Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! After a crazy week last week, I feel like I can breathe a little easier now. Doesn’t mean I won’t work this weekend….but maybe not as much! The weather has been so amazing here all week, sunny and in the upper 60s/low 70s, I even managed to get outside with Zoe a few times to take a walk and play. I had grabbed some outdoor toys from Five Below that we broke in this week. A giant soccer ball, ladder ball, slam jam and yard pong…all for $5! I love that place. Zoe was most excited about the large soccer ball and has played with it every day since.

Favorite Purchase: My night lip balm was running low, so I grabbed this Milk Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask, and I am in love. I don’t necessarily notice any melatonin effects, but I will say that this stuff stays on for a really long time. It smells amazing, and gives me an instant cozy feeling as I am applying it. It is working better at hydrating than my last balm, and had pretty packaging. What more do you want?

For whatever reason, I seem to drink less water when I am home, than when I was at the office. It is an ongoing problem with me. I feel like these time cups with the times on them are sort of arbitrary, but clearly free styling it wasn’t working for me. I ordered this one that holds 64 ounces, and wow is it big! But I tell you, I am not one to back down from a challenge when it sits in front of me…so now I am trying to beat the times on the cup. I have the 9am one down before 6am. The color is super fun and reminds me of summer too, so there is that. It has a huge handle on it that allows me to carry it all over the house.

Keto Chicken Satay Skewers

Favorite Recipe: I have made this chicken satay recipe a couple times. It is from carb manager, so it is a great low carb option. Last night I served it along side an Asian salad and it was delicious. I don’t always have all the ingredients for the sauce…sometimes I don’t add coconut milk and it still turns out fine. I throw in red pepper flakes to spice it up sometimes too.


Favorite Workout: This is a great one for those of you with knee problems or don’t like mat work. It was a standing workout with no lunges or squats. It went by quickly, and definitely gives you a full body burn.

Favorite Funnies:


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  • Reply laura March 12, 2021 at 8:34 am

    I need that giant soccer ball for S – he’d love it!! I also love her tie-dye dress – where can I find one in my size? You know I’m all about no mat work – I’ll have to check that workout out. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  • Reply Rebecca Jo Vincent March 12, 2021 at 10:52 am

    That temperature / weight one has been my life the past 3 weeks.
    That soccer ball is awesome. I would love to get it & put in with my dogs just to see what they’d do. I’ms ure Ozzie would pop it in 5 minutes – if he didnt run scared from it LOL

  • Reply Sierra March 12, 2021 at 10:53 am

    Her giant soccer ball looks like so much fun! I might need to look into one for the boys. Although I could see them getting really rough with it haha. I always drank a lot more at work as well. My old office was across from the water cooler so it was super convenient. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  • Reply Bri @ My Life As... March 12, 2021 at 11:26 am

    LOL that last meme! I think those water bottles are so cute! I have gotten really bad at drinking water since Corona started.

  • Reply Danielle March 12, 2021 at 2:13 pm

    You are killing it on the water challenge. I saw that you were already half way through at 8 am today. Awesome. I want that big soccer ball for my girls. And I also want warmer weather. It is only in the 40s here today. Have a great weekend! And don’t work too much!

  • Reply Biana March 12, 2021 at 4:28 pm

    I find when my water intake is high – I go to the bathroom ALL the time LOL! So glad you guys had great weather and enjoyed outdoors – we did the same here! xo, Biana

  • Reply ShootingStarsMag March 15, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    That last funny is hilarious, and so so true. I definitely have some of the no. 2 friends. LOL I hope you had a nice weekend. I had some really nice weather last week, but it’s cold and rainy at the moment.


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