It was like something out of a movie. If Mac did that, he would be coming to Gatlinburg with us no questions asked.”

So other than my come apart tears of sadness leaving our doggies behind, Gatlinburg was super fun! Since I am from Pittsburgh, I felt right at home with the freezing temperatures and snow. We even went sledding one day! Speaking of which, some HUGE man ran into my back with a sled. WTF? We are grown adults, you should know better and control yourself! I have a very dark, painful bruise across my lower back thanks to his stupid ass! I am just thankful that he didn’t run in to any of our nieces or nephew that was sledding with us!

While in Gatlinburg, I got to hit the outlet mall! Can we say hello Ann Taylor Loft 50% off, and a new Coach wallet! My sweet, sweet husband also bought me a Michael Kors purse to match my new watch! Best husband ever!

I may end up doing 2 posts today, I have a lot to catch up on! So stay tuned for a 2012 recap post! A lot of you have been posting your resolutions. I don’t like resolutions for myself, mainly because I break them! So, instead, I am going to run down my goals for 2013! (I do love crossing things off a list!)

1. Get healthier – Yeah yeah yeah….lose weight, get washboard abs, eat celery and croutons everyday…not quite. I am talking, taking more steps to living a healthier life style! After the last week in Gatlinburg eating my weight in Christmas sugar cookies and mountain fudge consuming more calories than I should, I am reminded that when I eat healthy, I feel better. I have my 30lbs before 30 goal that I really REALLY need to focus on!

2. Work harder at side business. – If anyone would like to try out some amazing products, check out my Beauticontrol page! http://www.beautipage.com/beautinadine/ I joined in May of 2012 because I liked the products, and have yet to try and “sell” to anyone. My only client is my mom because she loves the stuff too. While on vacation with Chris’s family, his mom liked the hand cream and wants some…and I thought…well heck this shit sells itself if I let people know about it!

3. Spend more time with my family. – One of the reasons I decided to move to Alabama was so I could be closer to my family again. So, why is it that I saw them more when I lived in Atlanta? Yeah, I don’t know either! My mom is my best friend and favorite shopping buddy…and my sister is a hoot and so much fun to hang out with. Need to see everyone more often!

4. Decorate our house. – I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate! So why then have we lived in our house since June 22, 2012 and we have yet to hang a single picture on the wall or curtain on the window? I think I am afraid to decorate because I want everything to be perfect. I just need to let go and do my thing. Once I get started, I know it will come along quickly.

5. Purchase a few cute/sexy/stylish outfits. – I feel like because I am not happy with my weight, I tend to dress a little more boring than I normally would. I need to get a few outfits that I feel HAWT in!

Well there you have it people. Now I need to keep myself accountable to get these goals accomplished!

Happy Friday! ( Don’t worry, I didn’t know it was Friday either!)

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  • Reply Laura Darling January 5, 2013 at 5:04 am

    I LOVEEEE the Ann Taylor outlet. We have one near me and I always do some damage when i visit there! 🙂

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