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No More Excuses

Do you ever look at the last year and think really? That was all I had to give? Sometimes I do that. I look back over the last year and know that I worked out 5 days a week, maybe only skipping a day or two here and there due to illness or what not….but I showed up 5 days a week and worked out. I completed the entire body beast program, I did the C25K program, random work outs with the Pop Sugar Fitness girls. And yet here I sit, looking back over the last year and where is the change I wanted to see?

Sure, I can certainly see more muscle definition in my arms, back, shoulders, and legs. But what about my trouble area? You know the area I am talking about. The one that stares at you in the face every time you look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself.

I am not going to discredit myself and say that the last year was a waste, because it certainly was not. I am stronger than I have ever been. I have more energy than I have had in awhile. I have more endurance than I could imagine. Just a year ago, I could barely cut the grass without wanting to die and now I can do the whole thing like a beast.

But what I also have had this last year is a plateau. The scale isn’t budging. It hasn’t budged at all. In fact, due to muscle gain it went up a few pounds. And we can sit here and say all day that the scale doesn’t matter and blah blah blah. But I call bullshit.

I want more.

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen. I do pretty good during the week, but I am not perfect. And the weekends? Well, I end up snacking on the same things that Chris does because it is easy and if he is having cheese sticks, well I should have some too! And I deserve a burger and fries because I have been good all week, right? And a few beers would be nice because last week was super stressful. And pasta? Sure, why not.

No more excuses.

I know that if I do not try harder, and cut more….I am not going to see a change. I am going to stay on this plateau. Just keep being ok instead of being awesome. Because I KNOW that I have it in me. I know that I can do better.

I started making small changes last week. Last night when I got home, I got two awesome packages in the mail!

FullSizeRender (29)

I received The No More Excuses book to review. I am so excited to dive in to this! It looks like it has some great work outs and some healthy advice. I will have a review on it when I am done. Also, Mia sent me some Spark to try.

I have been pinning some new recipes, and I want to bring back a 6th day of work outs. I want to get serious about giving yoga a real shot this time. I am going to make Yoga Sundays a thing. Alyssa, Tracy and Kristen have all encouraged me in some way or another and I think I am ready.

I also plan on cleaning up the eating even more. I have lots of room for improvement, especially on the weekends. I plan to do just that. I think I am finally in the right mindset of needing to fuel my body with better things to feel better. It has taken forever to get here, but I am here.

So I am linking up with Training for Tuesday because I am on a new training plan. Healthy insides makes for a healthy outside! No more excuses!!! Who is with me?


Goal Results/Fall Goals

I will touch on the Choose Your Own Adventure Goals first, as today is the link up for results.

1. Work out six days per week (adding an extra work out from my normal five) – I actually worked out six days per week all month, except, I missed the very last day (Tuesday) because I was sick. Whatever, it was still a win for me!

2. Start logging food into Myfitnesspal.  – Yeah that lasted all of about 3 days. oops. I just really really hate logging every damn thing I eat.

3. Purchase the next set up of weights.- I haven’t purchased new weights  yet. I have had a lot of tension and soreness in my upper back and I don’t want to move up until that goes away. 

4. Really watch portion control. – Um I sort of did this….

5. Get that scale to finally budge!!!! – That scale is a bitch! 

Let’s see how I did on my summer goals!

1. Make an eye dr appointment and get prescription sunglasses. —I have been wearing my glasses basically all of the time now and driving around half blind during the day with my regular sunglasses. I have decided I need contacts more than anything but have yet to make an appointment because I hate going to the eye doctor. I have been saying I am going to make an appointment since my winter goals last  year. WTF Nadine….get your shit together!

2. Finish Body Beast and start another work out program. – I did complete Body Beast and I am over half way through with Body Revolution. (Though I am thinking about switching before the end of this program. More to come later.)

3. Continue to add in extra work outs on top of whatever program I am following. – Instead of adding in extra work outs during the week, I added an extra day of work outs in on Saturdays so I am hitting it six days per week. I also have been cutting the grass, which if you saw our grass, is a huge cardio work out in itself.

4. Cut cheat eating down to one or two meals a week and not an entire weekend. – I have done this a little bit. I have been cheating maybe 2-3 meals from Friday to Sunday instead of every meal on the weekend. I still need to clean this up some more.

5. Try three new recipes – I know I have tried at least two new recipes but I cant remember what they were and I am not entirely sure that I tried a third new one.

6. Try three new restaurants. – Melt, Cantina Laredo, Octane

7. Read 2-3 books per month. I have been a reading machine! I have read 13 books of the Stephanie Plum series and started the 14th one.

8 Visit Atlanta at least twice, make sure to see friends both times. – Yeahhhh um I didn’t see any friends in Atlanta this summer 🙁 I did visit once with my mom and her best friend to go to the aquarium and eat at Meehans and Taco Mac. I HAVE to go some time this fall, even if it is by myself, to see some friends before they are no longer friends with me because I suck.

9. Start collecting stuff for my gallery wall. – Didn’t happen.

10 Research stuff for fall gardening. – Didn’t happen

Wellllll it was summer and I knew that I was going to slack some. I got about half of my list accomplished, which is better than nothing. Or at least that is what I tell myself.


Fall Goals


1. Make an eye doctor appointment. (LOL!!!)

2. Find a work out that is actually going to deliver the results that I want to see. I think I am going to put together my own program, using several different types of work outs from weights, to cardio, to yoga/pilates, dance, barre, etc.

3. Continue cutting down on cheat meals and cleaning up my diet even more.


1. Finish reading the Stephanie Plum series.

2. Watch two new to me movies.

3. Have a craft day with my mom.


1. Collect items for the gallery wall.

2. Work on clearing the “junk” out of the dogs room.

3. Start putting together my office area.


1. Try three new restaurants.

2. Try three new recipes.

3. Attend local food events.


Life According to Steph

This month’s challenge has to do with food, which I have incorporated into my fall goals. Additionally, I plan to cut the amount of beer/alcohol I consume to just one or two drinks per week. (Which is really much of a change from the three to four I usually have, but that is still cutting calories.) I am also going to try to cut back on my dairy intake. Not completely cut it, because, hello cheese….but cut back.

Do you have any seasonal goals for the fall? Are you linking up for the food challenge this month?