Weekend Shenanigans-Time to Get Cereal!

Linking up with Sami for my Weekend Shenanigans!

So Friday my co-workers and I decided to have a good ol’ Southern Lunch at one of our meat and three places. Nothing like getting your veggies in for the day…even if they are drenched in unhealthy amounts of butter and other yummy goodness.

Then Friday evening I came home from work to find a surprise from my husband. Strawberry flavored beer? Yes, please! While I enjoyed it, Timmerman’s Strawberry is way better. Just sayin’.

After we had a few beer we decided to head out to North Tavern in good ol’ Trussville. We had a hankering for some fried pickles. (Do you see an unhealthy theme?) I also enjoyed my favorite local brew on draft, Back Forty Truck Stop Honey. Yum yum yummy!!!! We happened to run into our Realtor who is always a delight, and she may or may not have bought us a round of drinks after we decided we were finished and closed our tab. It is rude to not drink them…so we thoroughly enjoyed suffered through it! There was a country band playing that night, and they were great! Played a lot of Gary Allen 🙂

We received a package in the mail with some things Chris ordered off of Ebay….and this post card was in there. How awesome?

For whatever reason, Chris woke up SUPER early Saturday morning, like wake up for work early…so we watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. One of the episodes had a teacup pig in it and I started to wonder…why do we not have one of these?! I said it out loud and Chris said he was thinking the same exact thing!!! I mean have you seen these things? They are super expensive, if anyone would like to donate to Chris and Nadine need a tea cup pig fun…that would be awesome!


Then plans changed. We started getting ready for our day when we received a call and had to take care of some family matters. We had lunch at Habaneros because you can’t have Cinco de Mayo weekend without some Mexican food in your belly! After we were done with family things, we went to a few thrift shops and to look at Garden Ridge and Southeastern Salvage. If you live in the Birmingham area, you need to check out Southeastern Salvage in Irondale. They have the neatest home things.! We decided on a leather couch at Garden Ridge but realized it wouldn’t fit in any car we owned, so we talked with  my sister-in-law and they offered to go with us Sunday to get it 🙂 Yay for awesome family! 

Saturday evening we had dinner with Chris’s parents and his sister and her husband. Nothing better than home cooked burgers and dogs! 

Sunday morning we met my sister-in-law and brother-in-law over at Garden Ridge to pick up our new couch! We enjoyed walking around there together. They really do have wonderful things at amazingly affordable prices! They came over to drop it off and help us put it together. Sunday afternoon was spent meal planning and grocery shopping. Then Sunday evening, we had our Sunday usual dinner! Cheese tortellini and garlic bread. Yum! 

There was talk about us going to the beach in a few weeks, which got me in an anxiety attack. Beach? That means bathing suit! That means my body in a bathing suit?! Oh dear goodness! It is time to get cereal for real!!!! I eat pretty darn healthy during the week, but not on the weekends. I really need to buckle down and get serious. Besides, even if we don’t end up going to the beach, I set myself a goal on my 29th birthday that I would lose 30 lbs before I turned 30. I only lost 10 lbs so far and I have 20 more to go! I lost 15 lbs but I keep gaining and losing the same down 5 lbs and it is driving me crazy!!! I have to get serious. I have to cut it down to one cheat meal a week, not a cheat weekend. I need to start doing cardio after work. I need to whip out my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video and get to work. I need to be kicking ass and taking names!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! 

P.S. – I am guest posting over at Alabama Women Bloggers today, and every Monday in May! Go check out my posts, and if you are an Alabama Blogger, please make sure you join our community, it is free!
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  • Reply Joy May 6, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    We need to join y’all one Saturday for one of your excursions! =) And if you go to the beach the last week of May… we will be there so yeah, I think you should go!

  • Reply Emmy @ County Girl In High Heels May 7, 2013 at 12:28 am

    let me tell you a little something about that — i’m the queen of weekend cheating. I typically do very, very well during the week, but oh man, do i ever go nuts on the weekend. I lost about 8 lbs and am stuck now. Probably because I eat like I’m starved on the weekend! 🙂

  • Reply Valerie May 7, 2013 at 1:02 am

    found your blog on Alabama Women Bloggers — I’m a former Yankee too! Been living in the South for the last 15 years (originally from NY, lived in MD, OH and now AL).

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