2012: A Year In Review

2012 was the best year ever! Some highlights:

We had a busy month full of changes in June 2012! My dad got married June 2. I bought a new car, started a new job, and we closed on our first home all in the same week from June 18- June 22!!! Talk about getting a little cray cray! Also, the same day we started moving into our home, my dad was able to finally move back into his. (He lost his house in a tornado in April 2011.)

I love my Rogue!!

August 17, I turned 29 and made myself a promise to lose 30lbs before my 30th birthday.

In October we attended an annual Halloween party that always rocks!

November 10, 2012 I married the love of my life in a private ceremony. No one except our immediate family knew that we were going to do this, so we shocked everyone with our Facebook status change! Don’t you love today’s times?

If you are looking for a photographer, Kim and Adam were amazing! You can check them out here http://www.kimplusadam.com/. They are in the Birmingham area.Our pictures are all at Oak Mountain. 

December went by in a flash! Chris bought a new car, we started and complete all of our Christmas shopping, and we finished out the year in Gatlinburg!

I wish everyone a happy 2013!!!

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