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Linking up with Joy for the Friday Five!

1. Sweet Notes – Chris and I had to swing by my office last weekend to pick up my notary stuff, and while I stopped by the restroom…he put a sweet note in my chair 🙂 (He also wrote his birthday on my calendar with a reminder of what he wants lol.) I guess I will keep him around. Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary!  (Separate post on that is schedule for today!)
2. Gracie – She will find the most random sunny spot in the yard, and just park herself. The other morning was no exception. It is so funny to see a dog randomly sitting in the very back of our back yard away from everything. Homegirl just wanted her Vitamin D!

3. Balsamic Chicken – Made some balsamic chicken and green beans for dinner this week. it was pretty good!
4. Lunch – It has been a little less than exciting this week. I have had all vegetables every day except for Wednesday. Because Wednesday was lunch with Amanda at Ashley Mac’s, duh! This is cranberry spinach salad with Poppy Seed dressing, carrots with red pepper humus and snap peas with light blue cheese. There was also an apple involved in all this. Don’t forget the LARGE glass of water that I fill about 5-6 times a day at work. 
5. Fish – I made fish for the first time ever last night. I chose talipia and it wasn’t anything fancy….but it turned out pretty good! I just brushed some olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning on it, and baked it in the over. I served it with the Whole Grain Blend by Near East, it was chicken flavored.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!
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  • Reply Robin May 10, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    The second picture is funny! Jamie would do something similar when we had a larger back yard.

    Both the fish and chicken look delicious!

  • Reply Joy May 10, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Everything looks delicious! And sweet Gracie just needs a tan, mom! I love little notes, and Terry thinks it’s funny to call me and leave me a message when he knows I won’t be near my phone. He talks in a funny voice, and always asks – do you miss me? LOL Our men, gotta love em!

    Thanks for linking up today! AND Happy Friday! Love you, and appreciate all you do to help me with the Alabama Women Bloggers community!

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