Friday Five

I do love a 3 day work week! It is Friday already, and I am not going to complain! Time for the Friday Five! 
1. Candy Corn M&M’s. That’s right folks….they are back! I did a happy dance in the Target Wednesday night when I saw these on the shelf. I may or may not have eaten no less than half the bag on my way home. Don’t look at me with those judgy eyes!
2. Opened Blogger this morning, Chits and Giggles was on the top of my feed and I made the mistake of reading her post today. Sweetest darn story I have ever heard. I cried. Now I have to re-do my make up. Go watch it and listen to the song. Just too sweet for words. Click here.
3. Football. My boys are off this weekend. (Roll Tide!) The offensive line needs to go get their shit together before they play Texas A&M next weekend. You will find me this Saturday watching and cheering for the GA Dawgs as they try to bring South Carolina down. High hopes? Maybe…but go Dawgs!
4. I-20 is finally opened going both directions! Only in Alabama would they shut down an entire stretch of interstate to repave. It has been mayhem (like the Allstate commercial) for the last several months as they tried to get their shit together. It was so awesome going 80 MPH this morning down I-59 with out all those pesky I-20 commuters…until the speed traps started. NINE freaking speed traps in a 15 mile stretch of road. Well played cops, well played.
5. Look what time it is….
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  • Reply Yammering Yankee September 6, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    OMG! Candy Corn M&M’s I never knew such a thing existed now I must hav some…thanks for changing my world. Oh and have a great weekend 🙂

  • Reply Ashley September 7, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Holy cow! I’ve never heard of Candy Corn M&M’s… must. get. some. NOW! 😀 Hope you have a great weekend!

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