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Eat Drink Birmingham

I mentioned last week that I had attended the Eat Drink Birmingham event and had a great time! The event deserves it’s own post because there was too much deliciousness not to share!

Eat Drink Birmingham

The focus of the event was to educate the attendees about how great beer pairs with food. There are so many different craft brews out there of all flavors and notes and when paired with certain food tastes, it can heighten your experience! You all know that I am more of a beer person than a wine person, so this event was so great for me!!!

While there were a TON of great pairings at Eat Drink Birmingham, I am going to share with you my favorites! As there were so many, and it became very crowded and I didn’t get to take a picture of everything I tried.

My top favorite pairing was Silvertron Cafe’s White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberry Coulis and Avondale Brewing CO’s Spring Street Saison!!!

Silvertron Cafe

The spicy pepper taste of the Saison really complimented the sweet and tart flavorings from the bread pudding and raspberry. I may have tried this twice. I couldn’t help myself!

My favorite plate was hands down Bellini’s Filet Fricasse!!



This dish had a delicious, tender filet over roasted corn, gorgonzola, and fingerling potatoes with balsamic glaze. It was truly amazing and I cleaned my plate for sure!! It was paired with Fairhope Brewing’s Causeway IPA which I am sure was a delight for those of you who like IPA’s…I do not.

The best smell in the room came from Bottle and Bone’s honey bacon!!! It hit your nose the second you walked in the space and it was the first thing I hit up!

Bottle and Bone Bacon

This bacon was paired with Straight to Ale’s Brother Joseph Double. The notes of toffee, chocolate, raisins and plums from the beer really mixed with the salty taste of the honey bacon! Truffles the boar was there, and I felt a little guilty grabbing the bacon but they assured me this wasn’t Truffles! haha đŸ˜‰

Bottle and Bone

I tried parnsips for the first time here and it surely will not be my last! dg had their Parsnip Bisque with Honey Crisp Apple chips that was just delightful!! It was served up with Rocket Republic’s Terrestri-Ale Triple that just heightened the sweet and savory notes of this soup!


For those who were the DD’s, Red Diamond was there with their amazing tea! I tried the Strawberry Peach tea for the first time and WOW!! I am going to be looking for this in the stores around here because I just have to have more!


I am so lucky that I was able to attend this event! Birmingham has really become a true foodie city. We are blessed with some amazing restaurants and chefs that give us a great dining experience! A huge thanks to the Alabama Brewer’s Guild and the Birmingham Originals for such a fantastic event! To get more information and see all of the pairings, you can visit the Eat Drink Birmingham page. I can’t wait for next year!



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Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: U Got It Bad – Usher – Love love LOVE me some Usher! One time when I was shopping at Target next to Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Usher was standing next to me in the CD aisle. I heard a girl gasp a few feet from me and I looked up and there he was. I was like ummmm don’t you have someone to do this for you? He laughed.

Fun fact – I can’t listen to this song without thinking about The Sweetest Thing. That is one of my favorite movies!!!

Favorite Moment: Girls night!!! I met up with Morgan, Meegan, Brooks, Meighan and Laura last night at Five for ladies night! We enjoyed some delicious cocktails and food! (I LOVE all the chandeliers in this place!!! This is the first time I sat inside, usually I sit on the patio but it was so damn hot and humid last night!!!)


Morgan and I started off with the Strawberry Lemonade cocktail…


And then I tried the Blueberry Mint


Surely no one here is surprised that I ordered the cheeseburger as my meal? Five has one of the best burgers in Birmingham for sure!


Favorite Phone Call: I talked to my sister last night on my way home. Cooper (my four year old nephew) wanted to talk to me. We talked for a few minutes, then my sister got back on. Then my sister said oh wait, Cooper has something else he wants to tell you! Cooper got on the phone and recited the Pledge of Allegiance word for word to me perfectly! It was the most precious thing ever!!!

Favorite Purchase: Sunday I had to stop by Sephora because I was out of eye make up remover. Normally I just get Maybelline or Neutrogena but I got the Sephora brand on a recommendation from Amanda and I love it! I have zero issues swiping my liner and mascara right off! Totally worth it!

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Favorite Funnies:



I admit, this is a huge pet peeve of mine


And now I wait...

Funny Memes: During arguments girls be like this

The face you make when you know someone doesn't like you but you don't even care. Lol

I love this funny cat #funnycatmeme #funnycats #cats find more funny cats here

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!! Also, Go Sports!