weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend just flew right on by. I think we need a recount! The good news, is that most days this week it is only supposed to get to the mid to upper 80’s here. So basically a cold snap. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I started this weekend off with Chris for a lunch date on Friday. We went to Glory Bound, where I enjoyed a buffalo grilled chicken gyro and some potato wedges. It was delicious! I love our little weekday lunch dates! It allows us some alone time, without take time away from Zoe…since she is already at daycare anyways.

We also stopped off at Bargain Hunt where I scored two pairs of shoes for $5 each!!! I had wanted both of these when Target had them, but never committed. I am so glad I waited to score this deal!

Saturday morning we were up and ready early to go meet up with Laura and her crew at Back Forty. I have been there a few times, and had yet to order their burger. It had to happen this weekend! The burger was good, but their fries….their fries are the best!!! Zoe had fun playing with her future husband and eating her fair share of fries.

After we had lunch, we headed back home for a little bit where Zoe did not nap…but played for awhile. And then we went over to Chris’s parents house for about an hour. We stopped at Publix on the way home to grab some food for dinner and did a late bedtime routine with Zoe. Once she was down. I got to work on a few little projects around the house.

Sunday morning I cooked chicken biscuits for breakfast, and we hung out for a little bit around the house. Chris had an appointment at Apple for noon to get the new iPhone. He asked me if I wanted one as well, but I decided I didn’t. But then we got to the store and I got caught up in the hype and decided I did want one,  but they literally sold out between me saying yes I want it…and the girl trying to pull it out of inventory. You snooze, you lose. Chris is loving his though, and I just stare at it bitterly and wonder why I still have my garbage 7 plus. First world problems!

It didn’t take too long since he actually had an appointment. We quickly decided to get the heck out of The Summit area, and went over to Nordstrom Rack to find Zoe a pair of shoes. I got her some Natives and she LOVES them! Her bestie at daycare has a few pairs, and when Zoe saw them she screamed her friends name and was so excited. They are on sale at Zappos right now too. I highly recommend them! They are a glass green color and have this iridescent finish, that doesn’t quite do justice in this picture. So cute!

After that, we went to Bargain Hunt and HomeGoods. We were way past Zoe’s lunch time at that point, so we went to J Alexanders. They have my FAVORITE Thai salad there. Zoe really loved her chicken tenders and fries that she got too. No pictures were taken because we were all starving! After that, we hit up the Bargain Hunt in Hoover…and then did our grocery shopping at Target.

By the time we got home and got the groceries put away, it was time for Zoe to eat dinner and start the bedtime routine. Just like that, the weekend was coming to an end. Not before Chris and I devoured around episode of the new season of Ozark! We finished Blue Bloods last week, so glad we have something else to binge on!

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favorites, friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday!!!!!!!! Does it feel like an entire month went by this week? Because it does to me. Work has been crazy. I was up past 11:00pm on Monday night painting. Wednesday night we were out after I got Zoe from school, so the whole night routine happened later than usual. Thursday morning I spent an hour working on a project for Zoe for school BEFORE work at 5:00am. It’s been that kind of week.

Favorite Moments: On Monday I got to have lunch with a dear friend I haven’t seen in a few years. I hate that we fell out of touch, but it was so nice to catch up with her and meet her daughter! Her daughter is just a few months younger than Zoe.

Speaking of Zoe, she is just so fun right now!

I got on the scale yesterday morning and realized I hit a new, post-pregnancy low. I cannot tell you how happy and thankful I am that I pulled the trigger and signed up for Weight Watchers. This is really the  only thing that has been working for me lately. I need something that keeps me “good” most of the time, but allows for a cheeseburger or macaron on a regular basis. Because life without cheeseburgers is no life at all, in my opinion. And to be perfectly honest, there are some days I don’t even really track my points. Just having that scanner when I am grocery shopping allows me to make better choices. If you are thinking about signing up, here is my link. We can both get a free month!

I did a Trader Joe’s run the other day to get said macarons. I of course had to get a few of my favorite fall staples (pumpkin ravioli, butternut squash macaroni, pumpkin crisps with goat cheese) annnnnd a new favorite!!! Candy Corn Popcorn. SO GOOD! And I grabbed a poke bowl for lunch, which is always delicious! You know what isn’t so delicious? 97 freaking degrees and it is almost October. I love the south for many things, but the ridiculously hellish temperatures this late in the game is not one of them.

I noticed the pumpkin donuts are back at Dunkin this week. I decided to go ahead and order my one for the season. It was well worth it!

Favorite Song: Have you heard Cry Pretty from Carrie Underwood? I just love Carrie. I would really love her legs, too. I know she worked hard for them! I had stumbled across an interview with her from earlier in the week, and had no clue how much she went through this last year. I think we have all been there before, where you just have to cry it out. I love the lyrics to this song!


Favorite Recipe: How good does this tomato bisque with meatballs look???

This dairy free and Whole30 compliant tomato basil bisque with Italian meatballs is an easy winter soup with simple ingredients! The perfect paleo dinner the whole family will love.

Favorite Lust: I saw this Free People shirt and knew I had to have it!!! Thanks to my shopkicks, it was free!

We the Free by Free People Tangerine Tee,
                        color, MAUVE

Favorite Funnies:

goose bumps

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics

Friday Favorites - Popcorn Rocks Edition

#WatchTheFuckOut #UnmedicatedNSober #FuckinTryMe

This is probably true.  Respectfully....


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Baby Empties

I thought it would be fun to do a baby empties post with all the products I have used on Zoe lately. Honestly, there is so much out there on the market for kids. Factor in sensitive skin, eczema and other things…and it becomes overwhelming. We have tried so many different things in the past 21 months, that I feel we have finally gotten the perfect routine down for minimum issues. Either that, or Zoe has outgrown some of her sensitivities.

Shea Moisture Baby Nighttime Soothing Shampoo & Bath Milk in Manuka Honey & Provence Lavender

I have been using this stuff as shampoo for Zoe for most of her life. It smells amazing (so much so that Zoe’s end of the year book last year had a comment about how the teachers will always remember Zoe smelling of yummy lavender) and is gentle on her sensitive scalp.

Honest Lavender Baby Wash and Lotion

I used up both of these, but probably wont buy them again. They were fine, but Zoe’s eczema was still an issue when I used these products. I felt like the lotion wasn’t moisturizing enough.

Burt’s Bee Baby Oil

Ever since adding this to Zoe’s baths at night, we haven’t had any issues with her skin getting too dry. It has helped (along with switching her body wash and using lotion) to clear up pretty much all of her eczema as well. This is my third or forth bottle of the stuff. I basically purchase it in bulk from Amazon now.

Aquaphor Healing Baby Ointment

As you can see, there are two empty bottles of this stuff in the picture….and I have probably used five or six more of them before that. This stuff was recommended by our doctor and is literally the only thing that works on Zoe’s skin. It makes her so soft and clears up any issues we have pretty much over night. I use this in the evenings, and a lighter lotion in the mornings before she gets dressed. If we have a flare up of any kind, we use this a few times per day. I cannot recommend this enough!!

Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash

After not being super happy with Honest and a few other washes, I decided to try Dove and am SO GLAD that I did!!! I have already repurchased this stuff. Since adding the oil to her bath and then changing to this wash a few weeks later….we have had ZERO eczema flare ups. This stuff smells incredible and makes Zoe’s skin so so soft. Definitely our holy grail now.

Vicks Vapor Pads 

I forgot to put the box in the picture above, but these things are serious!! Anytime Zoe gets stuffy, I place this in her room each night for a few days. The whole house ends up smelling like it (so you know it is working) and it works so well to help her breath. I only use one pad at a time, even though there are two slots in the plug in. They are strong enough you don’t need two at a time. This is the plugin we use with it. 

weekend shenanigans


I never said I had my life together. Sometimes I can get my post up on a Monday morning, and sometimes I cannot. It was a little crazy yesterday. Add in the fact that my arms are sore as shit. I decided at 9pm on Saturday night that I was going to repaint our closet. Ran out of paint half way through and ended up finishing it last night at 11pm. Can I just count that as my weekly workout? I did the ceiling and everything!

Anyways, this weekend was pretty fun. Chris and I kicked it off with a date lunch on Friday. We went to Taco Morro Loco in Avondale. I promise you, you can’t find a better taco in Birmingham than this place right here! SOOOOOOOOO damn delicious! I got the ground beef, chorizo and Pastor (pork with pineapple salsa.) Freaking delicious. We also split some cheese stuffed jalapenos and chips and salsa. We then headed over to Bargain Hunt and it was back to work for me.

Saturday morning we had a little play time outside. We had scored some great deals on sidewalk chalk last weekend at Bargain Hunt and couldn’t wait to test them out.  It was around 8-9am and was already unbearably hot. We came in, did some stuff around the house and Zoe went down for a quick nap. We headed over to Chris’s parents house to catch a little of the game and stopped by Papa Sals on the way home to get some pasta for dinner. After Zoe went down and I ate….is when I started painting.

Sunday we were up and out early to make a Home Depot run and knock out our grocery shopping. Target had 20% off their fall drinks at Starbucks, so I indulged in a caramel frap. Something I rarely do. It was so delicious!!!! Zoe wanted to rock Vamparina shirts all weekend. The kid actually went to bed with her blue shirt Saturday night after she had a fit when we changed her into pj’s. You choose your battles, and that was one I didn’t have the energy for.

After a failed nap attempt, Aunt Tracy came to get Zoe for a little while. She took her and my nephews to the park and out to dinner. Zoe had soooooooo much fun!!!!! Look at her burger face. That is the exact face I make too!

While they were out, Chris and I did a Facebook Marketplace deal and got a roomba, and then decided to spontaneously grab a beer at the new brewery in Trussville before getting more paint at Sherman Williams. Slagheap opened a few weeks ago, and it is a really nice spot!!! I didn’t particularly care for the beer I ordered, the one I really wanted to try was tapped out. But they always have events and food trucks there, and the place is nice and clean. Family friendly too. I know we will be back.

We also went to Best Buy, and what do we do when we are without child? Find things to get her, of course!!! Poppy and Buttons came home with us, haven’t seen them before! She already has Vamparina, of course. They joined her entourage of Pets characters that must come everywhere with us now.

When we got back, we played outside for a little bit, had a fun bathtime….and after she went down for bed…Chris and I enjoyed steaks and Blue Bloods.

And just like that, the weekend was over and it was back to reality!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey there, Friday! It is about time! I am not going to lie, this week was rough. I couldn’t be happier that it is finally Friday!I usually share little snippets from the week on Fridays, but I am having to dig deep this time.  A co-worker that left last year has come back and we all went to lunch on Tuesday. It felt like nothing every changed. Zoe has finally started letting us watch/listen to something other than “pets”! It has mostly been Vamparina, which she calls “anana.” But I will take the win. She has also learned how to say “fruit,” which is her favorite part of dinner every night. She has been picking up a lot of words, it seems like each week she adds a few new ones! This is such a fun age.

Favorite Creamer: About 95% of the time, I have the naturals sweet cream creamer in my coffee. I had gotten away from a lot of the flavored ones. One of my favorite drinks to order from SB is the Coconutmilk Mocha Mochiatto though…so when I saw this creamer….I knew I had to try it! It is SO GOOD! Get you some.

Image result for coconut caramel creamer

Favorite Recipe: I could go for a comforting bowl of pasta right now. But you know, still want to keep it within my daily points. I saw this recipe on SkinnyDish and I cant wait to try it. Pasta and bacon in one dish??? Yes, please!

Pin2KShare372Tweet2K SharesLately, I’ve been all about ease and this One Pot Alfredo Pasta with Bacon and Peas is ALL about ease. It’s loaded with garlic, bacon, pasta, peas and finished off with a lazy creamy Alfredo that is just to die for. Lazy summer days are in full effect and I have pressed the easy ... Read More about One Pot Alfredo Pasta with Bacon and Peas

Also, how amazing does this WW Peanut Butter Pie look???? It uses whipped peanut butter to cut down on calories. Sign. Me. Up.

Weight Watchers No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Favorite Purchase: Laura gifted me with an Athleta gift card for my birthday. I needed some retail therapy last Friday, and decided to stop in for a browse. I instantly fell in LOVE with this Coaster Luxe Sweatshirt. The color is GORGEOUS!!!! And the material. OMG! It is so so so buttery soft. This might be the coziest thing I have ever placed on my body. It fits true to size, and even has the little thumb holes on the sleeves for extra comfort. It is so flattering on, and you can basically expect to find me in this all fall/winter.

Favorite Funnies:

Funny quotes

Dance like no one is watching; email like it may one day be read aloud in a deposition.

More than enough!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Linking up with Amanda.