Weekend Shenanigans

We are cruising right on through July, aren’t we?? It has been a hot one here this last two weeks. 90’s every day. It isn’t my favorite. We hardly spent any time outside this weekend because it is so miserably hot.

Thursday, we decided to have a milkshake party on the deck. (It was really more of a smoothie, but that is neither here nor there.) Find reasons to celebrate everyday. That is the way Zoe is living her life!

Friday we had fun playing in Kinetic sand. We have had this one bag for about a year and a half now, and it has definitely got a lot of play! Zoe likes to dig for animals in it. I bought some (house paint) paint brushes at Dollar General for her to use to dig around in there and they have worked well.

I placed an order for a few items from Publix, and decided to get some sushi for lunch since it was Friday. Best idea ever. Spicy crunch roll for the win!

Saturday, I spent a good two hours cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and doing laundry. I hate doing a huge chunk of my weekend cleaning like that, but it needed to be done. Chris and I also hung a shelf in our half bath and finally got Zoe’s curtains up in her room. Afterwards, I celebrated with margaritas and an enchilada bake. I made the enchilada sauce from scratch, game changer.

Saturday night, I made a buffalo chicken dip in the oven for snacks and we ordered pizzas from a fairly new place in town, Ironstone NY Pizzeria. They are NY style pizzas and they were delicious!!!! The slices were as big as my head.

After Zoe went to bed, I gave up quickly on Space Invaders and Chris and I listened to music. It was a fabulous evening.

Sunday morning, Chris had the genius idea to order Cracker Barrel breakfast. It was amazing. I swear we ate breakfast for like two hours. Zoe kept saying how delicious it was. She really loves their biscuits.

We hung around the house playing Barbies, reading books, playing with play dough and watching movies most of Sunday. Of course, we had a few outfit changes….

In the afternoon, Chris came up with the brilliant idea to order cookies from American Cookie Company (since we were taking a low carb break over the weekend.) An impromptu cookie party ensued, and it was so fun. Zoe talked about it the rest of the day.

Yesterday evening, Zoe and I took a stroll around the neighborhood after the sun went down before bed. After we got our jammies on, Chris suggested we check out the lightening bugs outside. I had never seen so many in one place before!!! It was like we had strung up twinkle lights in our treeline. Zoe was fascinated by them, and even told them all goodnight before we came back in for bed. I have a feeling it will become an evening ritual while they are out there. It’s the little things, you know??

And just like that, the weekend is over and is time to get back to it. This new way of life at home is a weird one some days. There were several times last week I felt really down and out. I miss just being able to go and do. I miss my family. I miss grocery shopping for myself. I miss meeting friends for lunch. And I know Zoe misses her friends and school so much. She has been projecting on her stuffed animals this past week. Saying that her elephant is sad because he doesn’t have any friends to play with anymore. Or that her doll is lonely. It is heartbreaking.

I really hope that things calm down soon so that we can start dipping back into our old lives. Chris and I were watching the episode of How I Met Your Mother last night where they took Robin’s sister the the Empire State building. They were all standing there in the lobby waiting to go in, and Chris said…do you remember when we used to stand in lines like that without a care??? Crazy, right?

First Time In New York | How I Met Your Mother Wiki | Fandom
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  • Reply laura July 20, 2020 at 9:01 am

    It sounds like you guys had a great weekend, even being stuck inside. I know ordering food from places is what has kept me happy, or at least that’s why I look forward to the weekends. I want one of those cookies!!

  • Reply ShootingStarsMag July 20, 2020 at 9:58 am

    Oh gosh, it is so hot. I can’t really handle being outside unless I’m in the pool. Looks like you had some yummy food this weekend. Those cookies look amazing. Now I’m craving some. LOL

    Aw, poor Zoe. It has to be really tough for younger kids because they don’t quite understand, you know? I miss being able to just do things and see people too. I don’t really go anywhere and it does get tiring and lonely and just brings you down some days.


  • Reply Biana July 20, 2020 at 10:37 am

    Sushi – Pizza – I’m drooling! I’m sorry that its been so hot there – it’s been the same here as well! Sending you lots of love this Monday! xo, Biana

  • Reply Brittany Always July 20, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    OMG yes, it’s so dang hot here in NC too! The highs are supposed to be in the 90s, but my car has officially been over 100. July & August are the worst months. Glad you guys are beating the heat though, those smoothies look yummy!

    Totally understand what you mean about missing pre-COVID life. Hubs & I have the same conversations when watching TV. My LO is back at daycare, but she was home for 2 months and it definitely started affecting her. She will routinely say she is tired of this virus! Bless these little ones, I wonder a lot if/how they will remember this year throughout their lives.

  • Reply Rebecca Jo Vincent July 20, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    We say that too about old shows – “Cant happen like that now” is a usual statement.
    Lightning bugs out here is just magical. I can just sit & watch them every night too!!!
    Breakfast to go- I hadnt thought of that. That’d be a fun little picnic in the morning before it got hot!

  • Reply Audrey July 20, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    It sounds like you & Chris made it a super special weekend for Zoe. All those impromptu celebrations and fun lightning bug nights. I love that.
    I miss normalcy, too. I want to go leisurely peruse Target & sit in restaurants & take Maddie to visit people without wearing a mask or keeping distant. It really stinks and I’m over it. I wish people would wear their masks and cooperate to make it go away faster.
    *I cringe when I see people on tv and movies huddling together. AH! The dangers!

  • Reply Kristin July 22, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    Poor Zoe! Ugh, that’s heartbreaking. I’m incredibly grateful that Wells doesn’t know what he’s missing but he’s also going to miss out on structured activities this fall, I’m sure.

    Sounds like you ate well this weekend! That pizza looks incredible.

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