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This is day 4 and time to talk about my favorite quote! I love quotes, they can be little inspirational reminders. It is really hard to just pick one out of the hundreds of thousands out there. 

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I chose to blog about this quote today because I find this so very true. In today’s society everyone feels so pressured to be this or be that. You have super models in magazines with an unrealistic idea of what beauty is. Girls starving themselves and obsessing about a few pounds because they feel that is what defines them.

You have kids that make their parents spend tons of money on brand name clothes because that’s what is cool and in. They may get made fun of if they aren’t in Abercrombie or whatever it is that the kids are in to these days.

Some people feel they need to be interested in certain things or have a certain view on something because that is what their friends think or is the common vote. 

I am here to say that I am always myself. I might be a little awkward, a little shy, a little nutty, but I am me. I buy clothes that I think are cute, most of the time they are fairly stylish…but it is what I like. I don’t dress for anyone but me. I try to eat healthy because I want to feel good and I want to look good for me. I don’t care what others think.  

I like to have a sense of humor, be kind, tell the truth. I don’t like to play games with people. I am one to be very nice and friendly with people until they give me a reason not to be, but I am not an ass kisser. I like to please people, but not be taken advantage of. 

I am Me. Please be You!

And another favorite of mine…

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