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For the month of February, the Choose Your Own Adventure theme was “create.” I declared then that I would probably fail, as I usually put my creative projects on the back burner for more pertinent things. Let’s take a look at how I did.

1. Create a completely new to me recipe with something that I do not have much experience cooking. I try lots of new recipes, but they usually revolve around the same basic ingredients of chicken, beef, turkey, mexican, italian, or asian food. I want to branch out even more.

I started playing with my spiralizer this month and created three vegetable noodle dishes. That counts for something, right? I made Asian Zoodles, Sweet Potato Noodles with Sage and Turkey Meatball Zoodles. I only give myself half credit because I was trying to attempt to cook with shrimp and that didn’t happen. 

2. ?? I am in the middle of designing something that I will share at a later date. It needs to be done in the next week or two so I am putting it up here to hold myself accountable.

This was the update to the Magic City Bloggers website. It was completed and looks awesome! Chris did the work though, with me just saying I like that and don’t like that….so does this really count as a goal I accomplished. Absofuckinglutely. 

3. Work on a DIY project for my office decor. 


4. Create a DIY project piece for the gallery wall.


5. Create a work space in the office area.


Now, I did do some things that were not on the goals list. I completed the rest of my research on purposeful houseplants and have started drafting my blog post for it. It was A LOT of research and I am trying to decide if I want to break the post up or have one large one?

I also did research on nutrition and macros. That took up all of my “creative time” and I deem more important!

This month’s theme is relationships. There is one relationship that I have that is very unhealthy. I have to work on starting to correct it this month…

1. Food – My relationship with food is the worst relationship that I have. Food is comfort, food is a reward, food is something to do when you are bored, food is socializing with friends. Food should be none of those things.

This month I am going to work on retraining my brain to see food as only nourishment for my body and eat accordingly. I have broken down how much protein, carbs, fats and calories I need each day and that is that.

2. Me – I am my own worst critic. Aren’t we all? After I finish my current book, I plan to read The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. I learned about this book through Erin who said that it really resonated with her.

3. Marriage – Chris and I are pretty good about staying unplugged for the most part when we spend time with each other after work in the evenings. I plan to continue this 🙂

4. Friends– Plan a girls night for March.

Are you linking up to work on your relationship goals for the month? I plan to do much better with these than my create goals from last month! I am not off the hook though, I still need to complete those projects too!

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