Weekend Update

So I am going to attempt another link up, let’s see if it works!

This weekend was crazy busy, and I think I need another day!

Friday: After a busy day at work, Chris and I had a sushi date and it was wonderful. Afterwards we went to his parents house to visit for a little while.

Saturday: We filmed for 12 hours straight. So I am just going to lay it out there…I am kind of a big deal. JUST KIDDING! But really, we were helping some friends out who do a Christmas Special here in Birmingham. We rocked some totally crazy outfits and I feel like I looked like a total gooftard but it was a super fun time! Below is one of the many crazy outfits that we rocked. Whoa everyone, don’t ask for the autographs all at once now, k?

Sunday: Totally was not the super chill day that I was looking for. Instead of laying on the couch watching the Law and Order SVU marathon all day, we were busy busy busy! We went and visited with Chris’s brother and family while they were in town. Then when we got home, realization set in that I have not cleaned the house in 2 weeks!? Gross! So I got started with the chain saws, leaf blower and dumpster! It really wasn’t that bad since I touch clean all throughout the week, but still. Also, can someone please tell me how 2 people can use so many towels in a week? EVERY towel in our house was in the laundry basket. I am certain that someone broke in our house and used every last towel, but were kind enough to put them in the laundry basket for us.

So….that is that. Can I just say that I am SO GLAD that today is a 3 day work week!

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  • Reply SimplyCallMeSylvia November 20, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    At least now your house is clean and you don’t have to look at a mess all the time! haha Also, I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog!

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