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–I had a post started for yesterday and I decided not to post at all. I was behind on blog reading and responding to emails and had a zillion things to do for MCB….so I thought it best to not add to the crazy! Why is it that some weeks I feel I can never catch up, and others are cricket chirping quiet?! #bloggerprobz

–I ran late yesterday morning because I refused to wear my peep toe booties without polish on my toes. #girlprobz

–I had to leave the house wearing flip flops to let said toes dry and got stared down by some judgy bitch at the gas station. She basically had one eye brow, so I don’t understand why she was worried about my temporary driving shoes. #bitch

–Sometimes I believe in signs. Yesterday I had a fortune cookie and check out what it said…

Fortune Cookie

This morning during my run, my arches of my feet and my ankles were killing me more than the actual run. Yup, new shoes would indeed do me a world of good. #higharchprobz

–In tracking my food this week and evaluating where I need to make changes to start IIFYM next week I learned that I am not getting enough protein. Not even a little close to the right amount. #oops

–I am all kinds of confused on what was appropriate dress for today. We start out around 75 degrees and a cold front is supposed to come through and by evening we will be below freezing with more threats of winter weather tomorrow morning. Only in Alabama folks. #alabamaweatherprobz

Even my Authentic Weather app is confused…


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Weekend Shenanigans & Getting Fit

Can you believe March is here? Say whaaa?

I had been fighting off getting a cold starting around Thursday after lunch. On Friday we decided to stay in since I wasn’t feeling 100% We caught up on some of our shows and then I started reading Yeah, Maybe. You guys, I could NOT put this book down! I literally read half of the book in one sitting. The only reason I stopped was because it was getting super late and I knew I needed to go to bed.

Saturday we decided to hit up the thrift store in Pell City. It was a bust, but since we were half way to Oxford at that point….we decided to keep driving! We hit up a few there, stopped by my mom’s house for a while to see her and my fursisters, ate at Jefferson’s and then headed up Hwy 431 and hit every thrift shop between Oxford and Gadsden!! We ended our evening by birthday shopping for Christopher and Cooper (two of our nephews) and getting some of our grocery shopping done. Grocery shopping on Saturday night is awful, so many meats had expiration dates of Monday. Uh, no thanks…so I am going to have to finish getting our stuff tonight after work.

We grabbed Moe’s BBQ on the way home.

Weekend eats…

weekend eatsChicken Salad Chick lunch on Friday (scoop of Fancy Nancy with pasta salad and fruit), Moe’s BBQ Smoked Turkey with baked beans and potato salad(which I gave to Chris), and Jefferson’s cheese fries that had way too much cheese on them. Yes, there is a thing as too much cheese…who knew??

Sunday I worked on some blog posts, organized and started cataloging our video game collection, reading the rest of Yeah, Maybe (review to come) and finishing my research on IIFYM and purposeful household plants (post to come!!).

I realized that all of my nieces and nephews are too old for the Sesame Street Wrapping paper I have. I finished up one of the rolls for Cooper because I know he cares nothing about what the presents are actually wrapped in…just what they are!


We took the presents to my sisters house to celebrate with them! I can’t even believe that Cooper is 5 today and Christopher recently turned 10!!!! It also made me remember that the boys are the same age difference as Tracy and I. And that all of our youngest nieces and nephews (there are three of them the same age) all turn 5 this year and will be starting kindergarten in the fall! I can’t even handle that!

In other news…

Erin and Kristen brought back their 4 Weeks Fit Challenge! This is perfect timing for me! I shared my new work out schedule on Friday, so that will be part of my goal for the next four weeks…continuing with my C25K program.

The other part of my challenge will involve the kitchen. If you didn’t already know, unfortunately, abs are made in the kitchen. I have been doing research for a few weeks now on the IIFYM plan and then Mia posted this last week. Her post was great and covered the basics that you need to know, so I wont go in to some long spill.

Basically you are allotting yourself “x” amount of calories each day. But you are focusing on how many of those calories come from protein, carbs and fats. You can eat whatever you want, just so long as it fits in your macros.

Shit got real and I bought a food scale, so you know I am serious!


If you are planning on participating in the challenge, best of luck! Let me know so I can keep up with you! There is more winter weather planning to wreak havoc on the south in the form of freezing rain later this week. Gross. I love snow, I do not love ice. I really enjoyed the snowy views on my commute Thursday morning…

snow day
I hope everyone has a great week!
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Friday Favorites

Favorite Song – James Bay – Let it Go – I freaking love this song and it has been on repeat basically since I first heard it. Strangely enough I heard it on Vampire Diaries. I seriously find the best songs from that show and PLL, sadly. Take a listen and tell me what you think!

Favorite Work Out – I mentioned that I started the C25K program this week! My new workout schedule looks like this:

Monday – C25K

Tuesday – Back/Shoulders/Chest

Wednesday – C25K

Thursday – Arms

Friday – C25K

Favorite Beauty Product – Last week I shared that I was loving the St Ives Apricot Scrub. The perfect partner to that? Ponds moisturizer. You guys, my skin just soaks this bad boy up and LOVES it! My skin has been insane the last few months with break outs, dry patches and just overall blah. This moisturizer and scrub combination has really kicked my skin back in to shape and I am loving the results. The fact that they are both found at Target is even better! In fact, I found them in the travel sized area!!! They have lasted over a month now too, all for just a few dollars so no big loss of investment if you don’t love them.

POND'S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Favorite Recipe – I made Snow Ice Cream on Wednesday night for the first time in my life. I really enjoyed it! (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk.)


Favorite Delivery – I won a Bondi Band in Artney’s give away! Perfect timing for all the running I am going to be doing! Also, if you love running and fitness…you should follow Artney! She is such an inspiration, and a fellow Alabamian! She just ran the Mercedes Half Marathon last weekend and she went to Disney for their marathon. If I were to ever run a marathon….which less face it is probably a slim chance…but it would be Disney for sure!!!!



Favorite Coffee – I realize that it is a bit late for this, but Target had a coupon in their Cartwheel for Caribou Reindeer Coffee. When I lived in Atlanta, I loved Caribou just as much as Starbucks and the others out there. Right now Cartwheel has it for 30% off because the season is over. It is freaking delicious with my sweet cream creamer. It is around $7 for 16 cups with that discount. Get you some!

Favorite Funnies

Linking up with Amanda! I have been loving all her wedding pictures this week, such a stunning bride and a beautiful wedding!

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Lip Products – Things I Have Been Loving Lately

I have always been weird about lip products. If a color is too noticeable, I feel like a five year old trying on mommy’s make up. Or a straight up clown. Does anyone else feel like that? I love bold lip colors on other people, yet I never find myself taking the plunge. I used to have an old boss that would always tell me to put lipstick on. Ok, I get it….it does make you look instantly put together!

But how do you keep it on? I always used to find it a pointless effort, as it would disappear almost instantly! I have been dabbling with finding my perfect products over the last few months, and I would like to share some of those gems for you today!


Let’s start with the foundation! You most certainly have to have soft, non chapped licks to get a color to look good!

Vaseline Lip Therapy – I have shouted my love to the roof tops several times for the Rosy Lips by Vaseline and my love is still burning strong. I picked up the Creme Brulee one before Christmas too. These sit all over our house and I use them daily. 

Chapstick Hydration Lock Day and Night - I am loving this find! I picked this up about two weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. I love putting the day on under my lip color, and the night…well duh! Slather it on right before bed!

Let’s add some color!



Julep - When I was getting the Julep box, one of my favorite things I received was the lip gloss!!! I use this one several times a week and it is one of my favorites as far as color and feeling go. It doesn’t last near as long as the Rimmel stuff though, but still a winner for me. I am not sure what color this is, the tube says A41 (maybe it is Graceful or Glowing?). In the picture above, it is the very light pink color, the fifth one down.


Rimmel Provocalips – I am in love! The pigment and staying power of this is amazing. I can put it on first thing in the morning and it lasts me at least through lunch, which is a huge deal for me! I picked up I’ll Call You and I can promise I will be getting more!!! This is the first (top) color. These are right under $7 at Target and Walgreens and they are worth every. single. penny. If you can find them!!! They are sold out pretty much everywhere in stores right now.


Rimmel Stay Glossy - For right under $4 at Walmart, these have been my favorite bargain find! I picked up Captivate Me and Popcorn. Popcorn, third down from top, is more of a nude shade and I love to wear it over my Revelon Creme Brulee. Captivate Me, second down from top,  is my most favorite darker shade! It is just amazing on my pale skin.


Don’t mind my ridiculous picture…

Revelon Colorburst Lip Butter – I picked up the Colorburst Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. It is the forth down from the top. I really like the feel of this one and it is a great nude color. I pair it with the Rimmel Popcorn Stay Glossy and it works great. The staying power isn’t as great as Provocalips, but it is also two completely different products.

Do you have any lip products that you are just loving lately? Let me know, maybe I will try it!

I am linking up with Joey, who still has her book on sale for $1.99 this week!!! I basically am friends with a famous author. So cool. I scooped this up and will have a review on it soon!


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Happy Wednesday!!! And if you live in Alabama, Happy Snow Day!!! I am working from home today without pants awaiting the snow! This might be the best thing ever. I hope we get to see some snow! In true southern fashion, I am ok with snow as long as I am safe and warm at home with my doggies. Gracie and Mac will be my assistants today. Mac is a ballbuster I tell ya!

–Yesterday at work I was already thinking about Day 2 of C25K (my work out this morning). Perhaps I have finally caught the running bug after years of loathing in. Either way, I am just excited to be out of my rut! #beastmode

–I think the treadmill is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I have a serious competitive side that comes out when the treadmill says I have burned “x” amount of calories during my work out and I think…well that is only 25 more away from this number. Then I get to that number and I think oh many just a few more and I hit this…..and so my workout went about 10 minutes longer than the program said this morning! :) #OCD

–I have the best sister in the entire world! The fact that she came to help us out on Sunday with no notice means the world to me. Not an easy task with four kids! We weren’t always close growing up, but I cannot express how much our relationship means to me now. #sistersarebestfriends

–I finished Serial and don’t know what to do with my life commute time. It might be time to dive into audio books! Kristen will be so pleased. #booknerd

–Pinterest is a black hole of my time. I go on there for one thing and two hours later I have pinned 250 things and still haven’t looked at the thing I went on there for! #ADD

–I had this awesome post planned out in my head for tomorrow about the amazing clothes I saw at Target, but then nothing I wanted to share was available online. #WTF Target? Don’t you hate when that happens??

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My single days…

Not that I need anymore, but better than my ass.

Maybe later today

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