Seriously, Alabama?

Only in the Southeast do you have warm weather, snow and ice, warm weather again, followed by tornado warnings and severe storms in a weeks time….in JANUARY!!

This morning, after having no less than 24 near full blow anxiety attacks, I decided to put my big girl panties on and head to work like a mature adult. Ignoring the fact that I am scared to death of bad weather, and there was some coming right for us. Don’t worry, I clearly made it to my office in one piece.

For whatever reason, I had some college flashbacks in the car on the way in. No judging, this was my former college self. Now I should preface this to say that I was, for the most part, a “good” girl in college. I had to work a part time job while going to school full time and get good grades to keep my HOPE scholarship (God bless Georgia and the lottery.) So, I didn’t have much time for the usual college shenanigans of being drunk every night. I really only reserved Thursday nights and the occasional random night for throwing in the towel and having some fun.

Now, with that being said. There are a few times that come to mind that I remember a significant/dangerous weather event while I was at UWG (University of West Georgia for those of you not cool enough to have heard of my suitcase college.) And I remember that I don’t remember much about them at all….because I may or may ┬ánot have been….drunk. Oops, yeah that happened.

So one time my friends and I had partied it up somewhere (more than likely it was in fact at my actual apartment) and we were full of awesome. I didn’t believe in drinking and driving, so anytime my friends drank with me…they usually ended up on my floor, bed, couch, where ever. My friend and I were getting settled in and trying to fall asleep in my room, and one of our guy friends was passed out on my bedroom floor. All of a sudden the apartment started shaking, and the pictures on my walls were rattling. My friend and I started yelling at our guy friend to stop shaking the room. (Like one person can shake an entire bedroom in their sleep??) Then for some odd reason, we started jumping up and down on my bed quacking like a duck? Why, I am not quite sure…like I said we were full of awesome. The next morning I found out on Myspace (this was before Facebook was cool people) that there was in fact an earthquake that had shaken our little area in Georgia. Hmmm, ok?

Then there was another time (the same semester) that we had a bad thunderstorm come through. My friend and I were studying for finals, I had an accounting one the next morning. The power went out, and we did the only thing that a college student can do when the power goes out…start drinking! I remember that there were siren noises in the distance, and the sky sure did look a little off. For whatever reason, our building was pretty much empty. We were a few drinks in and dancing to some Britney Spears thanks to my battery operated boom box when my cell phone rang. This was in the time when Samsung flip phones were popular, when all you could do is talk on the phone. There were no smart phones. Shocker, I know! Anywho…I answer all innocently and it is our friend Eric. He is confused as to why in the world we are hanging out in our top floor crappy built student housing apartment. I tell him the power went out and we are having a drinky drinky and he should join us. He says, umm we are at the shelter, there are tornado warnings and one touched down near campus. What the??????? Hmmm apparently we were completely clueless that those siren noises were in fact the tornado sirens in our city, and the reason the parking lot was empty was because everyone fled to take shelter. We are so freaking brilliant!

Perhaps this is the reason I don’t drink often, if at all anymore. I just enjoy watching the rest of the people around me acting awesome. It was probably for the best really. My sober self has horrible anxiety during bad weather, and I would be better off oblivious. One day, I really do need to do something about my anxiety, haha.

That’s all folks!

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  • Reply Joy January 30, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Here’s one for you… our owner decided to hold off work til the weather cleared up… and thirty minutes ago, we got a text that told us to stay home due to the flooding. I’m still in shock we aren’t at work, but thankful at the same time! Glad you made it in okay!

  • Reply Staci January 30, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Hahaha good ol’ UWG…I had friends who went there. And yes, thank you LORD for the HOPE scholarship.

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