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Lesson Learned

Sometimes life likes to teach you a lesson, when you are ready for it or not! We have all been there, right? A good smack up side the head from life. Lesson learned.

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–Technology will always fail you when you need it the most or are in a time crunch. Exhibit A: Last Friday when I gave up and left work at 4:30pm because our entire system went down when I had two more jobs to finish. I am claiming not my fault on that.

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–Everything always goes on sale. If you are shopping in a retail store (Kohls, Macy’s, Loft) and you fall in love with an $88 sweater remember these words: IT WILL EVENTUALLY GO ON SALE. And if you ignore those words and buy it anyways, next weekend it will be on sale for at least half off AFTER you already took the tags off and wore it. Just wait!!!

–But don’t wait to buy anything at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods or Marshall’s!!! Marshall’s Law states that if you see something you love and you come back for it later it will be gone. Do not test this theory, you will be sorry.

–If you don’t stop and fill up your gas tank on the way home, I promise you that you will be running late the next morning and completely forget that you need gas until you start your car up and then you are FUCKED. Mine as well stop and grab a Starbucks too because you are already late.

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–Avoid Petsmart at all costs on Saturdays. There is always a doggie adoption going on and you are going to spend 20 minutes staring into those sad ¬†eyes wanting to love them all and bring them home but you know you cant. Then you start sobbing as you wait in line at the register to buy dog food for your spoiled mutt at home and think that life just isn’t fair.

–When you are thirty and up, you just simply cannot drink like you could in your twenties. It is scientific fact that on your 30th birthday the switch changes and you are done.

–Anytime you spend time or money on washing the outside of your car, it will without fail rain within 24 hours. Perhaps the next time there is a drought, they shouldn’t ban car washing. That is the only rain dance the rain gods listen to.

–No matter how good the TV show or book is past 10pm on a week night, just stop. You are too old to stay up until midnight then wake up at 4:30am and be a functioning human.

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What are some life lessons you have learned?

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