Here Kitty Kitty….

So over the course of the last few weeks…I have noticed some sort of animal prowling around our neighborhood. We live in a neighborhood with lots of houses, but it is located in the middle of no where in the mountains, and there is a VERY heavily treed area behind our house. Anyways, at first I wasn’t sure what I saw. It was all black, and I saw it for a brief moment along the tree line and it vanished. It was about 5:45 am and I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I swore it was some type of large cat….but you never know. I just wrote it off.

Fast forward a few days and I had another siting. Mac was barking like a mad man on our back deck. He tends to do this often. You know…people walking, another dog in the neighbors yard, a butterfly, a leaf…he lets me know about EVERYTHING. Well he wasn’t letting up, and it was about time for me to leave anyways so I opened the back door to let him and Gracie in. Sitting in the weeds along the outer edge of our fenced in yard…there is the large black cat I saw a few days ago. Maybe I am not just seeing things…I know it isn’t a dog. It has short pointy ears and it just looks a little off.

That brings me to Friday evening. I had just gotten home from work and Chris had the dogs out in the back yard when I got home. We decided we needed to go run an errand so I opened the door to let them in, and there is that damn cat again! This time it is in the same spot I saw it the very first time. Along the tree line in the back corner of our neighbors yard near our fence. It was just sitting there staring at me. Then it stood up, and I got a good look at its tail. It was VERY long. It has to be around 80-100 lbs and not full grown yet. I don’t know what the hell it is, mountain lion, bob cat, puma….some type of LARGE ass cat is lurking.

I called for Chris and I was like “Um baby, do you see that black animal out there past our fence?” He walks outside and was like “Holy shit that isn’t a dog….that is a cat of some kind!!! Let me go get my airsoft gun! Keep it from running off!” Yeah….sure babe because that airsoft gun is going to do anything to it? Probably not! Well it hung out there staring at me, licking its paw for a minute listening to me say “here kitty kitty”….then Mac noticed it was back there. He started barking and I could tell him and Gracie were going to run off into the back yard…I didn’t want them to be the main course of this cats dinner so I called them back inside. When I looked back out there, the cat was gone.

Chris and I decided after we got back from running our errands that we should post something in the neighborhood Facebook page about our siting. A log of our neighbors have small animals they let run around, and of course…all their children that play outside. I know if someone else saw that, I would want them to warn me about it. So Chris posted something a long the lines of “Warning: We saw some type of large cat, maybe a  mountain lion/cougar/bob cat/puma/etc in the neighborhood behind the cul-de-sac houses this evening. Just want to let everyone know to be alert.”

One guy asked us which cul-de-sac and when we saw it and I responded and let them know. I also described the color, the short pointy ears, long tail, the size etc and that I had seen it before but didn’t want to jump to conclusions about what it was until someone else verified it to. Well, over the course of the night, one girl asked us if we were drunk. Some other bitch asked what type of drugs we were on. Some asshole posted another post “Warning: Big Foot spotted” and described how large it was blah blah blah. You know what….fuck all of you! We were trying to be good neighbors and let these people know that hey…you might want to keep your dogs close by or maybe don’t let your kids go off by themselves…whatever. But they turned it in to some joke. Said it couldn’t possibly be a large cat. Acted like we were crazy. That’s fine…and when it attacks you…I am going to laugh at your ass and not feel a bit sorry for you.


I might have acted like a 5 year old for a second, and defriended that bitch that asked if we were on drugs. But seriously? If you don’t believe what we saw, then that is fine…but don’t be ugly about it. We are all supposed to be neighbors and help each other out.

This is similar to what it looks like, by the way.

It’s ears look like this:
Tell me if you saw that thing in real life…and not at a zoo…you wouldn’t be scared just a little bit?!

My dad hit a large cat on his way back to his house last year as it was running across the road. He lives in the same county we live in. My sister has pictures of paw prints in her front yard that are WAY too big to be a dog or some other domesticated animal.

A lot of wildlife’s homes were destroyed in the tornados back in 2011 and they have taken shelter and made new homes elsewhere. It isn’t a far fetch to see something like this in our area….in the mountains….in the RURAL country.

Our neighbors are too worried about airing out each others dirty laundry on our NEIGHBORHOOD Facebook page rather than take interest in things that really matter. The page was created to talk about neighborhood issues, the speeding problems, road problems, the random person that was going door to door that was actually a rapist that was eventually arrested in another county because he got caught, etc. We have brought up real issues: internet issues, road issues and a possible dangerous animal siting….But they would rather talk about their redneck gun club and the fact that one of our slutty neighbors tried to sleep with another neighbors husband and some other neighbor that baked someone cookies. It is more of a high school lunch room than a neighborhood page for adults who own homes and should be “mature.”
I had to vent because it just pisses me off to no end.  Am I the only one with sucky neighbors?

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  • Reply SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph August 21, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Holy shit that would scare me.

    I hate butthole neighbors.

  • Reply Robin August 21, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    I would have un-friended all of those people! What a trashy group.

    I have heard of illegal exotic animal rings. It could be a big cat – or at least a cat/big cat mix – that escaped from some illegal group.

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