WTF World?

So, today the posting is going to be a little deep. It saddens me to hear all that is going on in the world today. You may not agree with what I have to say, and that is fine, I am not forcing you to read this. I just have to ask, WTF world, WTF?

While many people chose to be glued to the TV Friday, and over the weekend, watching endless speculations of what happened in CT, who the person was who did such unspeakable acts of pure evil, and all the other media concocted mumbo jumbo…I chose to not tune in. I just wanted the facts, this is what happened, and these are the victims. It makes me sick that someone took the lives away from so many beautiful, innocent children and their educators. Elementary school kids? Really?

It got me thinking on Friday. I can’t handle when something happens to one of my dogs. Just ask my vet! Gracie had an allergic reaction to a shot when she was younger, her whole body was swollen and she couldn’t breathe and I had about 14 panic attacks on the way to the emergency vet. Then little Mac got into it with some type of animal, he didn’t even get hurt but just the thought that something could have happened had me in tears. I worry about them if I hear that the weather might be bad while I am at work. How in the world do parents do it? I worry about my dogs like they are children, I couldn’t handle being responsible for actual children! How do you drop your kids off at school, or let them spend the night at a friend’s house, drop them off to see a movie on their own, send them out into the real world?

Folks…that is some scary business.

Not only did CT happen Friday morning and the stabbings in China, but just in the Birmingham area alone over the weekend there was a homicide with a mom and 2 children found dead in their home, 2 separate shooting incidents at St Vincent’s hospital (a freaking hospital? really people?!), a shooting at a gas station in Tuscaloosa, a multiple shooting in the Oxford area…and I am sure there was another but to be honest I just haven’t been watching the news anymore. I just can’t.

A lot of people will speculate that we need gun control or this and that. They can put blame on others, or TV, music or video games. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that guns don’t kill people…crazy ass people kill people!

We are so concerned about not offending others that we have lost site of what our very country was founded on. This country was founded on Christianity. This country was founded on freedom. There is a reason that we have the right to bare arms, it is for self defense and to keep our government from becoming corrupt.

The former leaders of this country are rolling over in their graves as we take God out of the pledge of allegiance, our schools, our holidays, our daily lives. And why are we doing this? Because we don’t want to offend someone? It’s crap people. I don’t care what you believe in, we all have our own rights. I am so not the perfect Christian by any means. I believe in God and have morals, but I am not perfect. That’s ok. The problem is our morals have gone MIA along with the good that was left in this country. Now, if I haven’t lost you already, let me say…I don’t think you have to be a Christian to be a good person. I am just saying….we have lost our morals as a country and I believe this is when it started.

Take that as you want, and I am sure that there would be people to debate all of this. I am not here to debate anything. I am just trying to work through all my feelings about this. I feel like at the rate we are going, we can say goodbye to the America that we grew up in. There was a time when parents would let their children play outside for hours and roam the neighborhood and not think twice about it. People used to leave their front doors unlocked. We used to trust one another. Most places were closed on Sundays and holidays to give their employees time with family, a day of rest. You didn’t have to worry about sending your kids off to school.

What happened? I can’t even walk into my nearest Target after dark without clutching my purse and being aware of my surroundings. It just makes me sad and depressed. I think about how innocent I was in high school. I never dreamed of a shooting in my school. Now I know bad things have always happened, but not in the capacity that has become the norm these days. I think maybe we are even becoming desensitized a little bit because we hear so much bad.

There is talks about the end of the world. Some think it is when the Mayan calendar ends, some follow the Bible and look for the signs in Revelations. Some people probably think that I am crazy for sharing all my views on things. It just has me thinking more now than ever before. It is scary to think about sometimes.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Tomorrow is a gift. Always hug the people you care about, and say I love you when ever possible. You never know when it will be the last time you say it to that person. Let’s stick together people. Republican, democrat, Christian, non-Christian, Black, White, old and young. We need to start looking out for each other again. Stop being so damn selfish and freaking crazy! Realize that we all have “things” going on in our lives. Smile at people you don’t know, when standing in these long lines with your carts full of stuff you probably don’t need…let the person with one item behind you go ahead of you. Let that person out of the parking lot and into your lane. Start doing acts of kindness because you want to help someone and not because you want gratification.

I will be participating in the blogger’s day of silence tomorrow for all the teachers and children that the world lost.

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  • Reply Cindy C January 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    I agree with you on people being desensitized. In addition to that I think a lot of people just feel helpless and don’t know what to do. I’ve been stalking your blog and reading your post and I really enjoy reading what you got to say. Look forward to more.

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