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Linking up with Tanya for our recent Amazon purchases.

Wooden Tags

I wanted to mark all the potted things we are planting, these wooden tags are great and they come with a marker to use with them! They are so cute and seem like good quality.

Black Light

Zoe’s teacher has a 10 day count down for the end of school, and one of the days is Glow Day. We ordered this black light to donate to her class.

Garam Masala

Our local grocery store isn’t the best when you are looking for spices like this, thank goodness for quick delivery! Going to make cashew chicken this week.

Tinkle Razors

This is a repurchase. I like to use these on my face for the peach fuzz, my makeup goes on much smoother!

Tile Scrubber Refill

Another repurchase. I love using this wand in our showers, it makes my life so much easier! Especially since we have tall ceilings and I can’t reach the top of our master shower. Works great in corners too.


Another repurchase! One bottle of this lasts us a long time. I use it on carpet, furniture, outdoor stuff, etc. With Mac getting older and having heart issues….he has had more accidents recently and we have really put this stuff to the test!

Molly’s Suds

Repurchase. LOVE this stuff. It is the best natural laundry detergent I have found. You have to make sure you are using the correct amount and the right temperature settings accordingly, and once you figure that out, it is easy sailing.

Monkey Costume

Kirei Sui Kids Animal Costume Black White Panda Tiger Monkey Bear Sheep Tutu Ear Headband Bow Tie Tail Paws Set

Zoe had her music program a few weeks ago, and it was jungle themed. Zoe chose to be a monkey and this was adorable on her!

Brown Girl’s Shirt

Lilax Girls' Basic Short Puff Sleeve Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt

I got this to go with Zoe’s monkey costume. I couldn’t find a plain brown shirt ANYWHERE in stores. I hated to pay this much for a plain kid’s shirt, but Zoe loved it and said it is her favorite fitting one she has. So I have a feeling cost per wear will be good for this come fall.

Parchment Paper

Talk about this nearly every month. Still can’t ever find unbleached parchment paper in our stores. Though, I did find some air fryer size ones this past month.

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  • Reply Kristin May 1, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    We can buy the unbleached parchment at Walmart! It’s still Reynold’s brand So weird.

    Good for you, participating in all those fun school activities lol. The end of the year party/celebration days are stressful!

  • Reply Tanya May 1, 2023 at 7:50 pm

    That monkey costume is so cute! It’s amazing what we can find on Amazon. Thanks for linking up!

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