Weekend Shenanigans

Good Morning and Happy Monday. (Happy Monday as in, let’s just try to make it through this day Monday!) Linking up with Sami once again for my Weekend Shenanigans! 
Friday –  After what felt like the longest work week ever, Chris and I headed over to the Todd English Pubb to meet up with some friends. Chris and I got there first, so we put our names in for a table and headed to the bar. I will say that this place has an IMPRESSIVE beer list. There are so many awesome options that it is almost overwhelming. For whatever reason, it was freezing on Friday and I wanted nothing more than a pretty spring night…so I decided to order the strawberry beer that was on tap. It started with a T, it might have been Timmerman’s or something like that. Whatever it was…it was freakin’ delicious!!! Like, I want another right now!

Chris and I went and sat in the lobby at the Westin while we waited for our friends to show and get our table, there was no room at the bar. The lobby there is very nice and we enjoyed just sitting there and relaxing and conversing with our friends. They came and got us when our table was ready. It was super loud where our table was, at times we couldn’t even hear our friends…but whatever. 
Chris and I decided to order burgers because we figured they had to be good. They came out looking like this, and what is not to love about the looks of this?!

Well, it was a HUGE disappointment!! This might have been the worst burger I have ever had. It had absolutely NO flavor. The fries were wonderful, but I was so disappointed by this burger that I didn’t really care. I think I might have eaten 1/4 of the burger and maybe 1/2 the fries. It doesn’t even count as a cheat meal! Chris felt the same about his burger, barely touching it. Which is pretty sad because he was a few beers ahead of me and he still didn’t like it! Overall, the Todd English Pub was cool looking on the inside, and the beer selection was wonderful. I even give them an A for presentation of the food. I am sure we will be back, but just to grab a drink. No more dinner for us! 
Saturday – Puggles love nothing more than sunbathing, and that is what Gracie did Saturday morning! How cute is she? 
Chris and I were on the hunt for a few things on Saturday. We met up with his dad, and headed out to do some shopping and some eating. We went to a thrift shop on the shady side of town, and they had some amazing things. We didn’t purchase anything, but will be keeping it on our radar! We headed to Jackson’s for lunch, and gosh darn if we didn’t have another horrible experience! Can’t we get some decent food in Birmingham this weekend?!?! Our server was horrendous. She was so rude and very lazy. Our food sat out for 10 minutes before she brought it to our table. It was cold and disgusting. Chris’s drink sat empty for a good 5 minutes, and he ended up having to walk to the back and fill it up himself. They weren’t hardly busy at all, so there was no excuse for our shitty service. Two employees saw him going to get his own drink and didn’t say or do anything. Just completely ridiculous. It was so off putting that I doubt we will ever be back there. Which sucks, I used to like that place.
After “lunch,” we headed to a few different places and looked out grills and lawn mowers, you know…fun grown up stuff! Does anyone know anything about Infrared grills? Chris and I hardly know anything about grills in general, and we don’t know if we want a regular one or this new infrared stuff. Please fill me in if you know the difference and which is better! 
Saturday night we ordered Papa Sal’s for dinner and took it home with us. Thankfully, it was the first meal I enjoyed all weekend! 
Sunday – We headed to Waffle House like we do every Sunday as of lately. Then we ran around to get a birthday card and wrapping paper for wrap some presents for Will, he turned 3 this weekend!! 🙂 So many birthdays lately! This is what I wore to the birthday party.
Jacket – Old Navy
Dress – Old Navy
Necklace – New York and Company (3 years ago)
Shoes – Coach
Watch – Michael Kors 
After the birthday party, I headed out to do our grocery shopping/meal planning for the week. This week I am making:
Kung Pao Chicken and Brown Fried Rice
Braised Pork Chops and Roasted Potatoes
Buffalo Chicken and Celery
Over Chicken with Green Beans and Potatoes
Today is Earth Day, so I hope that everyone has a fabulous week! 
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  • Reply Joy April 22, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Man… and I love a good burger! Too bad it wasn’t a good one. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend!! LOVE the hair and the outfit!

  • Reply Joanna @ JayBirds Flight April 23, 2013 at 3:51 am

    I need to get my hands on some strawberry beer. That sounds absolutely fantastic!

    I think our loves were channeling eachother on Saturday…Roscoe was sunbathing as well. He must have been dreaming of his significant other!

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