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All Things Halloween

I wanted to link up with Melissa a few days this month for her blogging challenge, because she is awesome. Duh. Today’s prompt is “must watch Halloween cartoons.” In my opinion, there is only one must watch for me, and that is The Great Pumpkin.

Can you really call that a post? No! So let me go a few steps further with some more Halloween favorites!

My favorite must watch Halloween themed movie is Hocus Pocus.

My favorite childhood Halloween memory – When I was in elementary school, my parents would take my sister and I out trick or treating. We would start in our neighborhood, then head over to my Grandma Jerry’s neighborhood and finish by stopping at Grandma Josie’s house so that she could see our costumes too. Tracy and I always scored a ton of candy by going to so many houses. Since we lived right outside Pittsburgh, sometimes it would actually be snowing when we were out! Crazy, right? We would just wear sweat pants under our costumes so we weren’t cold.

There used to be this house in the very first neighborhood we lived in that terrified the crap out of me. It was next door to my great aunt’s house and the guy would dress up like an ape and jump out of his house as you were approaching his porch. I remember begging my parents to skip it every single year. Every year they told me not to be rude and that I had to go.

Tell me you wouldn’t be creeped out by a huge ape when you are five!

My favorite adult Halloween memory is probably the year that I dressed up like a witch and Chris dressed up like ….well a mix between a Star Trek character and Kanye.

Chris dj’d at our friend’s annual Halloween party, as he does every year. We just had a lot of fun and the party had a great turn out! These are just some of the people that were there to help set up when the party first started:

This party was just a few weeks before we got married. Maybe that is why is sticks out the most to me?!

My favorite Halloween candy is the mallow cream pumpkins.

What are some of your Halloween favorites?

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Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: U Got It Bad – Usher – Love love LOVE me some Usher! One time when I was shopping at Target next to Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Usher was standing next to me in the CD aisle. I heard a girl gasp a few feet from me and I looked up and there he was. I was like ummmm don’t you have someone to do this for you? He laughed.

Fun fact – I can’t listen to this song without thinking about The Sweetest Thing. That is one of my favorite movies!!!

Favorite Moment: Girls night!!! I met up with Morgan, Meegan, Brooks, Meighan and Laura last night at Five for ladies night! We enjoyed some delicious cocktails and food! (I LOVE all the chandeliers in this place!!! This is the first time I sat inside, usually I sit on the patio but it was so damn hot and humid last night!!!)


Morgan and I started off with the Strawberry Lemonade cocktail…


And then I tried the Blueberry Mint


Surely no one here is surprised that I ordered the cheeseburger as my meal? Five has one of the best burgers in Birmingham for sure!


Favorite Phone Call: I talked to my sister last night on my way home. Cooper (my four year old nephew) wanted to talk to me. We talked for a few minutes, then my sister got back on. Then my sister said oh wait, Cooper has something else he wants to tell you! Cooper got on the phone and recited the Pledge of Allegiance word for word to me perfectly! It was the most precious thing ever!!!

Favorite Purchase: Sunday I had to stop by Sephora because I was out of eye make up remover. Normally I just get Maybelline or Neutrogena but I got the Sephora brand on a recommendation from Amanda and I love it! I have zero issues swiping my liner and mascara right off! Totally worth it!

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Favorite Funnies:



I admit, this is a huge pet peeve of mine


And now I wait...

Funny Memes: During arguments girls be like this

The face you make when you know someone doesn't like you but you don't even care. Lol

I love this funny cat #funnycatmeme #funnycats #cats find more funny cats here

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!! Also, Go Sports!