friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: DJ Snake & Aluna George You Know You Like This. This song has the weirdest freaking video ever with the ape and what not, but the song is awesome and I like to run to it. I know the video has a deeper meaning, but I like to make the joke “no one knows the struggle of the ape.”

Favorite Delivery: My Sephora package arrived! I had run out of foundation and am going back to an old friend, Make Up Forever. I also grabbed the Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy, my free NARS birthday gift and I received a few other free samples! I will let you know my thoughts on all of it soon!


Favorite Product Find: Piper Wai natural deodorant. I have been looking at natural deodorants for awhile. I have become increasingly paranoid at all the toxins I come in contact with on a daily basis. The natural deodorants at places like Target you just cant trust. Or at least, I can’t. I’ve tried.

You want the real life? I am a sweater. I am from the north and I have chosen to live in the south where temperatures make you fully aware that hell really does exist and we are living in it. My northern blood hates to get hot, and it doesn’t take much for me to feel like I am dying. So when Amanda shared this deodorant I immediately emailed her and asked to give me the real 411 on it.

While the paste is a bit weird to apply, I was surprised at how quickly it vanished in to my skin and how I was instantly ready to get dressed. The scent is a clean smell, and honestly could go for a guy or girl. You use a small pea size amount, so it looks like the container will last awhile. It has held up during my work outs this week and I am impressed.

Pay no attention to my nail polish. I had just gotten done scrubbing the shit out of my nails after doing super muddy yard work and had chipped off a lot of my polish.


 Favorite Beauty Hack: I received the Sally Hansen VoxBox from Influenster a few weeks ago and I have to say, I am really liking the Airbrush Legs! I haven’t been to the beach since July 4th and so I am turning in to my pale self again. Also, my legs have some imperfections with scars from various cuts and bruises from being a klutz and most recently I have about 15 fire ant bites on my ankles from cutting grass. It is still hot as crap outside, so I am wearing dresses all of the time. I love the fact that I can rub this stuff on as part of my hair and make up routine in the morning before I get dressed to give it time to dry. Then I am out with perfectly even toned legs with a splash of color that is believable. Also, you can totally wash this stuff off with soap and water so no harm no foul.


Favorite Recipe: I made this Korean Grilled Chicken Wednesday night. I followed the recipe perfectly with the exception of cooking it on the foreman instead of a grill. It was delicious!!! The green beans were bathed in some olive oil, Parmesan cheese and garlic salt and cooked for 15 minutes at 425 degrees.

FullSizeRender (97)

Favorite Links:

–Want to feel old? Like really old? Read this. Kids these days don’t even understand!

–What kind of Haute Dog are you? I took this quiz and got Chow Chow. That is the last dog I would expect to be. But look at the description:

You are dependable and intelligent. You don’t take life too seriously and cherish the time you get to spend alone. You’d prefer to hang out with a small group rather than partying until 4 a.m., and nothing compares to an alarm-free nap on a rainy day.

Sounds about right….

Favorite Funnies:

retro funny....

So me.

Having plans

Ikr pizza have me like dis





Now, if you’ll excuse me…

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Linking up with Amanda. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!!

Allure Beauty Box, beauty

August 2015 Allure Beauty Box


Another month of awesome products with the August 2015  Allure Beauty Box!!!

What’s the Deal: For $15 a month, Allure sends you 5 deluxe size beauty samples, a mini magazine about the samples and usually some type of coupon.  I pay for this on my own, and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post, a girl just likes to talk beauty sometimes, ok?! You can see last month’s box here.

Let’s take a look at what I received, shall we??

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo (full size $20 for 8 ounces)

FullSizeRender (98)

What it is: A gentle clarifying shampoo with a peppermint scent. This shampoo has a great lather that is supposed to whisk away all the grime, grease and hair product gunk.

My Thoughts: This stuff smells AMAZING you guys! AMAZING!!! I really do feel like my hair is cleaner when I use this. I have super fine hair that tends to be rather oily at times and I had no issues with this. I didn’t feel like it was too drying either. I really liked how it felt a little cool/tingly after lathering. It said in the allure mini-mag that guys love the scent too and end up stealing it from their gals so if you get it, keep tabs on it!

Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream (full size $19.99 for 4 ounces)


What it is: A medium-weight moisturizer that has skin protecting anti-oxidants. This is to soften and plump skin without it feeling like you have anything on your face.

My Thoughts: I have used this for about two weeks. I feel like a product like this takes much longer than that to really get the feel for it and see if it is working. With that being said, my face is super sensitive to lots of things and this is giving me zero problems. I like the way my skin looks after using it and that fact that it absorbs pretty quickly. It says you can find this at CVS and it is a great price point. A little goes a long way. If I continue to like it, I will certainly grab it again for the price point and availability!

Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner(full size $24)

What it is: A gel liner with an innovated click pen.

My Thoughts: I love They’re Real mascara and this might be a great find. HOWEVER!!! The packaging of this sample is the most horrid thing EVER!!! You have to squeeze up some liner out of a slanted opening and just WTF??? While the liner was great and lasted all day without a smudge, and came off nicely with eye make up remover….I tossed this thing out because the application was a total nightmare. Surely the full size can’t be like this?? It says the full size has a click pen where you can dispense the perfect amount? I suggest checking it out at Sephora or something to be sure, like I said…the formula was great and worth a look.

Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme (full size$30 for 5 ounces)

What it is: A lightweight styling cream to smooth frizz, boost waves and add texture to fine hair.

My Thoughts:I am seriously loving this product you guys! B&B does it again! Last week it rained about every day and we were literally at 100% humidity. I have noticed that my frizz has been much more under control!!! I have super fine hair and this does not weigh it done or make it look greasy in the least bit. Also, a little goes a long way, it has a pleasant clean smell and doesn’t leave the hair feeling crunchy or anything. This will be a repurchase for sure!!

(Allure) & Butter London Arm Candy Polish  (full size $15 or $30 for four 0.2 ounce bottles)

 What it is: Allure teamed up with Butter London to create two special colors for their line. There was a blue option (Violet’s Revenge) and a pink option(The Sweet Spot). Part of me wishes that I would have received the blue option because I have so many pink polishes!!! But let’s be honest, I love pink so I am totally ok with it. And this color is super pretty! It is a dusty mauve color and really perfect for year round wear.

FullSizeRender (100) this was on day 2 after typing for 9 hours at work

My Thoughts: This is my third Butter polish. I like them quite well, but usually when I am purchasing them for myself, I get them from TJ Maxx and Marshall’s because who wants to pay $15 for a polish? I will say that this is a great formula. It literally goes on smooth as butter and it lasts a decent week for me, which is way more than I can say for Essie.

(Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser full size $20 for 6.76 ounches )

What it is: A foaming cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin that cleans the face and removes make up without stripping skin.

My Thoughts:The first thing I noticed was the smell, it is delightful!! This is a great option for a face wash. It removed my make up nicely and didn’t make my sensitive skin go crazy. I have used this little bottle for 3 weeks now and you can barely tell that I have opened it, so a little goes a long way!!! It says that you can find this at I would probably repurchase this again, the full size bottle would probably last at least 6 months or more given my use thus far on one that is just 1.69 compared to 6.76.

I really enjoyed this box. I will say that I have noticed that Allure sends a lot of Bumble and Bumble stuff. I am going to be honest, it doesn’t bother me because I actually love everything that I have tried so far!!! But if I didn’t, I would be pissed to keep seeing that brand repeated.

Have you used any of these products yet? What are you loving?



–I got all excited and ordered a few items that I needed last week online. This week I realized why I don’t usually order stuff online. I have ZERO patience to wait for it to get to my house!!! #nopatience

And really I just want to be like….

(If you can’t read lips, he is saying “mail!!!”)

–Two of my coworkers and I are out in cube land and we cannot stand how loud some of the people are in our building. I mean these are grown ass adults that should know what an inside voice is. I can’t even think or focus when they are talking. If I am on my phone, I can barely hear the people on the other end. There are days I literally want to pop over of my cube and be like…

They leave their speaker phones on really loud too and one of my coworkers has literally gotten up and slammed their office door shut multiple times and they don’t get the hint. I mean how do you even handle a situation like that??? They don’t work for my company so it’s not like our boss can send out a friendly email reminder or anything, you know?? #STFU #ihatepeople

–I still really don’t understand Snapchat. Does someone want to explain it to me like I am the dumbest person on the planet? I was watching some of your stories and I think they are cool but how do you do it? Are you a wizard? Are the snaps going out to everyone on your list? Is snaps what it is called?  #oldladystatus

–Last night I realized that I missed Jenna and Julien’s new podcast for this week because I had been listening to an audiobook. Well it is part three of conspiracy theories and I got really excited! I love listening to that stuff. Some of it sounds totally far fetched and crazy, and other stuff makes complete sense and sounds totally legit. #aliens

–I’m eating a box of Cracker Jacks as I type this. Don’t judge. #youknowyoulovethem

–Is it just me, or does blogland seem a bit sparse lately? I was done reading posts super early yesterday and I almost thought for a minute that maybe Bloglovin was down again or something but it doesn’t seem so?

Confessions in ecard:

funny quotes and sayings

Best Great Funny Sayings And Quotes 10.

:) haha

Totally me right now

Need A Laugh? 30 #Funny #Quotes And #Sayings


...........idiots.. ignoramus .... idjits.....imbeciles.

My entire life I am like…

When I'm mad at someone but then they ask if I'm hungry.


That's why I usually just roll them….

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Sh!t Chris Says

Sh!t Chris Says

It’s time for another edition of SHIT CHRIS SAYS!!!!!

Sh!t Chris Says

To understand the first one, you need to know what child’s pose is in yoga:

–I was down on the floor in the living room doing child’s pose to stretch my back before bed. Chris comes walking through and says:”Are you worshiping the air purifier?”

–After finishing a series on Netflix, Chris looks over at me sadly and says “Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away.”

–Chris’s latest picture on Instagram. Be sure to read the caption….

–Chris asks me to heat up two frozen White Castle burgers. As I am grabbing them out of the freezer he says, “If there’s anything else in there that can give me cancer, go ahead and warm that up too!”

–We are driving in the car and Pitbull’s song “Fun” comes on. After a minute or so Chris says, “I don’t understand this song. It’s like Beetlejuice meets The Little Mermaid.”

I lost it! LOST IT!!! Because he is right!!! Take a listen for yourself and tell me you don’t feel the same way?!?!?! You have to make it to at least the first chorus break to get the true Little Mermaid feel.


{Edit}I should warn you that if you listen to that song more than once, you may start to actually like it. And then before you know it you are dancing around your kitchen singing along to it and adding it to your running playlist. Damn you Chris Brown!!!! Every song you touch is catchy as hell and I hate you so hard.

weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Oh hey there last week of August! We have one more weekend left before football season dominates our lives weekends. This weekend was fabulous. We had a day of activities and a day of laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing.

Friday night when I came home, Chris surprised me with the Fitbit HR! He had it all wrapped up in a gift bag and even had a sweet card and said it was a just because I love you present. So sweet! So far, I am loving it!!!

Saturday started off with a great work out cutting grass. My fitbit said that I walked nearly 3.5 miles cutting the grass. Hells yes! After that, it was time for a well deserved lunch! We met some friends at Chuy’s and this deliciousness was to be had…

FullSizeRender (89)

One of my favorite things about Chuy’s is all the dips! So many choices, what is a tortilla chip to do?

FullSizeRender (88)

While we were leaving Chuy’s, we decided to head over to Toys R Us. Chris found his next car…

FullSizeRender (90)

And I found mine…

FullSizeRender (91)

I mean come on, you could play real life Mario Kart with that sweet ride!!!

When we were leaving Toys R Us, there was all this candy up front. We started to get all nostalgic on how awesome it was to go to candy stores when we were little and pick out exactly what you loved. Then we were like hmmmm are there any candy stores around here??? Our friend Josh took to Google and found one in Crestline Village so we headed over there to Sugar! So appropriately named, right?

FullSizeRender (92)

It was like heaven. We were as happy as kids in a candy store!!! Literally!!! We filled up on all the sweets and then went to play some life size chess.

FullSizeRender (93)

FullSizeRender (94)

FullSizeRender (95)

It was humid as fuck outside, as you can see from my hair. So we did what needed to be done, we headed to the adult candy store, World of Beer! Duh! Do you even know me?

FullSizeRender (96)

While we were there, we planned to have a get together at our house that evening. We had the most guests over that we have ever had since we lived in this house! It was nice having everyone over….and not having to drive 30 minutes to an hour back home when we all parted ways. Chris and I cleaned up the snacks and walked to our bedroom. It was fabulous!!!

Sunday started off with grocery shopping before the rain. We grabbed some Moe’s BBQ on the way home and parked ourselves in front of the TV for a Once Upon a Time Marathon. We are well in to season 2 now! My Fitbit only say about 5,100 steps yesterday compared to over 15,000 on Saturday. Oops.

Kristen talked me in to doing Snapchat on Friday. I am still trying to learn my way around it. I am such a newb. So you know…maybe add me if you are in to that! :) LifebyNadine

I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend. I am linking up with Biana!