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One More Week

We have one more week left of January! Are you staying on track with your goals, resolutions, etc? I sort of got a cheat this last week. When you do Whole 30, you aren’t supposed to get on the scale at all. Well, I had to go to the doctor for my six week postpartum appointment and the nurse literally asked me what the scale said as she was writing on my chart sooooooo I had to look. So I know that I have lost a few pounds already this month! That is what kept me going this week because I was so tempted to cheat but I didn’t and I am so proud!

I was cleared for very low impact work outs. I will be starting tomorrow with some light arm weights and walking. I cant do anything too crazy, and no ab work for at least another four weeks she said. No problem, I hate ab work. LOL.

As far as eating goes, last week I made a lot of my favorites: kung pao chicken, pork chops, roasted potatoes, crock pot chicken.  This week’s menu will include a new chili recipe, sloppy joes over potates, taco bowls, turkey burgers and turkey stuffed zucchini ravioli. All Whole 30 compliant of course!

This is my favorite part of Whole 30, or any clean eating consistency. I am feeling lighter and more energized, and to me, that feeling is priceless!!! It takes a few weeks for those changes to happen, but when they do it is so much easier to keep on going. Tiger blood. Yes, please.

I just wanted to do my weekly check in for the link up, I will be back tomorrow with regular content! Happy Tuesday!

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friday favorites

Hey there Friday!!! This week went by so stinking fast that I am pretty sure I have whiplash! I cleaned out a little of the garage this week, and chipped away a little more in the spare room. I also have binged more of Gilmore Girls and read more kid books to Zoe than I can count. She loves to look at the pictures in books!

Favorite Moments: Of course they all revolve around this little girl! She has been smiling up a storm and “talking” to me every day.

Favorite Recipe: This Whole 30 compliant Sloppy Joe recipe has been my jam!

Sloppy Joes - Paleo and Whole30 approved and can be made in just 30 minutes! So much flavor!:

Favorite Lust: Have you guys seen the new Too Faced Peach palette?! I am pretty sure this is going on the need list. It is gorgeous and I heard it smells amazing.


The highlighting palette looks awesome too and I heard that it looks great on lighter skin tones like myself.

Favorite Funnies:

Soft, obviously…

Image result for choose between tacos and skinny

Image result for 9am: egg whites

I don't have a squad but I know 4 or 5 people who probably don't want me to die:

The child AND the old lady!:

There is something wrong with that man, how dare he not break up his Kit Kat:

Linking up with Amanda. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Weekend Shenanigans and Back On Track

We are over half way through the month already, what?!?! I cant believe how fast my leave has gone, I will be going back to work soon. But I don’t like to even think about that right now, so on to more fun things like the weekend! This weekend we had dinner at my sister-in-laws Saturday night and then did a little late night grocery shopping. Sunday was a day of lounging on the couch and catching up with all of our TV shows. Yesterday, my I took my sister out shopping for some new work clothes. We had so much fun! Zoe loved getting to see both her aunts and her two youngest cousins this weekend.


So much excitement at Nordstrom Rack, someone decided to take a nap. 

Her Sunday game is strong too, see…


As far as my Whole 30 journey? Well, things have been going well since I got back on track from the few infractions during the snow. I have been bringing back some of my favorite recipes from my last Whole 30 and trying a few new ones too. Emotionally this time is different for me since I am doing it for different reasons. It is a little harder to keep motivated to stay on track because I don’t have the work outs to go with it. I think I had an easier time last year because I was working out consistently as well and feeling results. You know, endorphins and shit.

Image result for endorphins gif

It is easier to make the healthy choice now than the first week though, since I have flushed processed foods and sugars from my system I am not craving them as much. I am starting to turn to my long term goal and deciding where I will go on February 1st. I am thinking about doing a 90/10 diet or maybe….counting calories. And ohhhhhhh how I hate hate hate counting calories and tracking everything I eat.  We will see, I am still on the fence. Just trying to figure out the best way to stay on course.

Here is what my food has been looking like lately. No one said that being healthy meant being boring! Some of my favorite things tailored to be Whole 30 compliant! Thai Chicken Soup, Sloppy Joes over a potato and Kung Pao Chicken with stir fry veggies.

Whole 30 food pics

I was supposed to go to the doctor for my six week postpartum check up yesterday. They called me an hour before my appointment to let me know that they had accidentally scheduled me with the wrong doctor and that my doctor wasn’t in. I am rescheduled for late this week, so I am hoping for some good news to be healing well and hopefully be released to start working out again!  It is going to take a long time to build back up to where I was, so the sooner I can start…the better.

Link up with Amy and I and let us know how you are doing!

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friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Oh hey, Friday!! This week sort of got away from me! I realized that when you don’t have somewhere to be every day, you begin to have no sense of what day it is. I am speaking the actual day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) and the date. This week I have made great progress in the spare room!!! I am so proud of myself for committing to it during Zoe’s morning naps instead of sitting and watching TV. I was 5 weeks postpartum on Sunday and it was like a switch flipped and I feel much more human that I did before! I really have my mobility back too!! I still cant climb in our bed, but I started sleeping on the couch laying on my side instead of sleeping in the recliner. That coupled with the fact that Zoe has been sleeping in 3-5 hour stretches over night means I am getting the best sleep I have had since even before having her!!!

I need all my friends to stop getting sick! A few weeks ago, a girlfriend was supposed to come by one afternoon to visit for awhile but she and her daughter were sick. This week I was supposed to go to lunch with my lunch club and introduce them to Zoe…but illness strikes again. I miss my friends, yo! Plus they need to see Zoe before she is a teenager, because that is how she is growing these days!

Favorite Moment: The doctor telling me that Zoe is perfect at her one month check up on Tuesday!!! I already knew that, but nice to have medical confirmation. wink wink 

You guys, this smile. I can’t handle how she melts my heart with this smile!!! She already knows how to turn on the charm. Chris and I are in serious trouble!

Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping and baby

She is 9.2 pounds and 21 inches long. When I told that to my sister, she laughed. Both her sons were born larger than that and here Z is at five weeks.

Favorite Product: My trusty Body Shop Vitamin E moisturizer is the only thing that is giving my dry dry dry skin any relief this winter. I order at least 2 tubs of this every year during one of their 40-50% off sales. Never pay full price for their stuff, they always run sales.

Favorite Lust: I need to get some new shoes before I start working out again. Mine were killing me and are super worn out. What are you favorites?? I sort of get overwhelmed when I look. I am liking the way these look

Favorite Funnies:

Glad I finally understand how men feel….

Image result for labor is like the man cold

Image result for this nap isn't going to take itself

When you are out and don’t want to run in to anyone.

Funny Animal Pics                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

love cute animals

Linking up with Amanda, I will be catching up on blog reading, staring at Zoe, and hopefully making more headway in the spare room. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

weekend shenanigans, Whole 30

Shenanigans and a Back on Track Check In

I decided to talk about my weekend with the Back on Track check in because…well…I have to talk about my weekend to explain myself.

What had happened was…

Well, really, what had happened was I wasn’t prepared on Friday. I knew bad weather was coming but I wasn’t sure what our plans were. We usually stay at our house when there is snow and it’s no big thing. Well, with a newborn we decided to go to my in-laws. We were worried that we would lose electricity with the ice and how can you keep a 5 week old warm with no heat?? And then the fact that we live 15 minutes off the closest exit up a mountain isn’t very conducive if there is an emergency and we need to get out. Your views on everything change the minute you are responsible for a tiny life.


I didn’t really think ahead to get snacks and food to take with me and well Whole 30 isn’t the most accommodating thing to do when you aren’t home so I just went with whatever I could because hunger won. I had at least 4 or 5 infractions over the weekend and then on Saturday night when we got home I said fuck it and had some wine. So I restarted Whole 30 yesterday.

To be honest, I am not disappointed in myself. Last year, Whole 30 was all about me trying to prove to myself that I could do it. That I could stick to the rules for 30 days and have the will power. And I did it and it was awesome. This year, Whole 30 is more about me getting my eating back in control and get my “healthy lifestyle” attitude back. Lifestyles include some splurges here and there so I am not too mad about it. I am at the point in my life where I realize that I went off the path for a meal or two but I can get right back on. The old me would have thought that I ruined it and I would have given up and started again next month only to have the same thing occur. Now? I can just be good from here on out and it is fine. No giving up.

So other than the infractions, my weekend consisted of staying at our in-laws Friday morning until Saturday afternoon. The rest of the weekend we stayed at our house and I got some things done around the house, watched my Steelers beat some Dolphin ass, started reading Magnolia Story and caught up on some of our shows.


Then of course, there were the many faces of Little Z! Her little newborn sized clothes are starting to get too short for her! Ahhhhh don’t get me started I might cry.


Link up with Amy and I every Tuesday this month and let us know how you are doing! If I try any new recipes this week, I will share them next Tuesday!

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