Friday Favorites

Favorite Song – Hold On – Rusko featuring Amber Coffman – I have always loved this song. It is great for working out. Or dancing around in the bathroom while you are getting ready. Whatever your thing is.

Also, Chris still has his Halloween 2014 Mix free for download. He is dj’ing at a huge Halloween party tomorrow night and I am sure we will be listening to this during the day to get pumped up.

Favorite Recipe – Korean Beef – I can’t take credit for this one, I found it on Pinterest. This was so easy and delicious! Using extra lean ground beef and making my own “fried rice” kept it healthy too. See how yummy it turned out?!


Favorite News – I won a gift card to Centime from The Florkens! Yay! Now I just need to decide if I want a cool handwriting bracelet, or one of those super chic bar necklaces with my name on it. Hmmmmm thoughts?

Personal Handwriting Bracelet

Classic Nameplate Necklace

Favorite Livvy Pictures – Most days, Livvy usually walks to the edge of the stairs when I leave and acts like she might actually miss me. I love when she humors me this way. Some days, she even comes down the stairs some and sticks her little kitty body through the rails to reach out for me. It is pretty adorable. Leaving that face…or the faces of Gracie and Mac…is quite difficult.



Favorite Funnies


Ain’t this the truth…..

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You know what I like about people? ... Their pets.

My "I hate you" face must look very similar to my "tell me more" face.  I'll have to work on that.

Haha! I like my stickers! :) It's a nice reminder for all the mo's on the road that there is a family inside of the car, plus it helps me find my van in the sea of other mini vans.

Top 10 Funny Nursing ecards---

Oh you will be licking it soon! LIARS! Case Closed! LOL

Hmmmm I wonder if you would stay warmer like this in the winter?

17 Laziest Life Hacks Ever

Look….a bunch of douche canoes…..

The "My Dad Is A Lawyer": 25 outfits of people you will instantly recognize

Totally missed this joke when I was younger….

27 Jokes You Definitely Didn't Understand When You Were 10

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I am going to pretend like I can hang late with the cool kids tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes!


Confessions – Is It Just Me?

-Is it just me…or do you get in your car and route your map out in your head, visualizing which way you need to turn and which roads you are going to take? I am a girl with a plan, yo.

-Is it just me….or when you’re shopping and see 30% off and can instantly calculate said discount in your head. Anyone who ever goes shopping with me is constantly bringing me things and saying, “So this is $35.99 and is 30% off, what is it going to be for me?” Am I the only one who learned fractions and percentages in school? Or do you think this stems from a shopping problem?

-Is it just me…or does the manager and eight cashiers at Target know you by first name because you are in there too much. And you actually know things about the managers daily life because of chit chat at the register.

-Is it just me….or do you not understand how all of these fashion bloggers afford their extensive, expensive wardrobes.

-Is it just me….or do you only shop the sales racks at Anthropologie too. I mean, who can afford that shit full price? Not me. Not me at all folks.

-Is it just me….or do you start thinking about lunch around 9:00 am.

-Is it just me…or do you talk to your animals like people when no one is around.

-Is it just me…or do  you hate when people half ass stuff until you come along and do it better and then they try to copy you?

Confessions in ecards:

they never cover it and they aren't quite as fun to say


I'm not anti-social, I'm selectively social. It's just that my standards are very high and most people just don't make the cut.

Yup. My clean laundry has been folded and sitting in the laundry basket for over a week now.

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Dealing with some people is like trying to nail jello to the wall.

All I really want is a high paying job that lets me wear yoga pants and hoodies to work & only makes me work 4 days a week.  LOL!

Steven Humour: Funny Ecards - 30 Pics

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Vodka and Soda
The Hump Day Blog Hop

All Things Halloween

I wanted to link up with Melissa a few days this month for her blogging challenge, because she is awesome. Duh. Today’s prompt is “must watch Halloween cartoons.” In my opinion, there is only one must watch for me, and that is The Great Pumpkin.

Can you really call that a post? No! So let me go a few steps further with some more Halloween favorites!

My favorite must watch Halloween themed movie is Hocus Pocus.

My favorite childhood Halloween memory – When I was in elementary school, my parents would take my sister and I out trick or treating. We would start in our neighborhood, then head over to my Grandma Jerry’s neighborhood and finish by stopping at Grandma Josie’s house so that she could see our costumes too. Tracy and I always scored a ton of candy by going to so many houses. Since we lived right outside Pittsburgh, sometimes it would actually be snowing when we were out! Crazy, right? We would just wear sweat pants under our costumes so we weren’t cold.

There used to be this house in the very first neighborhood we lived in that terrified the crap out of me. It was next door to my great aunt’s house and the guy would dress up like an ape and jump out of his house as you were approaching his porch. I remember begging my parents to skip it every single year. Every year they told me not to be rude and that I had to go.

Tell me you wouldn’t be creeped out by a huge ape when you are five!

My favorite adult Halloween memory is probably the year that I dressed up like a witch and Chris dressed up like ….well a mix between a Star Trek character and Kanye.

Chris dj’d at our friend’s annual Halloween party, as he does every year. We just had a lot of fun and the party had a great turn out! These are just some of the people that were there to help set up when the party first started:

This party was just a few weeks before we got married. Maybe that is why is sticks out the most to me?!

My favorite Halloween candy is the mallow cream pumpkins.

What are some of your Halloween favorites?

Making Melissa

Weekend Shenanigans

Another weekend has come and gone! Only one more left for this month! That is just crazy talk!

Friday – We were invited to come to the soft opening of Babalu’s Tacos & Tapas, so we headed downtown Friday evening. We invited Chris’s parents to come with us. Babalu’s environment encourages socializing with friends while sharing small plates and tacos. They make fresh guac table side, have a great selection of specialty cocktails, and lots ofyummy deliciousness.


Since we were there as invited guests, our food was complimentary off a special fixed menu. We ordered the chips and pico as our appetizer.


For our side for the table, we split sweet potato fries. Let me tell you, these were probably the best sweet potato fries we have ever had. They were perfect and not greasy.


Chris ordered the pork belly tacos as his small plate.


I had the grilled chicken satay that came out over fresh rice with black beans and corn.


They also brought out a plate of small desserts to try!


Dulce de leche cheesecake, cayenne pepper chocolate truffle and cinnamon bread pudding. Each one was delicious! I think my favorite was the cinnamon bread pudding, but the cayenne pepper truffle had this little kick after each bite and it was incredible!

They play I Love Lucy on a projector above the bar, and have some different seating options like this long high top table in the middle, and nice chairs around coffee tables outside on the patio. They have screened garage doors to open when the weather is perfect, like Friday night. Overall we had a great time and will certainly be back again! Especially seeing as how it is about one block from my office!



Saturday – I had an adoption class at the humane society Saturday morning. We got done a little early, so I stayed for a little while and took some dogs out to the play yard and for a walk.

That afternoon, we met some of our friends at World of Beer to watch the Alabama vs Texas A&M game. The game was awesome! We completely shut them out 59 to nothing. I started my day with a red and white, of course! Gotta keep it festive. This was a wheat beer with some raspberry framboise mixed in. Delicious.

I hadn’t had anything to eat yet that day, so I ordered the ham and cheese sandwich with a side of edadame and gorbonzo salad. It was delicious!


Chris ordered a pretzel with beer cheese. I had two or three bites. It was so good!


The other beer I ordered was a Crispin Apple Cider. It was a pretty big bottle, so it was my last one. I loved the crispness of it and it wasn’t overly sweet like some of the other ciders out there.


Sunday – I woke up and cleaned the house, gave Gracie a bath and started cutting Mac’s fur. I say started because we were about 45 minutes in and both Mac and I needed a break. He probably lost about 5 lbs of fur! Haha! I forgot how tiny he is underneath all that fluff.

We then met up with Chris’s parents for lunch at J Alexanders and went to Bargain Hunt and Best Buy with them.

We went grocery shopping on our way home, then spent the rest of the night catching up on some shows. Of course, Livvy had to join!



Friday Favorites

Favorite Song:Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden – Do you really expect anything but a throw back song from me most days? I want to stand with you on a mountain….

Favorite Purchase: Michael Kors skinny black pants from TJ Maxx. I stopped last Friday on my way home from the airport. I needed some retail therapy after flying, duh! I scored these pants for $34.99, originally $99.95. I was super excited about it! They fit perfectly!



button detail

Favorite Delivery: I received this repairing hair care shampoo, conditioner and masque to try from Influenster. To say I am excited to see if it works in an understatement! I smelled the masque of course, and it smells wonderful! I will be trying it this weekend. Stay tuned for the results!


Favorite Food Find: While scouring the frozen section at Target last Sunday, I stumbled upon a new line of single serving items by Archer Farms. This quinoa was delicious! Like, hello feta, how could you not like this? Plus you know, it is healthy because quinoa. Perfect to pair with other items for lunch during the week!



Favorite Livvy Pictures: Amanda said she needed a dose of Livvy. She is harder to catch in picture these days…as she is full on crazy pants.


She is obsessed with the TV. If it is on, she is mesmerized by it and promptly jumps up and tries to touch what is on the screen. To which she gets yelled at and sent to her room because those kitty paws do not need to scratch our TV.


Watching TV yet again (from my lap) and undoubtedly plotting a way to get up on the entertainment center without us noticing. Not likely, Livvy. Not likely.


She is also obsessed with the dogs. From a distance. She sits in the window and stalks them when they are outside. We have to keep the blinds up and the curtain tied away from the window to keep her happy, or she meows until you fix it. Obviously.

Favorite Funnies:

I am not ok with drunk driving at all, yet I find this ecard hilarious….

Hmmm I can see the dogs pulling these shenanigans.

How Mac probably feels when he can’t find Livvy…..

funny meme app


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