On Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and everyone likes to take time to reflect on what they are thankful for. I have plenty of things to be thankful for; my husband, family, dogs, our home, my job, friends, health, food, this blog and all the people I have connected with.The thing is, shouldn’t we be reflecting on that every day? Not just the big obvious things either, but all the little things we take for granted…

Pain relievers, toilet paper, extension cords, soap, washing machines, light bulbs, coffee, cars, beer, HVAC systems, chocolate, and the list goes on and on.

So as we enter in to this holiday season, every time you get frustrated because four different people want you to come to their house to celebrate on the same day…be thankful that you have those four people in your lives who care enough to want you there.

When your child is screaming in the store and wants all 987 toys they see in front of them, take a deep breath and be thankful that your child is healthy enough to want those toys. Some parents will spend their holiday in the hospital with a child fighting for their lives, or mourning the one they lost or never got to meet.

And when you are stuck in the holiday mall traffic, be thankful that we have men and women every day who are risking their lives for our country to have freedom and petty things like commercialism.

And of course, Wednesday isn’t really Wednesday without a few confessions.

Confessions in ecards


The greatest loss of the 90's.

This is true.

You know it!


So many of my friends will attest to this

Sh!t Chris Says

It is time for another installment of Shit Chris Says!!!!

Sh!t Chris Says

One of my friends tagged me in a post on Facebook that was really sweet and she left a comment that she tagged me because she said that is how she saw mine and Chris’s relationship.

In the article it said something about the guy making the girl breakfast. As I was reading it, she left a comment saying she tagged us because we have our hobbies and give each other space.  My response, followed by Chris’s….



This one makes me a little sad to share, because I still miss Livvy…but she provided us with a lifetime of stories in the little time she lived with us

–Livvy is running around the living room super fast, jumping from the couch to the chair.

Me: She just flies around the house like Harry Potter!


Ummm I am pretty sure that cat only knows one speed, and she is set to crazy! It was just hilarious how serious he was when he said “go normal speed!”

–Chris brings a handful of Cheez Its to the couch.

Me: Your nightly Cheez Its?

Chris: Yeah, I am going to eat them otter style

Then paws some in his mouth like an otter

–After watching the Law and Order SVU and Chicago PD crossover episodes Chris says…

“That was one of the best crossovers ever. One time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were on the Power Rangers and that was the best crossover ever.”

Good to know…

And there you have it folks! Another edition of Sh!t Chris Says! He always keeps me laughing, and I love that!!

Weekend Shenanigans – Texas Style

Oh, sweet home Alabama! Or at least that is what Chris (girl friend Chris,not to be confused with husband Chris) and I said as we crossed in to Alabama last night! In the past 48 hours, I spent 24 of them in a car. Fun times!

Friday – I headed to Pelham at 4:50 am to drop my car off at Chris’s house (friend not husband) and we headed to Big Bad Breakfast for a blogger breakfast. I loved that when I asked Chris if she was cool to go, she got all excited and said of course! We met some really nice people and enjoyed a lovely breakfast! I ordered the Hog Parlor Croissant that had ham, swiss cheese, pesto aoili, and dressed greens. As my side, I chose the home fries which were diced potatoes and onions. It was AMAZING.

photo (9)

After breakfast, we parted ways with the other bloggers and headed out to the open roads! We traveled through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, then finally, Texas! It rained a good part of the way, and at one point it was so bad it looked as if we were driving on a lake! The weather turned out 10 hour trip in to a 12 hour trip. It was ok though, we made it in one piece and Chris and I had lots of girl talk the entire trip. We grabbed out third friend from the hotel, and headed to the bride’s parents house. The bridal party had run late with their rehearsal dinner as well, so we arrived at the out of town guest party right on time!

The party was just desserts, and since we hadn’t had dinner….we stopped by Taco Cabana on the way back to our hotel room!



Saturday morning I was super excited because Lauren and I had plans to finally meet in person!!! You guys, can I just tell you how surreal it is to travel to another state and have a friend there to meet up with? I just love blogging!!!!

Lauren came and picked me up from my hotel so that I wouldn’t get lost, and took me to Fielding’s! I got to experience a Houston Top 100 with her :)


We each ordered a pastry to share – The Nutella and Bacon Bombolini and a Vanilla Cream Beignet and then we each ordered bacon and potatoes as well. Each with a different dipping sauce to try!



The breakfast was delicious, I will dream about that Nutella and Bacon Bombolini forever. And the company, the company was superb! After we were finished eating, Lauren and I headed to the shopping area near by for her to run an errand and we snapped a few mandatory blogging pictures with Christmas as our background!

Normal faces


Blogging faces!


She left me with the sweetest present of a local Christmas ale, local coffee and a Christmas mug that said Greetings from Houston and other Texas like sayings. I love it!!!!


Afterwards, I met back up with Chris and Rashmin, and we headed back to the shopping area that Lauren showed me. Rashmin and I tried Jamba Juice and it was delicious! We walked around some shops, and then had Pot Belly for lunch. I ordered a grilled chicken salad that had apples, cranberries and grapes and it was delicious!!!



It was then wedding time!!!! I only have two pictures from the wedding, as Chris took the rest with her camera and I may share a few of those another day.

First danceIMG_4198-0.JPG

Father/daughter embrace as Courtney’s dad presented her with a beautiful present before their dance.


The wedding was lovely and we had fun!

Sunday – We had breakfast at the hotel before hitting the road and saying goodbye to Rashmin.

At a gas station stop, we saw this old hunting dog passed out in the drivers seat after a hard morning’s work. I had to snap a picture!!!! There must have been 8 dogs in this truck total between the back seat and the bed. All yellow labs, all adorable!

IMG_4202.JPGAnd that was my weekend in Houston!

I am off today to clean the house, go grocery shopping…and hopefully get that Christmas tree up!!! Have a great week!


 photo MMG_zps0b6a69f7.png


Friday Favorites

Hey hey everybody! It is Friday!!!! Chances are that I am somewhere between Birmingham and Houston on the road right now. Houston, we have a problem! Haha! Fun fact, when AIM instant messenger was the shit, my friends and I would go in to the Houston Chat room, say “Houston we have a problem!!!!” then leave. People called us lame, it was funny as hell I don’t care!

Favorite (Christmas) Song – Christmas Canon Rock by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – I just love this song!! It has mostly instrumentals, as you would expect…but there is also beautiful vocals in this song and when the guitar solo drops…..chills.

Favorite Inspirational Quote

Favorite Blog Posts – There were two blog posts this week that I read that I just have to share!!!

Brooks posted DIY gift ideas that are so awesome and unique!!! So pinned it for later! I think these gift ideas are perfect for any time of year, not just Christmas!

Lindsay shared some barre works outs for the home. I don’t know about you guys, but dang barre classes are expensive!!! (Sorry Amanda!) I love that she found some great at home ones to try!

Favorite Recipe to Try – This cranberry cheese ball looks amazing!!! Can you imagine how colorful and festive your table will look by just having this at your holiday party.

Cranberry Pecan and White Cheddar Cheese Ball. Cranberries, Pecans, cream cheese and sharp white cheddar. Perfect Thanksgiving appetizer!

Favorite Funnies

Happens to me all the time…

This: | 25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

First take a picture, then help!


There is the I in team

LOLOLOL basically….

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My entire life…

Have you found your name yet? Dam you coke!!!!

My life goals on a shirt!

i just want to drink coffee, save animals, and sleep

Speaking of shirts, why do I think this is so funny?

I have to make this room a permanent part of my vocabulary.

Awwwww I imagine this is how Mac has felt all his life…

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 24 Pics

Basically anywhere I go….

"The party don't start 'til I walk in." | Toy Story/ I'm doing this next time I go to a party

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!!

Blog Tour

I was honored when Julia chose me to be featured in her Blog Tour post and I immediately said yes when she reached out to me! Julia is super sweet and she even dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween since she has her own Toto! She posts about all kinds of things and most days I find our email threads going back and forth. I would say her only downfall is being a gator fan, and I can’t really hold that against her. We all have our things, right?



Then there were these rules about writing about my writing process. LOL. If nothing else, you may find my answers entertaining. I wouldn’t exactly recommend taking notes and doing what I do. There is nothing profound about what I am about to share….

What am I working on?

Currently I am working on getting my shit together! Ha! I hold a full time job in the real estate world, I volunteer at the humane society,  I have this ol’ blog here, and I am part owner in a local community blogging site! To say I am busy most days is an understatement.

For Life by Nadine Lynn – I am working on getting some posts in my drafts again, and I am collaborating with someone on a super awesome project that will be announced next week!!! (teaser)

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

Well, this may sound generic but I am a lifestyle blogger and I am my own, unique person. So me is how my work is different! I just try to keep it real. Not every day is rainbows and butterflies and I don’t try to pretend like it is. I like to think that my real personality shows in my writing.

Why do I write what I do?

I started this blog to sort of keep a journal about my life. The little daily things, what I am in to, and whatever is on my mind at the time. This blog has seen me get married, change jobs, turn 30 (and now 31) and document my journey to be the healthiest me I can be.

And let’s be completely honest, I realized there was a whole blogging community of amazing people all over and I wanted a piece of that! Getting to interact with you guys every day keeps me coming back for more! I never expected to have met all the amazing people that I have through blogging!

How does my writing process work?

Currently my writing process is a joke. I have gotten behind on drafting up and scheduling posts ahead of time, so many of my posts are written over coffee and oatmeal at 6 am before I head to work the day it is published. I have a notes app on my phone that has a running list of ideas for posts, as well as a note for specific posts (like Sh!t Chris Says or Confessions that I document as they happen).

My blogging goal is to start 2015 with a planner so I can keep tabs on my blog and the community site. Keep scheduled posts, link ups, meet ups, admin meetings, and events going on around town all in one place. Currently I have everything separated and that can be overwhelming at times.

There are SO MANY great blogs that I follow every single day! Way too many to nominate for one post. Just look in my comments or on my side bar for who to follow! I love you all! But for the purpose of this post….

Laura at Alabama Graffiti

I started following Laura in the spring of this year, and she quickly became a daily read! She posts about all the delicious restaurants she has visited, trips she goes on, her cute dog Stella, and other fun stuff. She is hilarious and shares a lot of the same views I do.

One afternoon, Laura mentioned in a comment that she would be down for meeting up for happy hour one day. Um, you speak my language, Laura! We met at Side Bar after work one night, and she has been an instant BFF ever since! We even double date with our husbands, and she has joined me with a group of other fine Magic City Bloggers (I am looking at you Morgan, Meighan, Meegan and Brooks!)  that meet up monthly for cocktails and girl talk.


Jana at Jana Says

Jana SaysI first found Jana through Stephanie’s blog. (Another you should be following!!!) Jana posts about many different topics, but I feel she shares a lot of the same views as me! If I had kids, I imagined I would be a lot like Jana. Which is a good thing! She shares the same taste for 90’s music that I have, and I could totally see us chatting over a few beers on the regular. She has come to terms with the fact that she is a cheer mom and I can always appreciate a thrifty gal. Jana isn’t afraid to go deep in some posts, and I really love that she keeps it real!

And that is my little tour of blog land. Happy Thursday everyone! Be sure to link up with Joey and Kristin if you post on Thursdays! They have no rules for this link up and they are awesome…like you need more of a reason?!


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