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It’s Friday!!! Isn’t it weird how the short weeks always feel like the longest? Crazy! 

I have been doing themes lately while linking up with Joy for the Friday Five, and today will be no different! Today’s theme is quite interesting: “5 ways to NOT give your two week notice”

1. Not give a two week. – This place offered you employment, money, hopefully insurance…no matter how bad it sucks, give them a two week notice and karma will be nice to you.

2. Don’t turn in something like this:

Try and remain professional!
wearing this wouldn’t be appropriate either..

3. Highlighting on your calendar (or at least your work calendar…go crazy on your calendar at home!

This might come off a little tacky, and you want to stay classy!

4. Leave behind a sticky note

A typed formal notice with your signature is best!

5. Start out like your are ending an intimate relationship

Duh, it’s them…otherwise you wouldn’t be leaving! (Unless you are being underpaid!)

My final peace of advice? Leave on a positive note!

Just hope this isn’t waiting for you on your last day!

PS: I turned in my two week notice at work today. While I am sad to be closing this chapter in my life and leaving some of my co-workers, I am excited for what lies ahead in my new opportunity that I have been offered! Now, to get through my last 2 weeks…

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  • Reply Robin June 1, 2013 at 12:52 am

    I hope your final two weeks at this job go well. 🙂

    I agree that it is good to give notice and try to leave on a positive note…you will need references later on, or a manager could say something bad to you when a potential future employer checks your background information. I wish I hadn’t made some of the job choices that I made when I was a few years younger.

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