I confess…

So today I have some confessions for you!

Think Happy Thoughts

I confess….I haven’t posted a Christmas tree picture yet because I am waiting until we hang out curtains. Said curtains have been in a bag in our guest room since I bought them in November. Le sigh.

I confess…that I had a slice of cheesecake yesterday and it was freaking good! (So not part of my diet plan.)

I confess…that this morning is the first morning in a week that I have done my daily crunches. Oops, gotta get back on that!

I confess…that I have not given 100% this week because I just don’t feel like it!

I confess…that I went 6,000 miles without an oil change. Stupid. (I went and did it last night, no need to yell at me!)

I confess…that I am totally jealous of all the moms out there that are doing elf on a shelf with their kids! Gosh, I have such good ideas and think it is so much fun and very in the spirit for the holidays. I just don’t think my furbabies would appreciate it. Maybe one day….

I confess…that I FINALLY found some stockings for our fireplace!

I confess…that said stockings are not hung, because now I can’t find stocking holders. Good grief! (Charlie Brown style)

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