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Story Behind the Picture – That Time at Idlewild Park

So as you know, I am from Pennsylvania. My parents used to take me to Idlewild Park in Ligonier growing up. Well, there were these VW Buses that you could drive around a track. I watched with anticipation as these other kids drove the cars around and couldn’t wait for my turn!


my you’ve got to be shittin’ me face

Well this little shit decided that he wanted to drive and took my driving spot and made me ride passenger. I was pissed!!! I wanted to drive!!! I threw a tantrum and started crying and refusing to get out of the car. My dad and his adult body self had to climb in to the tiny car and pull me out. My mom stood on the sidelines both mortified and amused by the whole situation. She couldn’t stop laughing.

Fast forward to 2016. I am riding with the Enterprise guy to pick up my rental car last week after my car went to the shop for repairs from the accident. (Which is still a nightmare by the way.) Anyways, the guy is talking about my car acting like it is the best thing ever. “Oh man, we got the perfect car for you. It drives around like a sports car. You are going to love it!” I was like, “Oh?” As we pull up, they are pulling around a bright red VW Beetle. I look at the dude and say, “No really….” Here is a little tip funny black dude from Enterprise, not all white girls dream of driving around a Beetle.

I promptly text my mom, dad and sister pictures of the bug when I get back to my office. Their responses are the exact same…

Tracy Text

Mom Text

If you know me even a little bit, you will find this next picture hilarious.


There is nothing wrong with the VW Beetle, it just isn’t me at all. Not even a little. I am not really a fan of the way they look and they are so small. I am an SUV type of girl, always have been. Now, I will be honest and say that I am surprised by how fun this little thing is to drive around town. It really does drive a little bit like a sports car. It picks up really fast, don’t underestimate it. But with that being said, I can’t wait to get my car back!!! If you are thinking about getting a Beetle, it rides nice and gets decent gas mileage. The trunk was large enough to hold our huge grocery haul this weekend. It has a horrible blind spot in the back though when you are trying to pull out of parking places.

A bonus picture from Idlewild that day! This was taken in Story Book Forrest. My favorite area of the park, naturally! I wonder if it is still a part of it?!


Then and now


Linking up with Elle for Story Behind the Picture.

about me, Christmas, memories

Story Behind the Picture – Christmas Past

I love Elle’s Story Behind the Picture link up!!! Today I wanted to walk down memory lane and share some pictures from Christmas past!


Christmas 1983 – My first Christmas!!! This is my dad and I by our Christmas tree 🙂

Christmas Nadine



Christmas 1984 – This is why I love the cold and snow. Look what I grew up in! I have so many memories of sledding and building snowman around Christmas when I was little. The second picture is my mom and I and this last one was taken in the back yard of our first house. It was located just outside downtown Greensburg, PA. I love to see how the houses covered in snow in this picture.


Christmas 1985 – This is my dad and I. My parents were young when they had me and got married. They didn’t have a lot of money so my dad had three jobs at one time, one of which was being a paramedic. I used to think it was so cool seeing him drive the ambulance!!! I was obsessed with the rescue helicopters that sat outside the building he worked in and he would always take me to see them. The helicopters were named Angel. So there was Angel 1 and Angel 2 and my dad would always let me know which one I was looking at. I remember one time he came and took me out for lunch at McDonalds and a emergency call came in and I got to go on the call with him. I used to think he was a super hero saving lives.


Christmas 1987 – This was my last Christmas as an only child! We had that white Christmas tree until I was in high school. I remember a few years my mom put purple lights on it because purple is my favorite color.


Christmas 1988 – This was Tracy’s first Christmas. I was so happy to have a little sister! I was constantly climbing in to her play pen and nap with her in the living room. I remember the Barbie that I am holding in this picture, it was Perfume Barbie and she came with a little bottle of perfume! And that dress she is wearing used to scrunch up so it could become a party dress!


Apparently, Christmas of 1989 was my rebellious years. Check out my midriff pajamas! This was also the year that my sister cracked her head open just a week before Christmas. My grandma and I were upstairs reading in bed and I asked my sister to bring me some apple slices. She ran back up stairs to bring them to me and tripped over her shoe lace and fell head first in to a piece of antique furniture with claw handles. One of those claws got her forehead. My mom and her best friend were downstairs in the kitchen when it happened and my moms best friend had to drive them to the ER because my mom was too scared. She couldn’t find where all the blood was coming from, it was awful!

My grandma stayed behind with me and I remember crying the entire time thinking that my little sister was going to die. She kept trying to calm me down but nothing worked until they brought my sister back home. She had to wear this nice little head patch for a few weeks.


Later I would joke that she lost some of her brains in that accident….sisters.

1992 Nintendo

Ah yes, Christmas of 1992. The year I became a gamer girl! My grandma bought me a Super Nintendo for Christmas and I was so excited!!! My cousins and best friend had regular Nintendos


One of the famous surprised faces when we came out to see what Santa brought us! I used to love to ham it up for the camera….



Freshmen year of high school. Remember Starter? That was a Starter sweatshirt and I thought I was so damn cool.Michigan? BLEH!!! I only liked them because the guy I was crushing on did. So lame.


Sophomore year of high school, never too old to sit on Santa’s lap!



Junior year of high school. Old Navy performance fleece anyone? So my dad used to call me Dino sometimes. He thought it was so clever to get me a Dino in my stocking for Christmas. During Senior Week, you parents could come in and decorate your locker and my dad is really good at drawing, he drew this huge Dino in a graduation gown. It was actually pretty cool.



Senior year. I always helped out at my dad’s office Christmas party. That year, my mom and I were in charge of the duck game station. Also, you guys remember how big Billabong used to be? Gosh, I loved that shirt!!!

Well that was a fun trip down memory lane, thanks Elle!

What is your favorite Christmas memory?