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Weekend Shenanigans

Heading into the last week of February at 100 MPH! I swear January lasted a good three months, but this month was about a week. And here I am Tuesday *hopefully* getting my weekend post up!

We had so much fun this weekend! Laura and her crew came over Saturday and we celebrated Mardi Gras with hurricanes and sugar cookies. And lots and lots of BBQ.

Sunday morning, we headed out to the grocery store early. When we got home and were feeding Zoe lunch, Chris’s parents called to say they were on the way to see her. They stayed over for awhile, and we decided to take Zoe’s new kite for a spin since it was the first day it wasn’t raining in FOREVER. Unfortunately, the minute we got it up and flying…the wind stopped! We still had a good time.

Zoe loves trying my shoes on when I am getting ready. She walks in them better than I do!

Zoe never got her nap in, because shortly after they left…we were off again to meet up with my mom and sister at Logan’s for an early dinner. The oldest niece and youngest nephew came…so it was good to see all of them. Zoe thoroughly enjoyed their rolls and her fries and decided to bring her burger home for later. Good family time!

It is always heartbreaking when we part ways, Zoe cries for my sister every single time.

And just like that, our weekend was coming to an end! We had lots of good food, got to see lots of our favorite people, and finally enjoyed a little sun!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Long Weekend Shenanigans

I cant remember the last time I was off for President’s Day. I don’t think I ever have been! What a nice long weekend to hold me over until Good Friday. As the president of my company says, we celebrate MLK, the presidents and Jesus. Amen!

Zoe’s daycare was open yesterday, so we dropped her off so she could see her friends. She wasn’t sad to see me go and basically pushed me out the door when she realized her bestie was already there. So Chris and I made a day of it! We skipped breakfast and ran some errands, then headed over to 5 Points Public House for some delicious cheese curds and spring rolls…and of course I settled on the burger and fries as my main course.

We hit up Best Buy, World Market, Nordstrom Rack, Bargain Hunt and two thrift stores while we were out as well. Then we headed back and picked Zoe up early from school. It was such a fun day!!! And the weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! I thought it was supposed to rain all day, but turns out that starts today instead. For the unforeseeable future. Gross. I am so sick of the rain this year!

Backing up the weekend, Saturday we hung around the house in the morning and played. I created this dig box for Zoe with some Kinetic sand and animals. It was so much fun!

When Zoe woke up from her nap, we headed over to Homewood for some snacks from SOHO Social. My favorite!!! And for dinner we picked up some BBQ from R&R BBQ, which I think is our new favorite BBQ. We have another place close to our house that is pretty amazing too. So much delicious BBQ to chose from!

Sunday, Zoe and I knocked out our grocery shopping early. After her nap, we went out in the rain to Best Buy for the Ninja Coffee Bar. You guys, we made the best coffee I have ever had in my life with this thing!!! SO GOOD!!!!! Of course, now we are spoiled and I am side eyeing my Keurig like….do we really still need you??? Starbucks? Total garbage. Starbucks who? LOL

I totally participated in the Show Us Your Books readathon this weekend!!! I finished one audiobook (The Wedding Date) started another (November 9) and read an entire ebook(How to Hack a Heartbreak) and won one of the prizes!!! Shout out to Steph and Jana for being awesome hosts!!! By the way, How to Hack a Heartbreak is on Netgalley right now and is super super cute!!!!!

And in other scenes from the weekend….


Friday Favorites

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I don’t really care much about the holiday, to be honest. Of course, I am behind anything pink and glittery and full of hearts. But also, its sort of a lame holiday. It was the first holiday Chris and I ever celebrated together, and so that makes it a little more special for me. We always keep it low key and get each other cards, and I make homemade lasagna. But when you have a toddler, every holiday is an excuse to do something special to see the joy in their eyes!!!

Zoe had a party at school yesterday. She took time to pick out Vamparina cards for her friends, and we got some heart bracelets, bubble wands and a little treat (fruit snacks and rice crispy treats) and placed them all in heart bags. When we got home last night, Chris surprised her with a balloon, and we had each gotten her a little present. She looked so cute in her little heart dress and jean jacket yesterday too!

Favorite Moments: Zoe is doing really well at school. She seems to have hit a growth spurt lately, both physically and developmentally. She has become a great help to her teachers, always scoring high on her listening skills and helping them pick up the classroom. She hasn’t been fighting her naps as hard as she used to, and she mostly follows instructions now. Well, selectively. LOL! One of her teachers was walking out to the car with us this week, and was updating me on all that. And then she was like, I just love Zoe. She cracks me up every single day and she really is a joy to have in class. And then she hugs me and says, I love you too! It is so nice to know that this is who Zoe is with when I can’t be there.

Favorite Purchase: You guys!!!! I bought this make-up brush cleanser last week and it is a miracle worker!! It was so quick and easy to use, I just sat on the edge of the bathtub with it all one night when Zoe was playing…and cleaned every single brush of mine. They all look brand new, and some of them are 10+ years old. It says it kills like 99% of bacteria, so I am hoping that will help contribute to clearing up my skin. It has a little bit of a vanilla smell and chemicals when you use it…and then all your brushes dry basically instantly, and have the slightest hint of vanilla scent to them after.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter Kit, 8 fl oz (with tin)

Favorite Funnies:

Sing it and it's funnier!!!!

May your htop stats be low and your beard grow long

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Linking up with Amanda.


Shenanigans on a Wednesday

Sometimes you don’t have your life together for a Monday post, it happens! It has been a crazy week at work. Every time someone comes up to my desk, it is for a new project for me to work on. I love the pace and all that work just means job security and great things for my company, so bring it! Still though, I am worn the slap out at the end of the day when I finally arrive home and have to go through the nightly routine of cooking for Zoe, having a quick playtime, getting her bathed and clothed and ready for bed….then cooking our dinner and eating and doing dishes and trying to wind down for the day.

This past weekend was wonderful. I kicked it off Friday, trying out a new to be place for breakfast, Great Harvest Bread Company. I had the most delicious blueberry cream cheese scone and toffee latte!!!

I decided to take myself to lunch on a nice walk to Ono Poke for a Spicy Tuna Crunch Bowl at lunch. It was DELICIOUS!!!!

Saturday, Chris had plans to go to a LAN party at my BIL’s house to beta test a new video game that comes out in March. My mom called me last minute and asked me if I could meet for lunch, YES!!! Zoe and I met up with her and we did some shopping, ate a delicious lunch at Jim n’ Nicks and even took Zoe to get an American Cookie Company cookie. We had so much fun!!! Zoe was really sad when it was time to part ways, she cried “My Grandma!!!!!” the entire way home. It makes me so happy to see her so excited about her family though. Burgers and cookies make her happy too!

Sunday we did our grocery shopping, and after Zoe’s nap we headed over to Bargain Hunt and grabbed large diet cokes from Sonic for the drive home. I scored a major deal at Bargain Hunt on some shoes!!!! I got the black pair for $2 and the pink for $3. Brand new, never worn, tag still on shoes from earlier in the season from Target and JC Penney. SCORE!

In other news, I was sad to get a text from my dad on Saturday saying that America passed away.My sister and I got America for my dad for a fathers day present 11 years ago. She was a sweet sweet girl and we found out a few months ago she had a tumor and it took her a bit too soon. RIP sweet Miss America!



Book Day!!! Linking up with Steph and Jana.

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

How to Walk Away

I absolutely loved everything about this book! I loved the cast of characters, the plot, and was just a very realistic book. Not everything was perfect, and you didn’t get everything wrapped up in a shiny bow in the end. I laughed more times than I thought I would, had tears a few times…basically all the feels. I am off to request everything else by this author.

Bottom Line: Read it!

Little Fires Everywhere by Celest NG

Little Fires Everywhere

I really enjoyed this book, even more than the last one I read of hers. There was a lot of depth to the story line, and I found myself having a hard time putting it down. It made me think of what I would do in these certain situations. At times the book was heartbreaking, and you just didn’t know who you wanted to pull for.

Bottom Line: Read it!

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians, #2)

I really enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians, and couldn’t wait for the second book! This one focused on several different story lines, instead of having the main story line of just Rachel and Nick with little side stories. I enjoyed that more, but I think I liked the first book better overall. The whole culture is just super interesting to me, and I plan to read the next one and I want to watch the movie.

Bottom Line: Read it if you are in to this series.

Currently Reading:

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date