So here’s the story from A to Z

You wanna get with me
You gottta listen carefully,
We got M in the place who likes it in your face
We got G like MC who likes it on an
Easy V doesn’t come for free, shes a real lady
And as for me…HA you’ll see

Bustin’ out some Spice Girls will always get ya happy on a Friday!

So today I am going to answer the A-Z questions so you can get to know a little about me.

Age: 29 (gulp…going to be 30 in August) 

Bed size: Queen for now, maybe one day we will upgrade to a king

Chore you hate: Cleaning the kitchen sink, I will wipe down the counters all day, but having to clean out the drain in the kitchen sink is probably the nastiest, dirtiest thing ever! Ew. 

Dogs: We have 2 furbabies. Gracie-6 year old Puggle who is the most loyal dog on the planet and Mac-2 year old Maltipoo who thinks he is king of the planet and totally runs our house. I love my furbabies, and they keep it interesting!  
Essential start to your day: Gotta have the coffee! Keurig is for real the best money we have ever spent. 

Favorite color: I’m boring and love gray and black. My wardrobe and house decor reflect said choices. I do like to accent with purple. 

Gold or Silver: Silver. I love silver jewelry, silver home accessories. Just love it. I do have a new fondness for some gold things though too.  

Height: 5’6”ish

Instruments you play: I played the flute in middle and high school. One time at band camp…I totally may have had some band camp stories.

Job Title: GIS Market Research Assistant/Executive Assistant

Kids: Gracie and Mac my furbabies…oh wait…real kids? Maybe one day. 

Live: in Alabama.  

Married: Happily on November 10, 2012 to the love of my life 🙂  

Nicknames: My grandmother called me Deenie. In high school, Nay Nay sort of stuck with some people. My dad used to call me Dino like the dinosaur on the Flintstones and even drew a picture of Dino in a graduation gown when I graduated high school. 

Overnight hospital stays: Last time I was in the hospital overnight as a patient is when I had pneumonia and couldn’t breathe on my own. The last time I was in a hospital overnight is almost 3 years ago when my sister gave birth to my sweet nephew Cooper James. 

Pet peeve: I have a lot of them. I can’t stand bad driving, stupid people, and for goodness sake rudeness! There are so many rude people these days. The rudeness and stupidity run rabid around these parts it seems. 

Quote: Just keep swimming. 

Righty or Lefty: Righty.

Siblings: I have a younger sister, Tracy who is 24. I also have 3 step sisters, a sister-in-law, two brother-in-laws and a few “adopted” brothers (long story.)

Time you wake up: 5:10am, because it sounds way later than 5:00am…or at least that is what I tell myself to get through the day.

University attended:  University of West Georgia

Vegetables you dislike: Cauliflower – Yuck! I just can’t consume it. Oh, and I hate okra too! Sorry to my southern peeps…you can take the Yankee out of the north and turn her “southern” but you can’t feed her okra…or grits. Nasty! 

What makes you run late: Deciding on what to wear…or my dogs. Sometimes they are just so darn cute, and it is hard to say bye. 

X-rays you’ve had: My chest/lungs when I had pneumonia, my back after a horrible car accident, and my knee when I sprained it in high school.  

Yummy food: I love Mexican food….give me chips and salsa and some chicken enchiladas all day every day. I also love strawberries when they are in peak season, healthy can be yummy!

Zoo animal favorite: Penguins. Gosh I love some waddling, bad ass penguins. 
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  • Reply Helene January 11, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    your dogs sound so cute!! mexican food is my all time fave. and my dog make me late all. the. time.

  • Reply Nadine January 11, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Oh my god, I forgot your name as I was reading this! I was called Deenie too! Although my grandparents spelled it as Dini. My grandpa still calls me this, and I have never liked the nickname!

  • Reply Meighan January 12, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    how did I miss that you live in AL? uh, me too! where in Al are you? and the spice girls intro… verrrry nice, my friend.

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