Weekend Shenanigans -Gangsta Style

How is it Monday already?! 
Not much to recap for Friday. I came home, watched some TV and went to bed before 10:00pm.
This weekend flew by. Chris had to work, so I was on my own this weekend.
Saturday I got A LOT done! I woke up at 6:00am when Chris was getting ready for work, made some coffee and chilled out for a little bit. Around 7:00am I started cleaning the house. I did some deep cleaning, and finished around 11:00am. I took a shower and got ready, and headed to Kohls. I haven’t been in awhile, and I have been seeing some cute stuff on their website. They also sent me a 15% coupon, so that is always fun! I tried on lots of stuff. I was probably there about 2 hours. I decided on a cute leather jacket, a fun flowy LC tank, and an LC mint green top with some white lace. I always take pictures of myself in clothes before I buy them. So here is some humor for you this morning. 

This mint top tells me I need a tan. Regardless, I got it anyways because I am loving all the mint this Spring!
Saturday afternoon Shane from Tint One came to our house and tinted my windows. I am looking a lot less soccer mom and a lot more gangsta chic. 
If you live in the Birmingham area, Shane does an amazing job and he comes to you! His prices are great, and he is the only one to trust when it comes to tinting. Trust me, we know. Chris had his 350Z tinted and it was chipping when he sold it. His dad had his windows tinted this past summer and it cost way more than Shane’s and looks like CRAP now. I am not being paid, nor have I received any discounts for saying this, I am just saying…he’s awesome.
Also, those are new plastic hubcaps on my Rogue. Yeah, real gangsta, right? I lost one awhile back and we couldn’t find any that matched the ones I had so Chris ordered me all new ones. 
Sunday I did some organizing, ironing and meal planning. I did our grocery shopping for the week, and then spent the rest of the day with the dogs. 
Mac is always entertaining. 
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