Merry Christmas!!!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying time with their families and friends and eating their weight in sugar cookies today!

I have something to tell you about today, well a few things actually.

First, I am proud of my husband. He was supposed to have off today, but there was a guy that he works with that has kids that was going to have to come in and he told him to enjoy the time with his family and he went to work today for him. So very sweet.

Onto my next bit of business…my anxiety! So while normally you hope for a white Christmas or some chilly weather to wear your cute scarves and boots…we here in Alabama are on the edges of our seats. Later this afternoon we are supposed to have a severe weather event. This a huge deal. I am not sure where all my readers are from, but on April 27, 2011 long track, violent tornadoes ripped across Alabama completely destroying homes and killing many. If you know anyone in the Birmingham, Cullman or Tuscaloosa area…then you know someone who was effected by this. For me? Both my sister and  my dad lost their houses. Even worse, my sister’s husband lost his mom and dad that night. My sister rebuilt and moved in November of last year, my dad just got settled in his place a few months ago.

My sister and her husband have 4 kids. Both my nephews were with my sister that night in the hallway of their home. The hallway was the only thing left standing in that whole area. I thank God everyday for protecting them that night. However, with all that being said, severe weather is not ok. I used to get scared when I was little with just some thunder and lightening, my grandma used to tell me that they were bowling in Heaven. That the thunder was the bowling balls going down the lanes, and when you heard crackling lightening, it was a strike!

These days? My anxiety builds and builds. I make sure I know where all my family members are going to be during the storm, and they know where I am. I worry and I fret. I constantly check weather updates, and prepare for the worst.

Why. Why does it have to come on Christmas???? They started talking about this weather threat over the weekend. Sunday night my sister and I made the decision to call my mom and have her move Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve lunch. We were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to travel to see her tonight due to weather circumstances. This is NOT something that you want to worry about on one of the happiest days of the year!

So, I am spending my first married Christmas at my house doing laundry and packing an emergency bag, and worrying about inclement weather conditions for this evening. So not the way I planned. I am jealous of all you bitches enjoying the snow right now!

Sorry for being Debbie Downer on Christmas! Apparently I watched the Grinch too much this year!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas today!!! For those of you who are experiencing this crappy weather, be safe and weather alert!

Gracie and Mac got a stocking full of toys from the Aunt Tracy, I leave you with these.

Seacrest out.

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