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Linking up with Lauren and Kalyn for Coffee and Conversations.
This week’s topic is:
Who has influenced you the most in your life – personally or professionally and why?
I feel that everyone who is a part of your life, influences you in some way or another. Even people that may not be the best influences, influence you to do better or you learn what not to do. 
There are two people in my life that have the most influence on me personally. 
My mom.
My mom had me when she was 17. She gave up her whole life to take care of me and provide for me. She is the friendliest person you will ever meet. She never knows a stranger. She tries so hard to please everyone, and always puts people before herself. She went without for so many years so that my sister and I always had everything we needed. 
I always go to my mom when I need advice. She has always taught me to tell the truth and be honest no matter what. She is always there for me, even when I may be in the wrong. She has always trusted me. Even when I was younger, and the teacher would say one thing…she would always believe my word over hers. 
She always has encouraging words. Believes in me 100%. I am pretty sure if I told her I wanted to fly to the moon, she would have faith that I could. 
My sister, Tracy is also a huge influence to me personally. We didn’t always get along. In fact, when she was in middle school, and most of her high school years as well… I pretty much didn’t like her at all. I loved her because she was my sister, but I didn’t like her.
Today, she is the best person I know. She has 2 sons and 2 step daughters, and is the best mom in the entire world. She would do anything for her kids, her husband, her family or her close friends. She is always there for me when I need her. She is very blunt, no filter type person. But, I love that about her. She will always tell it to you like it is. I wish I was more like that sometimes. 
She volunteered with the fire department for many years. She helps raise money for a little boy that has cancer that goes to my nephew’s elementary school. She gives so much, and never does anything for herself. 
Tracy is the best mom on the entire planet to her kids. She always has their best interest at heart. She is never selfish. Ever. I hope that one day if Chris and I ever have kids, that I can be half the mom that she is. I know my nephews are going to be incredible men because of her. 

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  • Reply Joanna @ JayBirds Flight March 18, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    ah, this made me get a little emotional! Great post and so amazing to have such a fantastic family! You are a lucky one!

  • Reply Lauren Elliott March 20, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Aw, love this! Thanks for sharing!

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