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weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

And just like that, the first weekend of February has come and gone! Yesterday when I walked in our bedroom to get ready to go grocery shopping I thought to myself, “How is it even Sunday right now??? I have to go back to work tomorrow. WTF?” I feel like that happens just about every Sunday at that time.

Friday for lunch my friend and I checked out a new to us spot over at Brookwood Village called Hickory Tavern. This place opened several months ago and I had heard great things but hadn’t managed to make it over. Well I am so glad that we did because not only did we go there for our lunch club Friday, but Chris and I ended up back over there on Saturday night as well. Annnnnd I have plans with lunch club to meet back there next Friday too!

Friday we split the Shredheads (hashbrowns, bacon and cheese fried balls drizzled with sour cream and green onions) and I had  a small salad and chili. Saturday, Chris and I split crab dip and I had the Korean BBQ Street Tacos with a side of sweet potato fries that came out with honey butter glaze drizzle. Every single bite of everything was incredible!!

Hickory Tavern

That was my first beer since before New Years, and it was amazing too!! I ordered the Cahaba Liquidambar which is a local brewery’s American Red Ale.

Other than eating all the things, I got some blog work done and organized our pantry a little. I grabbed my beloved Lancome foundation at Macy’s since they were having a free gift with purchase and I have been scraping the bottle the last few weeks. Check out this awesome gift!!! I am obsessed with the fuchsia lip color I got!

Lancome Gift with Purchase

The new restaurant that Laura and I checked out on Thursday asked to share my photo on their account, which felt awesome!!!


We of course watched the super bowl last night. I was pulling for the Panthers but I really didn’t care which team won because I think it is pretty awesome that Manning went out with the a big win last night.

The half time show was alright, but Lady Gaga stole the whole thing with her opening performance!!!

This meme cracked me up, but truth be told….I think she looked classy as hell with her patriotic outfit and matching make up. You go GAGA!

The commercials were super disappointing. I was most saddened by Budweiser. I can appreciate the no drinking and driving campaign. I am an avid believer in never drinking and driving. I have spent most of my life being a DD. But then taking a stab at craft beer in one of their commercials? Ummmm that isn’t going to gain you any fans seeing as how craft beer taste amazing and Bud tastes like piss water. They just need to stick with the dog and horses next year…


I cooked up some buffalo chicken dip and dates stuffed with blue cheese and drizzled with honey



Other weekend things..

I finished reading another book that I reviewed and have ready to go for the book link up tomorrow!!!

Oh, and I stepped on the scale yesterday after all my little cheats and realized I had lost 2 more pounds since last Tuesday. SQUEALS no big deal.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!! Let’s bring it, Monday!

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friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: Prayer in C by Lilly Wood & The Pick – Such a super chill song, I love it! Great for a cool down after a run.

Favorite Moments:

–Finishing Whole 30 on Tuesday, stepping on the scale and feeling bad ass!!!

–Getting my Blogging for Books book in the mail. I love when I forget I have something coming to me!

–Meeting up with Laura yesterday for our “we finished Whole 30” lunch! We checked out a new spot called Sky Castle Gastro Lounge and it. was. awesome. We will be back for sure!!! Pimento Cheese Fritters with Andouille Sausage and the Sky Castle Burger with House Made Pickles. MMMMMMM sadly I only ate about a little less than half the bun before I quit it. Amazing how much your body can change after just 30 days of clean eating!

SkyCastle Bham

Favorite Recipe: Paleo/Whole 30 Sloppy Joes! I made this two weeks ago and served it over a baked potato and it was amazing!

Sloppy Joes - Paleo and Whole30 approved and can be made in just 30 minutes! So much flavor!:

Favorite Workout: This one will leave you burning for hours! Popsugar Metabolic Mash Up!

Favorite Lust: Now that one of my favorite shirts fit again, I want this black vest to go with it!

Favorite Links:

–Not sure when to toss things in the refrigerator? Guess no more with this guide!

–I am always interested to see the trends for the next season. According to Glamour, these are 5 trends for spring you can start wearing now.

–Any Stabler fans out there? Apparently, the writers of SVU were coming up with a finale if they were to be cancelled. Thankfully they weren’t. Buttt apparently Stabler was going to be asked to come back for it. Get all the details here and tell me if you think maybe he might come back in the next season anyways???? Please!!!!

Favorite Funnies:

Cannot stop laughing!:

Hahaha...I'm dying!:

Dear Taxman, I still don't understand why I can't claim the dog as a dependent. Ecard.:

SOOOO True..:

Close enough to walk:

When I meet a new animal…

When asking a friend about their new partner…

When you are trying to tell your spouse something without speaking…

When your sister tells you some crazy family gossip…

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What You No Good

When one of your blogging besties starts a new link up….you link up!!!

What's New With You
One thing that you have to learn when you move to another area of the country, is the terminology and lingo. Here in the deep south, instead of people asking “What’s new with you” they ask “What you no good?”
Currently I am…
Reading: Taste: A Love Story – I am about 30% done with this book and I would really like to finish it for the link up next Tuesday.
Listening: Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty – It’s my last read from her. I am going to need her to write something else!!! Also, I started listening to Stiff but I am waiting until I finish Last Anniversary to really dive in. It is too interesting and I need to be able to have more focus!
Last Anniversary
Itching: For a new blog design! I started looking at new designs to redo Besties do Bham because the one we chose isn’t formatting too great. Well upon finding ones I like for it….I found ones I like for here too. It has been about a year….year and a half…I think it is time for a change.
Working On: Getting caught up on blogging. I have been quite busy this week, so if I haven’t stopped by and commented…I will soon!
A few of you asked what my favorite recipes were on Whole 30 and what I snacked on, so I am thinking about doing one post and just sharing a bunch of recipe links and snacks. Would you all like that?
Been doing research on various things. How to take some ideas I have and bring them to fruition. Different diets and how they help your body. Plants. Natural medicines. I have a curious mind, what can I say?
Snacking: Speaking of snacks, I cant stop with the Target Archer Farms Sea Salt Pistachios. Amazing!
Archer Farms Sea Salt Pistachios
Organizing: Our pantry is a disaster. I want some type of back of the door baskets for all those pesky food wrap/storage bag boxes that fall on me all the time!
Planning: Spring will be here before you know it!!! I really want to start a garden this year so it is time to start planning what we want and when it is going to need to get planted. Time to call in my sister!
Excited:For my lunch today with Laura!!! I haven’t seen her since two days before Christmas. Whole 30 had us eating lunch at the office a lot more and not wanting to try new places since all we could eat was lettuce and water.
What are you up to?
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It’s Confession time! Spill it!

–It is day 31!!! Whole 30 is done! I might still be on a little bit of a high from getting on the scale and seeing that I dropped seven pounds this month. I am seriously so damn proud of myself! I have never been able to stick with anything food restrictive for this long without cheating. #selffive

–Don’t you hate when you hit publish on a post and you read through it later in the day and find an error. I rarely ever proofread my posts before I hit submit. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don’t. #wtfwasithinking

–When I am reading a book, I find myself constantly pushing to do a little more. Well one more page. Well now I only have two more pages until the chapter ends, I am not an animal I am going to have to finish this chapter. Oh, but now I have to know what this character is going to do about this!! #booknerd

–I have been using a concealer brush to dig out the foundation that is caked to the sides of the bottle because I am a cheap bitch and I refuse to let any of it go to waste. I wont buy foundation in packaging where I cant scrape every last drop anymore. I mean, that shit is expensive and I want my moneys worth! Plus I have extended the use of that foundation by two weeks now of scraping so clearly it was worth it! #cheapbitch #thrifty

–When football season is over, the weekends feel off. Like something is missing. #whatdidwedobeforefootballseason

–It took me an embarrassingly long time to set up my new lap top and dual monitors at work. I haven’t really had to do anything technology related in a long time because usually Chris handles that stuff for me. #ineedanadult #its2016shouldntitdoititself

–I’m putting creamer in my coffee this morning! I literally cannot wait! #mouthgasms

–I have noticed a pattern in my magazine tastes as I’ve gotten older. I went from 17 and Teen Vogue to Cosmo and Allure to Shape and Women’s Health (which I still enjoy both of those) but now I get the most excited when Martha Stewart Living and Real a Simple Arrive. #oldladystatus

–I appreciate all of your kind words on my Whole 30 results post yesterday! You all made me feel so good!!! #support #bloggersarethebest

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Whole 30
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Whole 30 – The Real Deal

THIS IS IT YOU GUYS!!!! THE FINAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I have completed the Whole 30, I wanted to share my thoughts and results with you. Whole 30 isn’t for everyone. I don’t think I am better than you because I was able to go 30 days without grains, sugar, alcohol, dairy, legumes, and processed foods. Some people have no need to cut those things from their diet.

For me, Whole 30 was about proving to myself that I could go 30 days without these things. Because if I am being honest, I haven’t really succeeded with anything this strict in the past. Not that I ever officially tried. I would say that I was watching what I ate or counting calories, but I would always have little cheats and no one else would know it…but I knew it. Whole 30 was proving that food does not control me.

I also have been having a lot of skin issues the past year. My cheeks are constantly broken out and I have never had it this bad my entire life. I knew something had to change and changing up all the skin care products wasn’t doing a thing for me.

Things I have Learned:

–You in fact wont die without cheese and grains. Crazy, right??? I was sure I would.

–I actually didn’t miss alcohol. Not even a little.

–I didn’t really miss much of anything after the first week if I am being completely honest. It literally got easier and easier as the  month went on. Sure, I would have loved to have some crackers and goat cheese or a cheeseburger or whatever, but I really didn’t miss anything. I even got to the point where I literally didn’t crave anything sweet.

–It is really helpful to have at least one friend doing this with you. Besides Amy and Laura who hosted The Breakup Challenge, my best friend Laura and her husband did Whole 30 with me. One of my coworkers joined me on week two and another joined us on my third week and we all three ate lunch in the break room every day and talked about all the fun things we have been cooking and how we have been feeling. I thank every single one of them for being supportive.

–If you already meal plan, this really isn’t much extra effort. The only thing that I have had to change while grocery shopping was that I really had to pay even more attention to labels than I already do.

–Eating super clean and healthy is more expensive. I think we all already knew this, but it was proven as our grocery bill has been higher since I started this. But to be fair, we are eating more meals at home than we did before. And I am spending zero  money on alcohol or coffee out…so I think that makes up for it.

–I can actually drink black coffee. You get used to not having creamer after about 7 to 10 days of straight up black. However, if I had to say one thing I missed the most…it was the creamer in my coffee in the mornings. It is just so much more enjoyable that way.

Myth or Fact:

Hanger – The second and third day I was a little tired and hangry, nothing I couldn’t get through. It was my fault for not eating enough the first week. Also, I had just got home from a vacation, that following week having to go back to the real world is a always a little trying anyways.

Tiger Blood – Yes, this is in fact true. While Tiger Blood didn’t last a full week or whatever for me, the feeling came and went certain days and it was euphoric!

Other than that, I didn’t really experience the other things that people claim that they go through. I wasn’t wanting to kill all the things or nap for days. I didn’t want to throw in the towel half way in. I honestly started feeling better after about day 5 or 6 and have been fine since. Ironically, my sugar cravings stopped around that time too. Go figure, right??


I wish I would have taken measurements, but I didn’t. So I can’t really give you facts like I shaved 2 inches off my waist and ass or anything like that. What I can tell you is that I fit into a top that I haven’t worn in a year. My “tight” pants aren’t so tight anymore. I had a male co-worker tell me “I was looking slimmer” and that “whole 30 was working for me.” One of my beloved Ahole Bros girls told me “You are looking fucking fabulous.” So yeah, there have been some body changes!!!!

As of this morning, I have lost exactly SEVEN POUNDS! That’s right 7 lb’s!!! Sure that might not seem like a lot to some people, but 7 pounds is the most I have ever lost in one month. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I stepped on the scale this morning. Disappointment, perhaps? I mean that is usually the feeling one gets around the scale. I basically danced all over the house.

Also, and most importantly for me….my face has completely cleared up. Sure, I have been left with some nasty scarring that I am going to have to figure out how to deal with. Does Mederma work on the face???? But I haven’t really had any bad breakouts this entire month which is HUGE for me.

Sadly, that means that I am in fact allergic or sensitive to something that I had been consuming regularly. I am side eyeing you dairy and grains. Ohhhhh the day when I figure out which one it is will be a sad, sad day my friends.

Before and After 1Before and After 2These next two are both AFTER

After 1After 2That white shirt is the one that didn’t fit me very well a year ago. And you can see that my black work pants are too big on my legs, they are puddling behind the and under the knees. Granted, they are a wider leg flare bottom, but not supposed to be that big where the knees are.


You guys, I literally did not even cheat once during this 30 days…..intentionally. You see, Saturday after my nephews basketball game….we ate a late lunch at Logans. I made sure to order my sweet potato with no butter or sugar, just cinnamon, etc. I did, however, forget to tell them no cheese on my salad. I ate at least 6 bites before I realized why the salad tasted so fucking delicious and amazing. It was because there was cheese in it. YOU GUYS!!!! I literally almost started crying at the table in the packed restaurant. Chris and my sister laughed and made fun of me, “Oh no, cheese!!! You’re going to die!!!” But seriously, I was so sad and upset with myself that I didn’t even notice and had consumed a few bites.

Obviously, I quit eating it immediately. But still. I had to be very honest and say that I did consume just a few bites of cheese on accident.

Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, I woke up Sunday morning with a pimple on my cheek. Just one. I am not sure that a few little bites of shredded cheddar could do that, but who knows. I mean, I doubt there was even a piece of it in every one of those 6 bites anyways.

What Now?

I am still trying to decide 100% what I am going to do now that I am done with Whole 30. My plan for now is to drop down to Paleo during the week and allow myself one full out cheat meal on Saturdays and perhaps a half a cheat for Friday lunches. Who would have thought that I would say something like “Drop down to paleo” in my entire life??? Not me friends….not me. And yet, here I am.

What is my first cheat meal?

Laura and I plan to try out a new restaurant later this week and that will be the first “real meal” that I will be having. Does someone smell a cheeseburger?

Will this be me on my first cheat meal?

Time will tell!

I plan to update you guys in a few weeks after I have gone through “reintroduction” and let you know my thoughts on all that and what I will be doing after. You know….the whole “lifestyle” thing.