Monday? Boo!

Well good morning blog world! How in the world is it Monday already? Seriously?! I so was not feeling the whole get up and have to go to work this morning thing. My dogs tried their hardest to get me to stay home.

Mac begged and pleaded with me.

Gracie took her time eating, prolonging my leaving. 
I tried to explain to them that if mommy don’t work….doggies don’t eat. They went to their crates with big sighs and sad faces. 
Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was fun! This was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. It didn’t feel any different than any other Thanksgiving. The past few years we have split our time between our families and usually end up missing one dinner, unfortunately this year I didn’t make it to my dad/sister’s Thanksgiving on Saturday, as I was literally exhausted and sick. Gee, perhaps it is because I didn’t sleep Thursday night, and Friday night instead of going to be early, I was too busy washing blood off my all white dog! Don’t really know what happened, but apparently Mac and some type of nature got into an argument. Couldn’t find any bites or cuts on Mac, but apparently whatever he came in contact with lost the battle. Hence why Mac’s fur is a hot mess in the picture above. I cut huge chunks out trying to make sure the blood wasn’t coming from him!
On another note, did anyone else brave the Black Friday craziness? Rain or shine, freezing or hot, sick as a dog or healthy, my mom and I go  EVERY year! After 18 hours straight of shopping, and no sleeping on Thursday night (we shopped from 8:00pm Thursday night to about 3:00pm Friday) it was game over, car full.
We really did have the best time, I love spending time with my mom…and shopping is our favorite thing to do! We even got to see some craziness go down at the Walmart! Not more than 2 minutes after we got there, some type of fight broke out and cops went running by us, one almost knocked my mom over when he was running and reaching for his gun. I hate Walmart. I hate going there, I hate dealing with most of the people that are shopping there, and you never know what type of mood you are going to get from the cashier after you waited in line for 30 minutes! However, darn their Black Friday deals, they will get you every time! 
I am jealous of all those that have their Christmas decor up already! I see so many people posting their Christmas tree pictures. I need to get on that this week, ASAP. I have already been listening to Christmas music on my way to work about every morning the last week, gotta get in the spirit!
Happy Monday, folks! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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