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Sh!t Chris Says


Sh!t Chris Says

It’s that time again……time for SHIT CHRIS SAYS!

Sh!t Chris Says

–Chris and his friend were talking about the apple cloud hack and Chris says, “If you post your tits on the cloud, you will make a lot of men proud.” (notice he rhymes)

–We were watching a football game at World of Beer and Chris says, “New England hasn’t seen a rape like that since the Catholic Church scandals.”

–While watching TV, a hot pocket commercial comes on. It is the one where the pinata hits the ceiling. Chris says, “Damn! What’s in hot pockets? Crack? Cocaine? Meth Pockets!!!!!!”

–Chris sends a text to someone who was asking if a date change on an event would work for him. Chris says to me, “I just said I’ll see what I can do with a side ways smiley. So basically….it’s not looking good.” Obviously, the universal code for :/ is not looking good folks….

And there you have it! Another installment of Shit Chris Says!