Weekend Shenanigans

Good morning blog world. I am not quite sure how it could possibly be Monday already, I want a recount. In true bad blogger fashion, I don’t have a single picture to show for this weekend. Oops.

Friday – For lunch the coworkers and I headed over to Chipotle. Yum yum yummity yum! I did manage to sneak a picture of my chicken burrito bowl before devouring the entire thing!

Friday evening Chris and I headed over to his sisters after work and helped them move furniture and have some Mexican food. Can you believe the restaurant left out all of our rice? Rude! No worries, I made up for it in the amount of chips and salsa I consumed.

Saturday – Chris had to work this weekend, so Saturday I was on my own. I cleaned the entire house, had my tires balance and rotated and headed out to finish up some mothers day and birthday shopping! I managed to sneak a quick trip to the outlets in there too! The Loft was calling my name! I then headed to pick up the food for Sunday’s lunch with my mom and sister.

When I got home, I had received this package in the mail from Influenster!!! A full post review to come on that soon.

Sunday – I spent an hour and 45 minutes trying to get Mac to settle down so I can give him a fur cut and bathe both him and Gracie. Gracie just sat on the floor in the living room the whole time, watching me follow Mac around back and forth on the counter clipping what I could. He is so lucky he is cute…he was wearing on my patience! I was exhausted by the time we were done cutting and bathing…I didn’t even get to capture a picture of his new do! Maybe I will sneak one tonight. Meanwhile, there literally was an entire Target bag full of Mac hair. I am pretty sure I could have sewn together another dog with all that fur! 

I then got ready, and headed over to my mom’s house for lunch! My sister and I brought food, and Tracy was genius and brought paper plates too so that there was no mess to clean up! We had BBQ chicken and pork (what I had picked up the day before), baked beans, cole slaw, spinach dip and crackers, and Tracy made a homemade carrot cake!

Last night we went to Chris’s sister’s house to celebrate with their parents and had Jim ‘n Nicks catered (BBQ two times in one day for me) and they surprised Chris with a cookie cake to kick off his birthday week!

That’s right, his birthday is tomorrow! I plan on taking the day off to spend with him! Yay! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week! 
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