Open Letter to all the Kiddies

Do you ever wish that you could write a letter to your former self with some helpful tips? I was thinking about this the other day. How some things we focus so much on in the present are just silly and ridiculous and hinds site.

I would love to write to all the middle school and high school aged kids out there and let them in on a few life secrets that can only come from experience, yet you wish that wasn’t the case.

Dear Tween/Teenager,

I have been there, in your shoes that is. They might have been a different style than those you are wearing seeing as how it was in the stone age a while back, but I have certainly been there. You know how adults like to give you advice, and you just roll your eyes and tune them out with visions of what you are going to wear tomorrow, and who you want to go to the movies with this weekend. I am hear to tell you to actually listen. I am trying to save you some time, heart ache, lessons learned the hard way.

Don’t worry so much about what that twat Miss Popular thinks about the shirt you wore last week. You looked cute, and she is dumb. In 5 years….or 5 weeks…it really doesn’t matter. In 10 years you will go out to eat with your hot husband and she will be the waitress that serves your dinner. The one that dropped out of college because she got pregnant by the star football player that now works at the car wash down the street and is “stuck” with her.

You know that nerd that helped you with your science project? Keep him as an ally. I can promise you in 10 years he will be rising to the top in his company, and has his shit together. Yeah, he is a little quirky…but you will find quirky charming. People that fit in tend to be boring, anyways.

Next time your mom asks you to play a board game, just do it. I know that Chatty Cindy is on the phone and you two can talk all night….but some of your fondest memories are those that you spent playing games and painting ornaments with your mom. You won’t get to see her every day when you grow up and get yourself a life…so enjoy it now.

Your little sister might be hella annoying right now, but embrace it.  Spend time being her best friend. One day she will be a teenager too and your worst nightmare. Don’t worry, when you are both adults, you will always have each others backs and be friends again.

You know that voice in your head? I know….sometimes she can be really judgy…..but she knows what’s up. You ought to listen to her. Sometimes she can sense when something is wrong and shows you the red flags. The more in tune you are with her, the better it will be for you.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Just be yourself. If people don’t like you for you, screw them.

Don’t worry about Geometry, just get yourself through it enough to pass. No one gives a shit about polygons in the real world.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do something. You can do anything.

Keep deodorant in your locker, you never know when you might forget one day.

Keep your chin up. This is supposed to be the fun, carefree time in your life. Enjoy the fact that your parents pay for everything and you don’t have any real problems. Life isn’t going to get any easier, you just get wiser.


Been There, Done That

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  • Reply Kathy @ Vodka and Soda August 15, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    awww how adorable! i agree with the sister part (i had an older sister). we were at each other’s throats but as we grew older, we grew closer and she became my best friend.

    Vodka and Soda

  • Reply SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph August 15, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Bravo! Don’t compare yourself to others is the most important.

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