Embarrassing Moment – The Time Karma Was Kind

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment(s)…spill!

I am not the smoothest person on the planet, so I tend to embarrass myself often. You know, fall off a sidewalk, trip over my own shoes, stomach growl in a silent room full of people. I have had 2 co-workers open the door on me in the restroom. There are 3 stalls in our bathroom, why do you open the only one that is closed that  you know doesn’t lock? Ridiculous!

However, I don’t really get embarrassed easily though.

 I do recall one time in college it was raining and my roommate/friend Shelley and I were walking back from our morning class. We lived in a co-ed dorm, and there were a lot of really hot guys hanging outside in the covered area. I was wearing flip flops, took one step on the slippery concrete…and busted my ass! I mean…the nature of this fall was out of the movies. It felt as if someone put me in slow motion all the way down to the ground. I am sure it was very exaggerated. 

Shelley busted out laughing at me and pointing. Bitch! (Just kidding, love you Shelley!) However, she made fun of me the whole way up to our room. A few hours later we were leaving, and it was still wet outside. We walked out of the building and she said something along the lines of “remember that one time when you busted your ass in front of all those guys?” Not two seconds later did Karma teach that bitch a lesson and she fell flat on her ass! One of the few times Karma allowed me to see the payback. Freaking P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!!! There were more people outside when she fell than me too! Ha! 

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