I am not sure what is going on with my mind the last few days, but I have been driving myself crazy. I have been having a hard time focusing on anything for longer than 5 minutes. My mind has been racing 100 miles an hour. So where does all that lead? A random post. Hence the title, squirrel. Anytime my dogs are in the middle of something and they see a squirrel they lose their train of thought. I kind of know how they feel.

Have you ever thought about what your dreams mean? Like why do we have the most vivid random dreams about people from our past, people we don’t even know, things we would never do? Why do spiders and tornados haunt my dreams? Why am I back in high school sometimes? What the hell am I wearing? It is just weird.

Julian Michaels is literally killing me a little each day. Level 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred were certainly no cake walk, but gosh darn level 3 is going to break my knees. No Julian, I can’t do sumo squat jumps, my knees to not allow such a thing. On the plus side, I am so focused on just staying alive, that the DVD is over in what seems like minutes.

On a similar note, I have been treating my calories like money. I have a calorie budget every day, and once I run out of money….that’s all she wrote. I think I need to take out a calorie loan for the weekend….

Do you ever look at people in their cars in the morning while stuck in traffic and wonder about their life. Like where this lady is from, is she heading to one of the bank buildings downtown. I bet she has 2 dogs and a cat and is a tea drinker. Oh look at this meat head. Did he just get out of the gym. I bet he thinks I am checking him out right now but I really think he is just a D-bag and he needs to lay off the ‘roids. You can go to the gym three times a day, but you still have zero personality. I bet his girlfriend hates her life.

Do you ever wonder what your dogs do all day when you are at work? Do you think Gracie and Mac talk to each other? Plan out their evening once I get home?

I need to go shopping this weekend. I need some more cute summer dresses. I know you might be thinking that fall is just around the corner, but hello…I live in Alabama. It is 80 degrees or hotter until November here. I have a few more months left and not enough clothes to spread the love!

Why can’t I just drive off to the beach right now. I would give anything to be sitting pool side in Gulf Shores just breathing in the salt water.

You know the song I Hope You Dance? Do you ever feel small next to the ocean? I do. They sang that song at my high school graduation.

Have you ever listened to a morning show and thought, hey I need to be friends with these people I am thinking the same things! I wonder if this is who they really are, or are they just putting on a show because they are on the air.

How cool would it be to have your own talk show. Like seriously. You get paid to just shoot the shit all day. Why didn’t I go into journalism? Oh right, because I thought that wasn’t a real degree. No one actually “makes it.”  Who is a fool now, Nadine.

Do you talk to you dogs like they are people? Every day before I get ready to leave, I tell the dogs that “Mommy has to go to work, lets go get our treats and go lay down.” They do exactly what I want them to do, so I know they understand me.

And that my friends, is how my mind works. Keep it classy.

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  • Reply Helene in Between August 8, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    haha i love this post. i feel VERY distracted lately. or, all the time. haha

  • Reply Robin August 8, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    I always talk to my dogs like they are people. How do we really know that they can’t understand? 🙂

    Check out DreamMoods.com – I don’t always take it 100% seriously, but there is some interesting info about what things in your dreams might mean.

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