The Silent Killer

The silent killer. Last fall I went to the doctor, something I rarely ever do. I have to be pretty sick and missing work to go to the doctor for anything. I have the mentality that most things you can fight off on your own without medicine. I rarely take medication for things unless I HAVE to or some type of pain is unbearable. I have always been like that. I digress…

Anyways, I went to the doctor because I just didn’t feel good. I had a wide range of things that I just didn’t like. I was tired, sluggish, my eyes would randomly twitch throughout the day, my leg muscles would randomly spasm, my weight was constantly fluctuating no matter how healthy I was trying to be, I had moments of confusion, dizzy spells…the list goes on.
My doctor took his time with me. Discussed everything that I had a concern with, and was determined to come to some sort of reason and solution. He took blood, lots and lots of blood to send off to have tested for various things. I left feeling like I was going to be taken care of.
A week later I received a call from the nurse. She stated that my tests results came back and they know exactly why I feel like crap. In fact, she said she was surprised that I was even functioning at all. I had a thyroid issue, my vitamin D count was low and my vitaminB….VERY low for someone my age. I was to start taking all sorts of new medications immediately. 
At my 3 month check up, my thyroid had risen to a normal level, and they didn’t have anything to say about my vitamin D deficiency so those supplements must have been working as well. My vitamin B? Not so much. Still very low. I was to continue to take everything as prescribed, and check back in 3 months. I had been feeling better, so I was pleased.
Fast forward to last month. I have been having issues with focusing, remembering things, a little tiredness coming back, my gums were sore, I was having headaches, and an array of other issues that I was trying to ignore and learn to live with. Back to the doctor to get my blood checked.
Thyroid is looking OK, Vitamin D OK, Vitamin B? NO. Dangerously low. It was time for a more aggressive treatment. I now have to have injections. They are tiered, starting with daily injections for awhile, then weekly injections, and then if I get my levels up to a safe/normal number I will go to monthly injections. 
I started researching the deficiency heavily since finding this out. The first site I looked at had the title “the silent killer.” Scary to think about really. There are so many issues that can occur because of the lack of vitamin B in your body. Did you know that your body doesn’t make vitamin B and that the only place that it can be absorbed is a small part of your small intestine. If you go with the deficiency for too long, you could have permanent nerve damage. 
The reason for my long post is not for sympathy or attention, but rather awareness. If you aren’t feeling right, go to the doctor. Don’t be stubborn like me. Don’t chalk it up to getting old or something else you have going on in your life. While it could very well be one of those things…it could be so much more. Or something that is easily treatable and having you feel amazing in no time. 
Giving myself shots on the daily is not exactly my finest moment in life. I am just glad I decided to find out what was wrong with me and do something about it.

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  • Reply Robin July 16, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Wow…I am like you; I wouldn’t want to go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary. I had heard of this condition before but I didn’t realize it could be so serious. I hope the shots will bring some improvement.

  • Reply SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph July 16, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I was having serious issues last year, went to the doctor – vitamin D deficiency. I feel tip top with supplements and foolish that I let it go on so long that I convinced myself I had a brain tumor or something.

  • Reply Darby Hawley July 16, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    That is SO scary! Thank goodness it’s been brought to your attention though so that it can be monitored!!!

  • Reply Joanna July 17, 2013 at 2:01 am

    great advice. Lots of people wait until it is too late! Glad everything worked out for the best and the shots will be helpful!

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